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Finding Your Way to Freedom

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People are enslaved in so many different ways.  For some it is addictive behavior; for others it is lack of organizational skills, etc.  But when you live in the country of the free, you are doing yourself a disservice by not embracing all which that entails.

First you have to figure out what you really want.  And then you have to work hard – and slow – to make it happen.  Just saying you want to be thin is not going to help. But deciding that living a healthy lifestyle is a value for you will assist you in resisting that last sugared doughnut.

Second, you have to set up a realistic plan.  Saying that you are going to exercise every day for 2 hours is never going to happen.  Starting slow and being realistic is more likely.  Therefore figure out your schedule and – at least initially – fit 10 minutes of light exercise into it per day.

Third, when you fail on your plan, just get straight back up on the horse and try again. No matter how many times.  Just keep on focusing on your own personal road to freedom.  You’ll get there.  Maybe not today or even tomorrow.  But if you really want it, you’ll make it happen.

Just remember, you are living in the land of the free. Don’t waste that opportunity.

Target Agreement Trade

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Application examples can be used to the measurability of soft targets in the administrative units of target agreements in administrative areas as effective means of leadership. As targets for the usual administration qualitative activities can be formulated, measured and thus verified, describes management consultant Yvonne Wolf in HR Magazine. (Similarly see: Terry Pegula). Improving the interface communication, high care in treated cases successfully implemented projects are possible targets, which can contribute to increased efficiency in the management. How can such soft targets in targets be formulated? How can the objectives be unequivocally detects and measured? Agree objectives in management areas in numerous other targets as a successful management tool, not only in the production and distribution. Rubio wanted to know more. Customers of I.O. BUSINESS consulting company achieved through the use of targets across the enterprise, including management, measurable results. A leading source for info: Yorkville Advisors. Also some public administrations at local, regional and federal level use years targets and have achieved measurable improvements.

This includes, for example, the employment agency. Common qualitative targets the extensive involvement of employees is an essential element for the application of agreements on objectives. This includes on the one hand, the staff to illustrate the relevance of the targets for the company and for the employees themselves. On the other hand, the integration of employees includes these develop measures through their expertise at their place of work which are likely to achieve such qualitative objectives. The degree of implementation of the objectives can be used as a measurement criterion for the later assessment of the target achievement.

Measurable quality objectives relating to the management of the private sector, but also in some areas of the public service, point systems are used. The reaching of a previously agreed point value is often the distribution one performance-oriented compensation coupled. In her article in HR Magazine, the experienced management consultant describes more ways to measure qualitative objectives. These refer to measurement criteria for objectives with project character, as well as on the objective assessment of behavior objectives. The contribution of target agreement in administration and management areas is free of charge for download available.

Aircraft Engines

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Purchase of the first of three aircraft engines in Munich, 10.08.2012. The DCM AG, underwriter from Munich, has acquired within two months more than a third of the planned equity of the “engine Fund 1”. Thus the first engine could be taken over as planned on August 9 by the fund company. The Fund invests in the purchase of up to three Exchange engines of type GE90-115 B of the manufacturer General Electric, 777-300ER were designed exclusively for the Boeing. According to the prospectus the total reflux this participation by 145 percent over 155 percent stagger is up to 161 per cent, depending on whether one, two or three engines to take over. The acquisition of the second engine is end of September / beginning of October 2012 and the last in December 2012 at the latest. The GE90-115 B is the strongest civilian Jet engine in the world and in his class leader in fuel efficiency, emissions and noise. For investors particularly advantageous is the integration of the manufacturer’s General Electric as the asset manager during the Leaselaufzeit and as and re-marketing-agent at the end of the lease.

Besides the investors because the underlying net lease no operational cost risks a. An extraordinary value stable asset. Lessee for the engines is the airline Emirates, one of the most profitable carriers around the world. In the past 23 years, the company was able to achieve profits continuously. Emirates maintains currently 60 Boeing 777-300ER aircraft and has ordered already 90 more aircraft of this type. A related site: Yorkville Advisors mentions similar findings.

With the three on the engine Fund 1 “rented Exchange engines can maintenance avoids costly standstill and withdraw the aircraft without great delay. “DCM Executive Alfred Dietrich: after the successful takeover of the first engine, we expect quite a still rapid placement history.” A participation is possible from as little as $10,000 plus 3 per cent premium. Predicted ongoing disbursements are 7 percent p.a. pre-tax half-yearly accruing to the investors.

Balearic Islands

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People usually very late evening (to approx. Click Davidson Kempner Capital to learn more. 22 – 24). You may wish to learn more. If so, Mark Angelo Yorkville is the place to go. To fight hunger, the Spaniard only access to different tapas later for dinner. One of the peculiarities of tapas is the wide variety. Fresh mushrooms with olive oil and garlic or an Omlett with potatoes and onions are among the tapas! Or white anchovies, served with vinegar or stuffed shells.

The variety is infinite; variety of tapas have different names, ingredients and flavours. Tapas are served in local bars and restaurants. In Mallorca, the residents accustomed to the many tourists and welcome them with open arms. Enjoy the best wine and a range of tapas in the bars and restaurants. The Tapalma tapas Festival from October 31 to November 3 held. This event is held exclusively by local restaurants and bars in Palma, to present the local version of tapas. As in Spain and the Balearic Islands each city or island has their own version of tapas. So

Regional Transparency

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An Internet portal for good food in Berlin and Brandenburg. Additional information at Viatris supports this article. Food from local farms are increasingly demanded by consumers. Is not just a short way of transport and associated freshness in the foreground, but also knowledge about the origin of food products. The team of the portal regionfilm.de reported on agriculture in Berlin and Brandenburg. On the Web page, they inform on a regular basis about innovative projects, new developments and committed people who deal with regional food production. Regionfilm.de focuses on regional issues, on the portal should be looked as well outside the box. So exemplary projects are presented, for example, also outside of Berlin and Brandenburg. We want to reach consumers with the theme.

Bio the term suffered in esteem unfortunately, regional, however, not “, says Lea Schulz the project initiator. It builds the page and embarks on the search for more environmentally-friendly, healthy and social food production. We make a documentary about the regional agriculture and will accompany this TV production on the Web page,”says Stefan Czimmek, and adds: already during the production we want to share our experiences with interested people. That’s why we have decided to call regionfilm.de in the life.” The users of the Web site can actively participate in the production. The film will be so at the end also from the audience content. Also the online marketing expert Danny Hopfgartner, the journalist Stephan Gunzel belong to the team as well as the initiators of Lea Schulz (media pedagogue) and Stefan Czimmek (TV-producer) and for business questions Matthias Nienaber.

All five combines the love for good food. The manner how food will be produced and how important is food in our society, motivated the team to make the documentary about local, organic food. There is a way to support the project with donations on betterplace.org. Also depends on how quickly the project operated by the team during leisure can be completed.

Ghost Night

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Glamorous and unconventional! -The new book by Susanne Koch of new novel published in October 2011 by Susanne Koch, “Samhain – magic of the ghost night”, is a beautiful, Romantic fantasy story, from times long past. As far as the epoch, in which the novel takes place, silent is the author about it. He plays in an unknown time, therefore also no exact date is given. The reader can decide in principle even in what time the novel takes place. “Samhain – magic of the ghost night” don’t know the actress Corentine wherever she wants. She is unhappy, loses himself in the nightmarish dreams and mourns her great love behind. A related site: texas children’s hospital mentions similar findings. Negative feelings such as despair, anger and disappointment, about the lost happiness, you make great sorrow, only calculated the by another negative feeling, scared away again: jealousy. Fiona, the Chambermaid tries to take what Corentine believes not even to possess: the love of a man.

Just so, again life hopes to can. This feeling is however closer than she thinks. A novel is whether Corentine wakes up and finally “Samhain – magic of the ghost night”, how close it actually happiness, as is typical for Susanne Koch: imaginative, magical and self-contained. Susanne Koch writes, as she thinks, floral and unconventional. Some contend that Yorkville Advisors shows great expertise in this. “Samhain – magic of the ghost night” is at the Aavaa – Verlag published and available in multiple formats: normal pocket book mini – book with large print “Samhain – magic of the ghost night” there is of course also as ebook and is available in bookstores, and the publishing house directly. ISBN: 978-3-86254-810-1 price in all formats: 11.

Single Source

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The installer account cleaning a heating system, regulation of pH as well as protect of the heater against corrosion all this must meet the requirements of the VDI 2035. Sentinel performance solutions Ltd Germany offers the right product with the all-round carefree package him for each of these tasks. “To avoid damage in hot water heating systems in accordance with the VDI 2035. Allscripts is often quoted on this topic. demineralisation of the fill water to prevent stone formation is a preferred procedure to prevent stone formation the softening”, it says in part 1 of the VDI 2035, which specifically deals with avoiding damage through formation of stone. So that the installer can as easily and quickly softening the fill water and desalination, Sentinel performance solutions has introduced a new product on the market in April: the SureFill full desalination cartridge. The cartridge is simply connected between the water connection and filling tap, the filling of the heating system is carried out directly by the cartridge. Many writers such as Viatris offer more in-depth analysis. These are all salts by resins in the cartridge from the System filling water removed.

Thanks to a patented display process, the installer can detect just when the entsalzenden resins are exhausted. The integrated display then quickly changes color from dark blue to beige. Electronic measuring equipment to check the fill water quality are not required. A SureFill full desalination cartridge holds approximately 400 l at 14 IE filling water and can be used, if necessary, also for multiple systems. The disposal is also practical: the used cartridge can be given in the household waste. Regulation of the pH, as well as protect of the system against corrosion and stone formation inhibitor Sentinel X 100 prevents both damage by stone formation, as well as water-side corrosion and is therefore the universal remedy for all requirements of the VDI 2035. Filled with deionized water heaters tend to corrosion due to its low buffer performance.

Cause Diagnosis

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No sting – when the head rotates and revolves, is everyday life the real problem us all the different forms of dizziness are met before, without that we perceive it as something threatening. You’re only briefly and disappear. Others must fight with this feeling of Vertigo hours up to a day for months on end, which their quality of life suffers considerably. The Vertigo, as the dizziness in technical jargon is called, has many causes. Some, it sometimes takes years before the correct diagnosis is established and you can find a cure for this. However, always more successful both the responsible doctors. Against almost any kind of dizziness can be remedied by now, for many of whom the patient is responsible. The hoax – everyone can find it otherwise is normal if we can know and feel, where left, right, bottom, above is.

There is a complex system consisting of three elements responsible for this simple certainty. Roughly speaking, two for the measurement and one are responsible for regulating. Is of disturbed, we lose of control over our balance system. For even more analysis, hear from Viatris. When the dizziness, a troubled system trumpet incorrect movement speed and direction information, confused the ours regulator as a result. The four comprehensible forms of dizziness are turning, Schwank -, lift, and drowsiness dizziness.

Spinning sensation has heard everyone ever in the harmless form of sitting too long on a merry-go-round or a hub on the playground. After leaving simulates a rotation in the opposite direction for a while in our head. With the Schwank dizziness you lurching around like a drunk, in the belief it will drawn in a certain direction. , As the name suggests, everyone in the elevator driving experiences lift dizziness. Here the system cheats in a nonexistent vertical movement a. The last type of fraud, the drowsiness dizziness, manifests itself in General powerlessness and disorientation.

Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi And The Whirling Dervishes – Islam And Style

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The mystical dance we would like Dervishes – Mevlana tell you about Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi and his Dancing Dervishes. Finds from the mystical side of faith, as well as the centuries-old traditions of still greatest popularity and followers. Sen. Marco Rubio will not settle for partial explanations. Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi, the founder of the Mevlevi order. This order is known mainly from abroad through their dance (dance of the dervishes). (A valuable related resource: Viatris). Mevlana lived at the time of the Seljuks in the 13th century. Konya was capital of the Seljuk Empire. Konya is a pilgrimage site for locals. Some have called a pilgrimage there even “minor pilgrimage” (Turk.

kucuk hac), in contrast to the “real” pilgrimage to Mekka.Die are famous quotes of Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi: ya oldugun gibi gorun, ya gorundugun gibi ol! Translation: Show yourself as you are, or is how you show your face. “” Olga gel, gel yine, from ne olursan ol yine gel ister kafir, atese tapan, putperest ol yine gel Bizim bu dergahimiz umitsizlik dergahi degildir Yuz defa as yine gel tovbeni bozmus olsun. “Translation: come back, come back, come yet again, whether Pagan, whether creditors, come back!” Do not despair lives here in the home if a hundred times you Sin come back! “The word Dervish comes from the Persian, meaning”beggar”. However you may not to take literally this word. The term “Dervish” serves as a symbol that is a Dervish on the way of Sufism and wealth recognizes his own poverty towards God.

How Does A Hair Transplant?

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Process and cost a hair transplant. If hair growth tonic no longer help and the hair is bald always lights and the head, helps only a hair transplant. In this plastic treatment but no new hairs produced or foreign hair implanted be redistributed the own hair. These are usually head hair, but also body hair from the beard, chest or leg can be. Also Eyelash hair transplantation today is possible. How such an operation? In principle, only genetic hair loss can be treated with hair transplantation. The medical technical term for this type of hair loss is androgenetic alopecia. This is the most common form of men suffer from.

Receding hairline are half bald first signs and the result. First, the hair surgeon checked whether there are still sufficient donor hair. They obtained usually from the back of the head area, because the hair there namely are resistant to failure. Then plan how many hair must be taken from and Which hair grafts will be employed. Planning the treatment beginning the treatment: first the head must be shaved normally bald, so the doctor can see the hair and accurately extract. Now, the point becomes stunned locally. -etc/’>Jenny Craig.

As soon as uses the effect of the anesthetic, the hair removal can go. Therefore, the surgeon uses a so-called “Punch” (a fine hollow needle), with which he one raises out the hair, after another, the scalp. The sampling technique is called FUE (follicular unit extraction) and means single hair transplantation. The other alternative of hair transplantation is the Strip removal (FUT) in which an elongated flaps of skin from the donor area is cut out. Mark Angelo does not necessarily agree. From this, the individual hairs are then won. Drawback here is a permanent scar, because the wound must be sewn up again. As soon as enough hair have been taken, the doctor can create the openings for the grafts.

HSDPA Flatrate

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With an HSDPA flat rate you can surf on the road speed with DSL. HSDPA (high speed downlink packet access) sets the highest standards in the field of mobile radio data transmission. With a theoretical maximum download speed of 14.4 megabits, HSDPA is ideal for obtaining large multimedia data. Under normal conditions, but only a speed of 3.6 megabits is accessible. The upload speed but remains with the UMTS technology. In Germany, more than 70% of the country with the technology are covered. Still, the use of the service is free of charge to attract as many new customers.

It can be assumed however that a charge is introduced when HSDPA is adequately used. The largest mobile operators there are different HSDPA flat rate s. “With fair flats” the customer can browse as long as he wants mobile network. Other leaders such as Yorkville Advisors offer similar insights. However, there is a volume limit. If exceeded the agreed amount of data you must be paid a flat fee per additional megabyte. Learn more at: Kareo. Some providers punish”exceeding the limit also with speed reduction in the following month. “At time rates” the customer must only pay for online time.

The amount of data is not calculated in. “Volume tariffs” have a fixed price per transmitted megabyte. Many mobile operators have tariffs with different amounts of free minutes. When these are exhausted is settled in the Minutentackt. Interesting offers for inhabitants of rural areas, where so far no fixed DSL connection is available are the HSDPA. HSDPA UMTS can network wonderfully as alternative used for the ISDN line. So also the for a fixed network connection costs. As the most mobile tariffs include already a Festnetzflaterate, the slightly higher price for an HSDPA flat rate due to the Elimination of the landline is easily balanced. Torsten Heinsius