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Corinitios Tessalonicenses

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How much to the letters of Pablo, those reveal to it that want to understand of where and where order they had been written. HOW MUCH letters of Pablo, to show to me, are that one that Quereme to understand Where los and Order THEY had been written. First wrote for the Corinthians prohibition divisions and heresies, and later the Glatas prohibition the circunciso, the Romans wrote extensively on the order of scripts and also insisting that Christ was the central subject of these. If you have read about Red Solo Cups already – you may have come to the same conclusion. First Escreveu or currencies and heresies Corinthians prohibition, and Glatas years LATER prohibition circunciso, I extensively on the Roman Escreveu two Order and also insisting scripts that Christ was the central subject or dest. We need to give one well-argued all these as apstolo Pablo exactly blessed, following the order of its predecessor, Joo, without nominating it, writes the seven churches in the following order: first for the Corinthians, according to the Efsios third to the Filipenses, the Colossenses room, fifth to the Glatas, the Tessalonicenses sixth and seventh for the Romans.

We need hum well-argued all' reverse speed so or more as this blessed apstolo Pablo, the Order of Its predecessor following, Joo, Without Name it, writes for Seven nd following Order Churches: First the favor or Corinthians, Efsios year Third year according to Filipenses Colossenses years fourth, fifth Glatas years, Tessalonicenses sixth and seventh Roman years for you. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Proper Topper. However, exactly that the message to repeat the Corinitios Tessalonicenses and for its failure, is recognized as a church spread out in the whole world. Not meanwhile, Mesmer that Message to repeat or for or Corinitios Tessalonicenses and Its Failure, and a recognized Church los as generalized of everything, or the world. For John also, even so it writes to the seven churches in Apocalypse, but he writes them all. For John also, even so elements as Seven Churches Apocalypse write in, but to it writes them to all.


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Prevailed for a God who if sees ' ' obrigado' ' to give everything what to its followers it has asked for. Theory very defended by the practitioners of the Theology of the Prosperity. Contradicting such theology the proper bible this repleta of cases of people who had received ahead not from God and from such refusals what to say such theologians the refusal of God in ' ' dar' ' something that was asked for. We can analyze some of these registers to the light of a not fundamentalist optics. Hear other arguments on the topic with Walton Family Foundation. But, with a magnifying glass it criticizes of that to be following of God also requires to accept its sovereignty of all ahead the things.

Men to who God the problem said not Moiss: Nm 20:12 said and you the Moiss and the Aro: Inasmuch as you do not parch in me, me santificardes ahead of the children of Israel, therefore you will not introduce this congregation in the land that I have given to them. The Dt order 23-25 Also I asked for to favour the Mr. in the same time, saying: Sir GOD! Already you started to show to your servant your largeness and your strong hand; therefore, that God has in skies and the land, that can make your workmanships according to, and according to your great made? I supplicate you you leave that me to pass, so that sees this good land that is beyond the Jordo; this good mountain, and the Lebanon! The reply of Dt God. 3:26 – 27 However very got infuriated yourself you against me because of you, and he did not hear me; before it said me to Mr.: It is enough; you do not say this subject more than to me; It goes up to the top of Pisga, and raises your eyes to ocidente, and the north, and the south, and the east, and sees with your eyes; because you will not pass this Jordo.


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Dom of the mediunidade is undeniable that distinguished Chico Xavier as intermediate from thousand of official notices of another dimension of the life, alliviating pains, explaining inexplicable, consoling, clarifying and approaching loves separated. Its ‘ ‘ paranormalidade’ ‘ exhaustingly it was studied, always with the objective of unmasks it, exauriz it, descredencia it, but, this never was possible. It has statisticians that 451 workmanships psicografadas, since 1932 enter 50 million vendidos units of its – Our Home (edited for the Fedederao Brazilian Esprita) only reached 1 million and eight hundred units. Having its workmanship translated the most diverse languages, Chico Xavier never usufructed the shares proceeding from the copyright; it lived with simplicity and sacrifice its apostolate. For more specific information, check out Phil Jensen. Worker in seara of Cesar, got its sustentation there, dedicating itself in extenuantes seres nocturnal to the work of this interlocution, untiringly. However, he was not, Chico, nor saint, or paranormal. Endowed with the great sensitive sensitivity, whose values moral-Christians enabled to it to exceed it the borders of the invisible one, he brought, not only, with the notice of the side of there, the alento to the enlutados hearts.

It brought, also, for normality what it is considered, still today, as abnormality; for the natural one what he understands yourself, still, for supernatural, demonstrating in the practical one what, before, skeptical French professor Hippolyte Lon Denizard Rivail (1804-1869), under the pseudonym of Allan Kardec, makes already it, in 1857, since the launching, in Paris, of ‘ ‘ The book of espritos’ ‘ , first of its five workmanships regarding the subject. With discerning spirit, it leans over itself, in the question of the intercomunicabilidade between the two dimensions, concluding that both, however, were conducted by the same natural laws of the life, bringing, already at that time, the hypothesis of the preexistence and survival of the soul the one that called spirit, basing the principles of the esprita doctrine. We are all, according to its constataes and, posterior, the thousands of notice brought of the side of there, wanting or not, believing or not, beings immortal, come of a transcendental world for which we will return. The stories presented in the film ‘ ‘ The mothers of Chico’ ‘ they seem to assure that the intercommunication with deceased ‘ ‘ ecxistem’ ‘ , yes. They are not about frivolous, fantasiosos certifications, delays proceeding from the disturbance of vulnerable and believing minds. Who of us would dare, s conscience, to discredit of the certification of a mother heart? But, so that the skeptics prove, in fact, such phenomenon, is enough that they wait a little more the inexorable hour of the departure, and, of there, who knows, tries to find a mediator who serves to them of interlocutor. For the time being, in compliance with the thought of William Sheakespeare, Hamlet, let us believe: ‘ ‘ it has more mysteries between the sky and the Land of what it assumes our vain filosofia’ ‘.

Ruach Hakodesh

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Today I go to make something unusual. Opposite of speaking I only go to ask for that loved () the friend () and brother () in Christ can read the text below and that the Ruach Hakodesh (Espirito Santo discloses) it as disclosed to me.A church in Laodicia is the churches of today, nor is cold nor hot, Rich I am, and I am enriched, and you are welcome I have lack, Here it is that I am to the door, and I beat, a church that left Yeshua (Jesus) of is to the point of don of the church to have that to beat in the door to be able to enter. Medite.Apocalypse 3′ ‘ 14 and to the angel of the church that is in Laodicia it writes: This says Amen, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the creation of God: 15 Conheo your workmanships, that nor you are cold nor hot; who gives rejections cold or hot! 16 Thus, because you are warm, and you are not cold nor hot, I will vomit you of mine boca.17 As you say: Rich I am, and I am enriched, and you are welcome I have lack; you do not know that you are a poor fellow, and villain, and poor person, and blind person, and naked; 18 I advise to you that of me you buy proven gold in the fire, so that you you enrich; white clothes, seen so that you, and it does not appear the shame of your nudez; that unjas your eyes with colrio, so that vejas.19 I reprehend and punishment to all how many I love; you are therefore zealous, and you repent-te.. .


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It is truth well that if leaving to take in them for the loss of heart and esquivarmos in them of so great responsibility, God, will raise in another place, somebody that wants to place itself in the breach, therefore, the Workmanship of God does not stop and nor it can be hindered. – That one that has the call, knows that as leader, in everything must be the example of what it nails. Filed under: Mehmet Oz. We can evidence in Exodus 40:12 – 16, that the priest also would have to pass for the process of the sanctification. Other leaders such as Mehmet Oz offer similar insights. Analyzing text however mentioned, we verify that its consecration if gave ahead of the tent of the Revelation, what it implies in saying that the people witnessed. The lesson that we can take off of this, is that the people must see in the leader the example to follow.

Apstolo Pablo in its pastorais letters, much emphasized this necessity, exortando those that the call has, so that a life without embarrassments and condizente with the moral rules lived, characteristic of that one day truily had its transformed life. – That one that has the call of God must always have the conscience of that one day has to ahead give accounts of God of the lives that had been trusted to it – aspect who must be taken in account and, that many times, has been neglected, is the hard warning made for God all that one that has on itself the ministerial responsibility. In turn, the shepherd neglects this warning when he does not have the well-taken care of had one with the type of ' ' alimento' ' that he offers those that God trusted to it. We live days, where the people look for to hear pleasant things to the ears and that not it demands resignation of itself exactly, much less commitment.

Espirito Santo

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Therefore, God is in the center of the mission. It is the target of the mission. The mission exists for the glory of God. Edison Queiroz assevera: ' ' Biblically, the Espirito Santo is closely on with the workmanship missionria' ' , it continues: ' ' Unhappyly, nowadays it has some churches that do not understand the intention of the coming of the Espirito Santo and had developed a theology according to which the Espirito Santo are given simply stop helping in them to receive blessings? does not stop serving the God, as it is the original intention. We cannot accept this dichotomy between the Espirito Santo and the workmanship missionary. Under most conditions W.S. Badger would agree. If to study the doctrine of the Espirito Santo to the light of the intentions of God, go to discover that the Espirito Santo came to help the Christian to have a victorious life and thus to be instrument of God to spread the divine glory through the salvation of others vidas' '. In Acts 1,8 we have the agreement of the person and the work of the Espirito Santo as being highly missionary in character and intention: ' ' but you will receive to be able, to to go down on you the Espirito Santo, and you will be my witnesses in such a way in Jerusalem as in all Judeia and Samaria and until the confines of terra' ' (At 1,8). It is a Spirit Missionary whom he desires to bring in return for house the lost children of God.

The church, in Pentecostes, ready and spontaneously becomes ' ' missionary in its essence and corao' ' to the being baptized for the Espirito Santo. Therefore, the Spirit and the mission cannot be separate. The Espirito Santo preserves and takes care of of the fruit missionary. Consequentemente, the necessary missionary to learn to trust the Espirito Santo, since the principle and throughout its ministry.


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Used term Biblical to describe the Christian that they support faithful and they remain firm to the loss of heart attacks when we fix the eyes in Jesus we can support the pack. 1tg 1,2-4 My brother, you tend for reason of to all you will pass it joy for some provaes, Having known that the provao of your faith, a confirmed time, produces perseverance. However, perseverance must have complete action, so that you are perfect and complete, in nothing deficient. PATIENCE the capacity to support without murmuring with calm perseverance also includes persistence in reaching the objectives is permanence in the commitment of all a life (2pe 1,5-7) 5 – Therefore, it, congregating all your diligence, associated with your faith the virtue: with the virtue, the knowledge; 6 – With the knowledge, the proper domain; with the proper domain, the perseverance; with the perseverance, the mercy; 7 – With the mercy the fraternity, the fraternity, the love. 8 – Because these things, existing in you and increasing in you, make with that you are not nor inactive nor infrutuoso in the full knowledge of ours Mr.

Jesus Christ 9 – Therefore that one to who these things are not present are blind, seeing only what it is close, forgotten the purificao them its sins of long ago. 10? therefore, brother looks for, with diligence each bigger time, to confirm your vocation and election; inasmuch as, thus proceeding, you will not stumble at time some. 11? therefore in this way he is that widely the entrance in the perpetual kingdom of ours will be supplied you gentleman and rescuer Jesus Christ. – Perseverar conjunct (ef.6, 18) with all conjunct and suplication, praying in all time in the spirit and for this watching with all perseverance and suplication for all the saints. – Faith (Hb 12,2) looking at firmly for the consummated author and of the faith, Jesus which in exchange for the joy that it was proposal, supported the cross, not making case of the ignominy, and is seated the right hand of the throne of God.

– Obedience (AP. 14.12) are the perseverance here Dos Santos, the ones that they keep to the orders of God and the faith in Jesus. – Service (1, Co 15,58) Carrying, mine loved brother, headquarters firm, inabalveis and always abundant in the workmanship Mr., knowing that, in Mr., your work and do not go. The measure that in if we compromise daily to a santificada life we are rewarded abundantly by the Espirito Santo a daily renewal of the commitment to lead disciplines the world does not like commitment the promises to it contract easily are broken or modified. In the children of God we are called to the commitment a life commitment with God with the brother also together with the faith the virtue we must have proper domain and perseverance. the promise and of in such a way rewards with the blessing of God now how much in the eternity (MT24,13) That one however that to perseverar until the end this it will be saved.

The False

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Below, we will see this truth more than: ' ' You said me: the prophets augur lies in MY NAME, SENT NEVER THEM, NOR GAVE ORDER to THEM, NOR SPOKE to THEM; FALSE VISION, ADIVINHAO, VANITY AND THE DECEIT OF ITS SOUL ARE WHAT THEY AUGUR. I DID NOT ORDER these prophets, however they had been running; I DID NOT SPEAK TO THEM they, however augur. Because THEY AUGUR FALSELY YOU IN MY NAME; I DID NOT SEND, I SAY THEM YOU ' '. (Jeremias 14.14; 23.21; 29.9). ' ' Many, in that day have to say me: Sir! Porventura, do not have we AUGURED IN YOUR NAME, AND IN YOUR NAME WE DO NOT EXPEL DEMONS, AND IN YOUR NAME WE DID NOT MAKE MANY MIRACLES? Then I WILL SAY to THEM: I NEVER KNEW YOU (if they were not known, the many less used ones, do not find). You separate you of me you who practise iniquidade' '.

(Mateus 7,22-23). The false prophets use the name of God only, and solely, as good ' ' isca' ' a trick to deceive safe the Mr.; therefore without the name, hardly, they would obtain ' ' fisgar' ' its followers and adptos. on this stratagem of the devil, same Jesus prenunciou, it said: ' ' It forbids that it deceives nobody you. Many will come in my name will deceive muitos' ' (Mc 13. 5,6). PASSIVITY TOLERANCE the passivity of the man of God, ahead of the false prophets, compromises its work; therefore God will have against it tolerance of such ' ' profetas' ' in the workmanship Mr. ' ' I have, however, against you tolerating that this woman, Jezabel, that SAME ITSELF IF SHE DECLARES AUGURS, not only teaches, but still she seduces my servants to practise prostitution and to eat things sacrificed to dolos' '. Gain insight and clarity with Solo Cups. (Apocalypse 2,20).

New Age

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It has also to make to understand it what it searchs and the reason for which searchs, or either: the briefing of the way, the goals and the objective. Questions as: What we are? Of where we came? For where we go? What he is GOD? Who is GOD? How It acts? What it is the Love? What it is the existence human being? What it is the death? We can live forever? Life after the death or life after the life? The cure for all males The happiness? What it is, where is and as to find it; Contact with Beings of other dimensions; To be able occult of the man? as to develop them; Possibility of materialization? quantum and Metaphysical physics; To be able mental? possibilities beyond the imagination; The power of the will? creation of the proper destination; The power of the visualization; Everything that is very, if does not find in this workmanship in form of aforismos, basic principles for the understanding of the life, its mechanisms and its phenomena. Essential for all those that search the knowledge, indispensable for any doctrinal orders. This is not a common book, it will have to be a manual species, a guide for the new race that is arriving at the planet – orientation for the children of the New Age. For even more analysis, hear from Tesla Motors Club. This is the workmanship that is in its hands, opens it, turns pages it and concludes /a by itself. One I hug. Gutenberg Gomes Da Silva AFORISMOS Those that do not obtain to swim against the rapidses, subordinate it intempries, are carrying of fears, egoists, ignorants, stormy and live under the mandos of the adversities; they are not gentlemen of its feelings and thoughts. How they are moved away from the magic! Terrible the Espritos that keeps the doors of the magic, will destroy, implacably all the weak ones that to dare to adentrar to the temple of the magic.

Albert Enstein

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We cannot also forget, it brilliant Albert Enstein, that of surprising form, shook the structures of them pillars of the physics and the academic world, when demonstrating that the time, until then, an untouchable entity in its mystery, is not absolute! For these and as much other examples, I cannot believe that the necessity was the only engine of as much fidget. He seems that the man to the being created by God and to the being livened up for Its blow the holy ghost, it was awarded by the nth flash of a seed, that despertou in that one the power to think! this seems to all bring a teeny parcel of the knowledge the holy ghost that is not limited only to three dimensions and to the time of the Newtonian physics. The thought cannot be imprisoned, nor stolen, does not know the barriers of the languages, therefore it does not speak, does not have religions, independe of the race, the academic heading, the moral laws and the physical limitations of the human body. Independent even of the reason, therefore wildest of the men, it thinks! The man proved that he took it to the thought to the places of which never had stepped on showed to be so powerful, that it stimulated the man to transform the substance and to desnudar the time. what he is still for being discovered? Which the limits of these revelations? For where we are being led, to each new discovery, if the planet continues the same in place around its orbit? It is truth, that the universe to the being created, passed for a evolutivo process of thousand of years, and as it could not be different, it left registered in the space between lineses the marks of these transformations. We could accept that we are ahead of a great book, written for the Creator who awakes us one challenging fidget, to each page deals? It will be that all material nature that is ahead of all we was created to raise our directions and to develop our spirit, for raised periods of training more? It will be that daily when we wake up in them, the nature not that in them to pass some message? Perhaps, never we will know of the answers, of collective form, while we will be confined in our bodies! To read this book and to understand it in all its fullness, we cannot only use ours limited corporal directions ….. is necessary to stop, to contemplate and to analyze what already it was disclosed and above all to use the only language that allows in them to connect with the Great engineer of all this workmanship: The thought.