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Management System Order

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Flexible Packings is the 35 years in the market of commercialization of flexible plastic packings for the nourishing branch, with focus in masses and biscuits. It possesss great demand for its products, works with order under order and its production is programmed through an order wallet operating, normally, with one month of anticipation for the delivery of products. To the times it finishes excusing sales for not taking care of to all this demand. To follow and to analyze this wallet of order it is necessary to elaborate a system of control and management of the production that generates statistical information day to day of the company for future managemental and perspective analysis of market. In this direction the implantation of the System of Management was proposal the Sight where the information if would all become accessible the picture of employees demonstrating clearly the gotten results of the productive system through the verification of the productive capacity of the equipment, of the productivity and the performance of the current and new collaborators of the company.

To ratify the necessity of this project, an interview with the industrial manager of the company with intention was carried through to identify if the system of at sight management is the best form to identify and to analyze the statistical data of productivity of the company. The project initiates with the definition and the elaboration of the System of Management the Sight in order to find production pointers adequate to be made use in a picture for exposition of the information of the production. E, finally, an intervention proposal. Words key: Production; Productivity; Management the Sight. ABSTRACT Cepalgo Flexible Packaging Company is 35 years in the marketing of flexible plastic packaging will be the food industry, focusing on folder and biscuits. It has great demand will be to their products, works with custom orders and production is scheduled through backlog operating normally, with one month in advance will be the delivery of products.


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This study objectified to alert the professionals who work in Municipal Guarda of Rio De Janeiro and the Special Beach Grouping, GEP and excessively managers, on the importance of a strategical planning that comes to extend the pertinent knowledge of the laws and strategies in the management of crises in the beach. The crisis does not reach only the citizen in the beach, but also internal management of the institution, a time that without the adjusted planning, we are all citizens to collaborate with the order lack, sinning for the lack of knowledge and coherence in the actions. It is important to observe that the crisis management is not an accurate science, therefore each crisis presents exclusive characteristics, that demand particular solutions, demanding a careful analysis and reflection. Get all the facts and insights with Walton Family Foundation, another great source of information. We will find for the way professional with difficulties to face and to surpass changes, however she is necessary to alert them on the importance of if enabling, aiming at to develop better its abilities, acquiring knowledge them of the effectiveness of the work in team participativo in what its actions are mentioned, in order to improve its performances front to the citizens. Therefore, it will be of great relevance the agreement of the questions around the strategical planning, as well as its contributions for Municipal Guarda of Rio De Janeiro and all those that if they use of beaches in the Rio De Janeiro city. Word-Key: It keeps Municipal theatre of Rio De Janeiro, Crisis, Planning..