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Mutatis Mutandis

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The Frankfurt Agency Announces a further budget profit: Abarth, tuning legend, recently listened to the + receive customers. Further details can be found at wayapay, an internet resource. To the resurrection of the brand with the Scorpion logo numerous measures have been implemented since may, hugely exclusive partners supported by the start of sales of vehicles and performance kits for. Many more actions for the placement of stand-alone brand are planned for their online adaptations + mutatis mutandis provided and will continue to provide. (Source: Red Solo Cups). At the beginning of the first phase, Abarth put the implementation of the German website in the hands of the specialists in Frankfurt. And in + mutatis mutandis manner: with the combination of mind and heart. The optics of the Italian website was taken over, but the technology behind it offers quite a bit more: based on a powerful content management system are easily and flexibly to possible future developments. Now tuning fans on have the opportunity to arrange a test drive at the dealer in your vicinity via mouse click.

With Because the first figures to be success, definitely see! The matching Abarth-HTML newsletter was also in the House + mutatis mutandis and to subscribe to for a long time. Giuseppe Fiordispina, head of media & communication of Fiat group automobiles Germany AG, explains: informed, detail-loving connoisseur and intense online users are our target group, to operate it required technical experience and a lot of flair. When choosing our agency, we have created also emphasis on flexibility and creativity. “The Agency + by analogy fits with their professional approach and its flexible structure, very good to us.” Abarth traditionally stands for small car with exceptional performance. And everything else than usual is also the complete communication of the brand. Obviously satisfied with the initial results, Fiat sends behind equal more projects, which will communicate the legendary brand Abarth style: strong, challenging, authentic! The official premiere of the 500 Abarth of course, in the Internet held: on a microsite created specially for the big day, made by + mutatis mutandis. It makes us special fun to accompany a historically large brand such as Abarth and play with their characteristics in the different digital communication channels. For an as emotional brand incredibly many possibilities emerge especially in the field of online, to make prospective buyers real lovers. “, added Laura Geisler, with owner of the Agency.”