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Western Europe

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\”The most diverse of all plastics conquered more and more fields of application the bodywork of the new smart fortwo\” is for the first time entirely of polypropylene (PP) produced as bumpers and instrument panel of the new Fiat 500: the most versatile of all plastics conquered more and more application areas. Whether in ice cups or straws, in washing machines, upholstered furniture or sport clothes, suitcases, diapers or medical syringes: polypropylene is everywhere. The light and well recyclable material saves weight and improves the environmental performance often. Increasingly replaced PP other, much more expensive plastics. Asia-Pacific is growing strongly, especially in China and India shoot new PP factories from the ground: the manufacturing capacity in both countries total more than 7.5 million tons will be enlarged in the next five years. The strong demand for packaging and cars, but also the needs of other growth areas, such as the construction industry, provides despite rising prices for that of PP consumption continues to increase. Middle East is main supplier Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf States want to be not just crude oil suppliers.

Set up large PP – production facilities, to provide more expensive products. Its PP production capacity will more than double in the next five years. While the domestic demand of the Arab countries still at a low level, the exported quantity will be above average: the Middle East rising to the most important supplier of PP on. Challenges for North America and Western Europe, in Canada, the United States and Western Europe are increasingly smaller PP factories with a capacity of under 200,000 tons mined. In the next few years is the importance of these countries as export Nations of PP continues to decrease. Because the market prices are much higher than for example in China or Saudi Arabia, the traditional PP manufacturers are facing major challenges: you need to increase the efficiency of their production through improved manufacturing processes, expand their distribution networks, additional Services for the retail offer and cooperate more closely with manufacturing, to develop innovative products.

Round Management

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Lunendonk presents future study 2011 in Frankfurt before Osnabruck/Frankfurt a. M., 21.02.2011 – the Lunendonk GmbH and FutureManagementGroup AG have the study 2011 future of facility management services in Germany by 2020 “presented on 17 February in Frankfurt. Spnsoring partner of the future study the Piepenbrock facility management as the representatives of the press in a Round-Table discussion for an open discussion of the available GmbH & co. KG. Read more here: wayapay. According to the authors of the study, the term facility management (FM) will receive a far richer meaning in less than a decade. The importance of this sector of the market will rise significantly with new customer groups such as industrial IT company or also private households with different age structures. Increasingly, FM services company would assume warranties as well as complex secondary processes up to the revitalization of facilities and controlled via centralized management centers use this maintenance and cleaning robot.

Service robots perform complex tasks Lunendonk and FutureManagmentGroup expect that the FM service providers deal until the year 2020 with the advances in robotics and artificial intelligence. The development will cause that service robots can take over increasingly complex tasks. Thus, not only an increased competition comes from robot manufacturers, but also a different personnel structure at the FM companies. In shopping malls, in public or in private households special service robots in the future would be used. During maintenance and repair work, Lunendonk and FutureManagmentGroup expect that material innovations and progress in nanotechnology will cause, that a large part of the materials used in buildings and machinery have to wait longer or barely. The new future study shows also options for future heterogeneous types of providers. The trend towards flexible working in networked projects will increase the number of self-employed entrepreneurs. This breakdown will According to the presented study cause, that future economic actors need suitable working environments, provided they get from FM service providers available through co-working-spaces, business incubators, or meeting rooms.