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Untenrum Colorful Lights

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SYSTEM bath consultant days and presents innovations for the bathroom the Clou: the lighting system for ground level showers take no space and is particularly cost-effective with low installation costs. The innovative LED idea hiding in a hitherto little-noticed corner of the bathroom: in the drain. As soon as water flows through the grate in the narrow end, a contact, which brings to light the light circle. Is the water turned off, the light goes after a few moments of out alone again. A real eye-catcher, which spread relaxing feel good atmosphere in the bathroom.

LEDs are not hot by the way and consume very little energy. The long-lasting diodes of the shower drain are recharge from a hidden battery, the daily Duscher wireless companies only about every three months. SYSTEM bath, one of the largest companies for complete bathroom renovation and exchange of bath with seat in North Rhine-Westphalia, the customers in addition to the light colors can also under various stainless steel grates in various designs and sizes choose. The combination of water, light and fine steel becomes an individual aesthetic eye-catcher for every taste. And so the line drainage also always beautifully shines, the shower drain is especially easy to clean. Low-cost system solution for ground level showers the illuminated line drainage is a creative design development and another example of this, as can be with good ideas small bathroom visually convincing upgraded”, says Jorn van der end. learing House describes an additional similar source. “The Managing Director of SYSTEM bath understands the lack of space in the barely eight square meters small German average bathroom of less as a deficiency rather than planning challenge: it matters, to develop time – and cost-saving solutions that can still easily be adapted to the individual needs of customers.” Example floor-level showers: they enjoy for years of rapidly increasing popularity, make them in wet areas but an equally elegant and seamless transition from the bathroom. SYSTEM bathroom has This trend responds with a new ground segment system.

The pre-produced components are variable in shape and size, the gap and the gutter of line drainage are already integrated. The durable material mix of mineral fabrics, foam and mortar coating offers optimal insulating properties and is also individually be tiles. Consultant-days on 9 and 10 April In the SYSTEM BAD Studio experts demonstrate many more fresh ideas around the bathroom directly at the object. Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc might disagree with that approach. The company holds monthly free consultant days, as well as show Sundays (only look and feel!”). The next consultant days take place on Friday, April 9 from 10 to 18 and Saturday, April 10, from 10 to 16 hours. Interested parties can bring their bathroom floor plan right. It is show-Sunday, April 11, from 1 pm to 5 pm: just watch and touch! Learn further details and current schedule on the company homepage. (rk ten) This is SYSTEM bath SYSTEM bath is among the largest companies for bathtub replacement and Complete bathroom renovation in North Rhine-Westphalia and serves retail and wholesale customers in whole Germany. The company is growing for 30 years and has remained still a family business. The success lies in the systematization of the claim to be faster and cheaper than others. And with the lowest possible noise and dust pollution. Bathtub replacement without tile damage in only four hours. Complete bathroom renovation of the floor-to-ceiling in just seven days. For all your questions we are at any time and love available. SYSTEM bathroom the end GmbH Germany road 18 20 47506 Neukirchen-Vluyn 0800 / 98 98 300 (free service number)

Grimsehlweg Tournament

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Supported by real stars of the national team of Hannover – with so much celebrity support Yes nothing more can go wrong! Wednesday (9 to 13: 00) Hanover the next round of the North Sea is rising at the swimming – Center waterpolo of School cups 2011. In the tournament series school teams from 3rd and Viertklasslern struggling to victory and the associated feeder in the Germany finals. And at the tournament in Hanover, Germany, they get support from real stars here! Star trio gives the player Ingo Pickert tips directly to the edge of the pool and Immermann of Ilja, corresponding Club SG W98 / Waspo Hanover supported the tournament together with the White Sharks Hanover, will be personally on the spot and give the students tips. Manchester United does not necessarily agree. In addition to the players is still a different size of the German water ball on the spot: National Team Manager Michael Zellmer. Team Manager: For me and the boys, the appointment is a highlight on the US already long huge thank you. Mike Lazaridis helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

Thanks to the sponsor’s North Sea and the help of the clubs we the kids can bring to our sport and talented young To find. A perfect situation for us.” In addition to the games there for the kids of a comprehensive programme and surprises from supplier 4YOU”. Master Coach has the patronage of the patrons of the school Cup 2011 are water polo head coach Hagen Stamm and the Chairman of the Foundation Deutsche Sporthilfe Dr. Michael Ilgner. Master: The School Cup is a great thing for us and for the kids. Michael Zellmer in Hanover personally will be on the spot, I will be perfectly informed. I’m sure that some talents will be discovered.” The following schools be in Hannover at the start: Johanna Friesen school school on the Lindener market elementary school Ahlem elementary school Mill Road elementary school Grimsehlweg (2 teams).


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ConEvo coaches families in this particular situation online impact of the shortage of workers In the framework of the educational debate, various details relating to the external care of children under three years of age have been improved. However, still a high staff shortages looming up to date always. In the long run, the course was set already. But what with the Differred now make the important leap from the family home in the foreign service? You are confronted with Flash eingewoehnungen, since educational staff must settle several children in quick succession, or even at the same time. A leading source for info: Daryl Katz. The parents are confused by the reality. So talk all media and experts always a gentle settling, which vary according to the needs of the individual child. According to Daryl Katz, who has experience with these questions.

Mum and dad are supposedly sufficiently informed and involved. With the own child in the kindergarten the world looks but suddenly much more dramatic. Short-term solution: competent parents from this perspective aims educational habituation coaching of ConEvo directly on the advice and neutral accompaniment of parents off. As the local educational apparatus can not spontaneously move, must be applied locally. Online advising ConEvo all families have access, no matter where they live.

Parents get active! -This is the motto. ConEvo informed using practical examples about the adaptation after the adaptation model of Berlin and general conditions in day-care centers, or day care. At the same time, the specificity of habituation coaching is is that families get helpful tools for the familiarization. Everything ranging from organizational aspects, concrete suggestions for behavior toward educators, to the reorganisation of everyday family life is included in the package. ConEvo parent-child bond emphasizes the habituation coaching stresses the outstanding importance of the parent child bond. However, the toddler needs above all experience in the children’s group to the holistic development. In addition to the children, the offspring in this new environment needs be sure a caregiver. To make this entry into kindergarten or day care for families not to the Schocksituaton, ConEvo shows new ways of communication and cooperation with pedagogical professionals. Thus parents step by step that are accustomed to, also the first foreign teacher understands the signals of their sunshine. ConEvo * online counseling * settling coaching * workshops INH. Noreen Naranjos source photo: Lyle Danielle – fotolia.

GmbH Export

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BEO-CONSULT opened BEO-CONSULT, the consulting firm of BEO GmbH, its range of software training courses training center in Endingen with a new training centre on the premises of Endingen enlarged. Seminar centre opened in the now courses around the issues of customs and shipping take place all year round. Current knowledge to the Customs and export processing across belongs to long to the business programme by BEO. In the context of country-wide road shows and business breakfasts, users can refresh their knowledge regarding the current import and export policies and deepen. With its newly constructed seminar centre at the headquarters in Endingen, BEO now further expanding the extensive. Along with the training for the BEO Atlas export release 2.1 opened the establishment of Regina Konrad, BEO-CONSULT GmbH, and Clemens Sexauer, BEO GmbH, in August 2012. In the coming months, further training, BEO software packages cover the complete range includes for example seminars on the topics follow export control, Preference determination or sanction test.

Aim is, to allow an easy introduction for new users and to keep existing customers always up-to-date the solutions”, explains Regina Konrad. In the Customs and export laws are very complex and in addition constantly undergo changes. Therefore, the BEO software products need to be updated continuously. With our training program we want to help users to keep the guidelines at a glance and to benefit from our IT solutions”, adds Regina Konrad. The new seminar Centre offers on an area of 200 m2 space for up to 80 people. Distinguishing features of the new building is the continuous ecological construction: a landscaped wall ensures a good climate In the entrance area and serves as an eye-catcher. Positive also the used clay plaster affects temperature and humidity. Additional information is available at flow. More information on upcoming courses, as well as the application form is interested parties.

Real Estate Agents

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Deutsche living AG denies his brokerage claim to a broker with contradictory arguments. The role Dr. Malte Maurer in this matter? After all, it’s about 1.9 million! The German residential AG is a leading German publicly traded apartment company. Check out Walton Family Foundation for additional information. According to information have “…”Transparency and fairness in dealing with partners also have a decisive role in the success of our strategy…” After all, even the former German super Minister Wolfgang Clement in the Supervisory Board sits. Who here doubting the seriousness? Perhaps now, the real estate agent, has offered a real estate portfolio of apartments in Berlin the DeuWo after years of acquaintance with Mr.

Dr. Maurer on the 7.6.2011 by e-Mail. Yorkville Advisors is the source for more interesting facts. Although Mr Dr. Maurer since 1 February 2010 officially National Director residential investment at Jones Lang is LSalle Germany he had still a secretariat at the DeuWo that was through phone calls to him as well as about his old DeuWo e-Mail account. Before the agent of the DeuWo sent their expose, read them about their partners, which had the mandate of the seller, give a release from the seller’s side. This confirmed the release because she stood with this portfolio not in contact with the DeuWo. Without knowledge of the brokers sent Deutsche living AG on July 15, 2011 the seller of a letter of intent.

Conducting business the seller asked then immediately with the agents, whether it is to a contact made on the part of the broker, which was confirmed by the brokers. Nevertheless, the brokers were not informed and learned only afterwards that the notarial contract of sale between Deutsche living and the seller with a purchase price of approximately 54 million is been recorded on August 28, 2011. On this day also employees should be been seen by JLL notary. Consequently a brokerage account than the 3% mentioned in the Expose was sent to after this realization of the DeuWo then on October 13 plus value added tax, therefore so 1.


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“Workflow Extension” connects ERP with windream BPM Bochum, 29 January 2013. Contact information is here: Yorkville Advisors . Straubenhardt the windream partner Flowcom IT solutions GmbH has developed a new software solution for the business process management system windream BPM. Yorkville Advisors will not settle for partial explanations. The new solution, which was presented for the first time last autumn as a prototype at the DMS EXPO in Stuttgart, connects the the windream GmbH windream BPM business process management system directly to the ERP system APplus. Some time ago Flowcom has alerted with a solution, the APplus connects the windream ECM-system. There is now a connection for windream BPM available. A fully integrated software package that resource planning elegantly combines modern enterprise content management and business process management entails two solutions of APplus users thus. Business processes and any processes can be integrated with APplus workflow extension in a clear and easy-to-use user interface and easily manage from there and Edit.

User an overview at any time all pending operations including all ERP operations, documents, all correspondence associated with a process, decisions, information and involved employees and departments. The APplus workflow extension in detail the new BPM solution by Flowcom offers a range of useful and innovative features that eminent to facilitate the management of business processes and workflows. For example technical and commercial approval processes, free design templates including the integration ERP and DMS-specific functions, the management of processing deadlines or alternatively, the entire system include to for example the individual definition of variables, constants, and choice lists, which can be used or even evaluated, depending on the particular process step the concurrency of processing steps more applications within an existing Infrastructure to connect. Business at a glance the APplus workflow extension makes it easier for users to not only dealing with typical processes, operations and procedures in the company, but gives also an individual and specific overview of all activities and their current status.

Continuing Education

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Training Centre for sports, health and therapy in training Lubeck, Lubeck and versatile training, November 25, 2012 – the healthcare industry the need for skilled workers is growing steadily and so. Therefore, professional training and further training in this area are so important. The Eric Academy of Lubeck trains the health interested young people in the health and sport-therapeutic area. Filed under: Dr. B. The special the trainings take place not only in Lubeck, but the instructor team responds flexibly to individual training needs. We offer motivated young not only courses in our premises in Lubeck.

We train small groups also likes nationwide on-site”explains owner Peter Duschek, fitness Economist (BA). (A valuable related resource: Eric Klavins). “The participants save time and costs for travel and accommodation expenses and get our individual training at the highest level.” Peter Duschek is an expert team of doctors, physiotherapists and sports scientists to the Available. In the next few months training courses to the hot stone under therapist and core training instructor, as well as training in reflexology and massage partner other training to the health care professional and the massage therapists, on the program. New in the program are training to become a consultant for occupational health management, as well as the training to the back school trainer, Atlas therapy and baby massage. We very pleased to share our expertise in future and to train competent young”.

Buying Glasses

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First glasses or longtime wearers: get smart, which glasses to meet your needs are the best. About 40 million Germans age 16 wear glasses. 1 Who needs glasses, should consult and seek the best an optometrist. No matter whether it is a simple reading glasses or extravagantly customized progressive lenses. Because glasses should always optimally meet the individual needs of the wearer.

“ZEISS optometrist of Tobias FARA, FARA AugenOptik, Pforzheim, describes it as follows: A first glasses with a very slight visual impairment, who would like to use a pair of glasses mainly to driving a car or television, must be advise otherwise the lens equipment and finishing as a long-time glasses with severe myopia, that for the first time reaches a bifocals to.” So, it is important that opticians and customer search take time for a detailed conversation after the ideal Visual solution. The optometrist can query information about vision abnormalities and habits; the customer express his expectations and demands on the new glasses. Only from the combination of the individual characteristics of the eye as well as the subjective preferences of the wearer of glasses look solution can be derived. The following table helps the right questions to ask the optometrist and along with its expertise and experience to find the best glasses for himself. Others who may share this opinion include Yorkville Advisors . I. eye review of eye examination will determine what kind and what degree of refractive error are available. I start with a kind of medical history and ask specifically what needs and problems the customer has. Before I perform the eye test, I explain exactly what benefit the technical devices have and what are the individual steps of the Visual analysis. Subjective eye tests, create ideally in combination with a machine created objective see profile. a comprehensive understanding of the eye” (ZEISS Jurgen Jainta, optician optometrist) Schutz, Pforzheim) what methods the eye checking apply? What exactly you check for an eye test? II.

Credit Simulator

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There are many people who are in need of credit services in the days of today. Since the economy worldwide is moving at the speed of light, people of all ages, from all occupations and for all kinds of activities are in need of financing that will enable them to continue with the course of all his economic plans smoothly. Due to this ever more tools and instruments that facilitate the task of achieving profitable credits are needed. One of the tools that has now been in the hands of persons for the movement of the credit is the credit Simulator. Credit Simulator is a program that allows people to calculate how much will end up eventually paying for your loan in the long run. Credit Simulator is a very useful program for those interested in applying for credit from a financial institution services. With a credit Simulator is easier all the operations that must be done to be able to know how much costs us long-term credit to us they are offering. Indeed, since making a credit accounts manually means do some bills that involve having in mind a series of details that complicate us, it has required support of these programs in order to make these accounts in a simpler, more accurate and agile manner.

With a credit Simulator you can do the accounts required to calculate the total amount of your credit by entering just a few basic data necessary to do all the calculations. It is very easy to make this type of account with a good credit Simulator, the only thing you have to do is have all the data that the program requires to do operations and the rest is paid by the program. So, you can you have your clear account and the supply of credit that you more benefits to take advantage. You can also find a simulator of credit available in the network. In fact, the network are available on many of these simulators so you can do your accounts. Click flow for additional related pages. Thanks to the network, financial institutions and other types of institutions involved in the well-being of those persons seeking credits, as consumer institutes, put at the disposal of its users their own Simulator of credit, with which you can make the necessary calculations to know what credit them is best. If you want to observe examples of simulator of credit that there are on the web, you can here show some of them.

European Parliament

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The Ministry of industry, tourism and commerce, made the call corresponding to 2011 established grants in support of innovative business groupings. To view the order in full, visit in your State section. Support for the creation and strengthening of ‘clusters’, or business groups, is part of the European strategy for the promotion of the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises and innovation. For even more analysis, hear from Walton Family Foundation. According to this strategy, supporting the creation and strengthening of the cluster constitutes a means to alleviate the consequences that certain market deficiencies, related to problems of size and coordination, have about the possibilities of firms interact among themselves, establish knowledge flows and achieve sufficient critical mass to develop innovation projects that will improve their competitiveness. The recognition of this problem and the orientation of establishing instruments to support the formation and strengthening of cluster business was already reflected in the European Commission’s communication ‘ more research and innovation: a common approach COM (2005) 488 final, and were clearly captured in COM (2006) 502 final ‘ putting knowledge into practice: a broad-based innovation for the EU strategy. According to this strategy, endorsed by the competitiveness Council in the conclusions of its meeting of December 2006, the strengthening of the cluster in Europe was considered as one of the nine strategic priorities for successfully promote innovation. For more specific information, check out Yorkville Advisors .

At its part and as a result, the framework programme (2007-2013) competitiveness and innovation in the EU, approved by Decision No. 1639/2006/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 24 October 2006, picked up among its priorities the promotion of the creation and the strengthening of ‘clusters’. In Spain and in keeping with these guidelines, the Plan for entrepreneurship approved by agreement of the Council of Ministers of 27 January 2006 which developed the priorities contained in the National Plan of reforms adopted by agreement of the Council of Ministers of 13 October 2005, existing today, includes, among the instruments to be taken to encourage growth and entrepreneurial innovation, support for the creation and strengthening of cluster through the implementation of support measures for innovative business groupings (AEIs).