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Ramon Gallegos

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Responsibility that when you recognize the interdependence, our actions fall within this context of responsibility, which begins at home, then for others, the world to reach the universal. The cooperation involves using all the resources to compliment the learning. Confidence in yourself that begins after the other and life itself. Spirituality which are love, compassion, joy, humility and interrelation. The freedom that begins with a not to find the autonomous self. Love, Peace and Respect. These principles are exposed on the bridge of conscious education created by Dr.

Ramon Gallegos. And mark the stages of man, from birth up to the level of spiritual consciousness. So far we have been involved in holistic education, but how and where to holistic education. The proposal to transform the schools to learning communities, addresses the where, for this we must understand at first instance, a learning community. Holistic education learning communities are perceived as living entities, understanding that the word community means unity and common learning refers to the process that has no end or limits of inquiry, which is significant to the life and along the life. We concluded that a learning community is one that comprised individuals who have the ability to create shared meanings, acting responsibly and with the main avenue for understanding the dialogue. The human being goes through some or all of these levels and dimensions, sometimes stays in one or most of the 30 regions that make up this model. The stages of development and growth of the human being are also crucial to go climbing in these regions.

Improve Your Physical Reality

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Where to go, today's consumer-oriented society is focused entirely on other tasks aims to achieve absolute values on the other But the amazing power of all the above techniques are that they do not have a lot less valuable side effects and secondary results, but for those of a contemporary the results are very valuable. We list only a few of these valuable secondary outcomes of technology "yoga high-energy": 1) The body becomes strong and flexible, leaving many of the diseases of the physical body, 2) Significant raising the consciousness of intellectual productivity and reducing mental fatigue, and 3) a noticeable drop in demand in the amount of food and at bedtime, and 4) Finding of high emotional stability and special, extended in time and space feeling of inner peace, (the link of the energy of emotions and stress) Less important distinguishing feature of my version of the physical practice of hatha yoga is determined that for the entire set of psychic-energy results from the mobilization of energy structure does not need to perform some kind of sophisticated and technically complex poses absolutely no need to have the flexibility circus actor, and a significant level of physical force. This technique is based on available well for the average man of simple poses – asanas. (Illyustr.3 – scheme of work postures) Due to the correct algorithm training on how "high-energy yoga" experience activation energy flows in the channels of power took a prominent extend beyond the physical body, filling a space force "cocoon" around the body, in this case clearly shows a deep shimmer from the field internal volumes of thin structures.

Gluten-Free Diet

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Sufficiently large number of people suffering from diseases Ki-Herter-Heubner’s (celiac disease). In a simpler version, this means that people can not tolerate gluten (gluten). For these people need a special diet to help maintaining the health and wellness. Gluten – what is it? Called gluten-specific high molecular weight protein, which arise out of many cereals: rye, wheat and barley. Naturally, the gluten can be found in the most familiar and everyday products: bakery and pasta. In addition, gluten is often found in semi-finished meat. To diet gluten allergy was healthy, you need the exception of gluten from your diet. It is for these people and developed a special gluten-free diet, which avoids products and replaces it with other substances. Mechanism gluten-free diet. For the overwhelming number of people gluten is completely harmless, but some (and even then for no apparent reason while) developed persistent intolerance to gluten. Contact information is here: Rubio. Inhibiting the immune system of patients with celiac disease, gluten leads to deterioration of health and in practice it becomes obvious that only a gluten-free diet can solve many health problems in patients. To date statistics is that every hundredth resident Foggy Albion has a gluten intolerance, which manifests itself bloating, constipation, nausea and headaches. If we ignore these symptoms, then further consumption of gluten-free celiac disease is fraught with osteoporosis infertility and bowel cancer. In general, no laughing matter. Cure for celiac disease can not be – as a feature of the immune system, it will always require proper nutrition and avoidance of gluten. Waiver of gluten almost immediately shown to improve health, but full recovery of all violations in connection with the disease can take up to a couple of years. Minus diet Gluten Perhaps the main drawback diet for celiac disease is that completely gluten-free can not be avoided: it is very frequent components of conventional food. But if your health requires it, you’ll have to come to terms with the need to abandon many of the products in order to preserve being. Gluten-free diet – it’s free diet: bread, pasta, biscuits meat sausage, but that’s not all The content of gluten must be carefully monitored in the finished product – on packages and labels are always indicated, from which made a particular product: wheat, barley, rye – in their composition should not be. Probably, it is difficult to overestimate the significance of what has recently produced a special food that can be incorporated into gluten-free diet, while not giving up bread and pasta. This is made possible through the replacement of wheat flour and rye flour, potato, soybean, buckwheat. Modern stores have entire departments with dietary products, including for those who can not eat gluten. Among the products that were originally allowed in the gluten-free diet are: rice corn cheese, eggs, fish, legumes: peas, beans and fruits so that starvation celiac disease is not threatened. To make a complete diet can adhere to the following scheme: For breakfast eat cereal without gluten (eg rice) with dried fruit, for lunch – tuna salad, beans or cheese sauce tomatoes, crackers, rice and fruit. At dinner, tasty and most importantly can cook potatoes, peas and carrots as a side dish to steak. So – not so terrible diet, as you can imagine. Even if it is gluten-free.

Healthy Sleep

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So there is hope for a peaceful night’s sleep Tussenhausen again, August 19, 2010 many people underestimate still the beneficial effects of sleep. In the rushing modernity, sleep has become scarce as running from appointment to appointment and find night hardly calm. This sleep is very important for humans and often the best medicine, when to initiate minor diseases. But many people are faring in the night quite opposite to the ideal. It wallows back and forth, can not fall asleep and it seems to be not the right position into the pillow. The bolster, which must be suitable and conform to very individual claims not for everyone here offers an alternative. On, you can learn the differences and the advantages that can have bolsters. Generally, people choose for themselves the wrong pillow, wake up already with back and neck pain.

But instead of going against it, you get used to it. One does not allows constant pain of this kind the body but nothing good, be only to chronic diseases, but also stress promote and keep your body under stress. A day at the Office with neck pain worse still the symptoms and bad mood. The entire day is again influenced by such annoying neck pain, while a solution would often simply to bring about. Neck rolls have the advantage that they will adapt perfectly to the anatomy.

The neck can rest directly on the role and will not be charged as a result. This not only helps you sleep, but can long longer pain within a few days belong to the past. Differences especially in the filling, so that there are also soft and hard neck rolls. That must decide every man for himself the best form would be still unique for every sleeper. Allergy sufferers should make sure on certain substances in the bolster so that sleep is not bothered by allergic reaction. Operator profile with visual sophistication is dedicated to the page Nackenrolle.com an important issue, to which many people out A bow make convenience. It is exactly about: comfortable sleep. With high expertise, the page was designed by Scheidle design and highlights the advantages of a neck roll sense of Justice. Visitors to the site can benefit from over ten years of practical experience, which lie behind the work of Scheidle design. Instead of ellenlanger searching the Internet for information to get all important key points that are important to this topic here on the point. Press contact Web projections Scheidle design Wolfgang Scheidle by-Stein-WEG 8 86874 Tussenhausen (c) Fadi Tsilimekis – August 2010

Buying Glasses

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First glasses or longtime wearers: get smart, which glasses to meet your needs are the best. About 40 million Germans age 16 wear glasses. 1 Who needs glasses, should consult and seek the best an optometrist. No matter whether it is a simple reading glasses or extravagantly customized progressive lenses. Because glasses should always optimally meet the individual needs of the wearer.

“ZEISS optometrist of Tobias FARA, FARA AugenOptik, Pforzheim, describes it as follows: A first glasses with a very slight visual impairment, who would like to use a pair of glasses mainly to driving a car or television, must be advise otherwise the lens equipment and finishing as a long-time glasses with severe myopia, that for the first time reaches a bifocals to.” So, it is important that opticians and customer search take time for a detailed conversation after the ideal Visual solution. The optometrist can query information about vision abnormalities and habits; the customer express his expectations and demands on the new glasses. Only from the combination of the individual characteristics of the eye as well as the subjective preferences of the wearer of glasses look solution can be derived. The following table helps the right questions to ask the optometrist and along with its expertise and experience to find the best glasses for himself. I. eye review of eye examination will determine what kind and what degree of refractive error are available. I start with a kind of medical history and ask specifically what needs and problems the customer has. Before I perform the eye test, I explain exactly what benefit the technical devices have and what are the individual steps of the Visual analysis. Subjective eye tests, create ideally in combination with a machine created objective see profile. a comprehensive understanding of the eye” (ZEISS Jurgen Jainta, optician optometrist) Schutz, Pforzheim) what methods the eye checking apply? What exactly you check for an eye test? II.