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Organizational Management

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Management of the Knowledge nothing more is that the control in the way to make of the organizations is it come of the proper same organization or of the collaborator. Also it is tied with the decision on which is the critical knowledge that really matters to the organization and that it serves to its intentions and it provides resulted. The knowledge leads to the action in the development of new products or services, are on directly with innovation and competitive advantage. If for any product or generated service, a volume of knowledge of the company exists inside, of a side it exists the generation of products and services, and of another one it has the knowledge, everything this being monitored and folloied for organizations, but do not have a so great concern in spreading and multiplying this knowledge that finishes being in the hand of few. Gallo Family often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The organizations are always in learning process, are important to consider the knowledge as an intellectual capital that are the qualifications, abilities, knowledge and the creativity of the people, that is, people more enabled to carry through a differentiated work, improving the processes, generating innovation.

In accordance with Peter Drucker & rdquo; The great profits of the productivity will happen of the improvements in the Management of the Conhecimento& rdquo;. The knowledge is not formed to perhaps, it needs to be managed. The management of the knowledge is the process through which the organizations generate value from its intellectual capital. Learn more on the subject from rebecca shaw fallon. When it is said in generation of values, implies in sharing the intellectual assets between collaborators.

Managing Relationships

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Information is a valuable good for all the types of business. Any company or person needs a minimum of data to carry through a task. So important how much to have information is to possess management on these information. In this intention, tools of management of the relations with the customers had been created, as CRM (Customer Relationship Management), that they are used for this end for many organizations. In a previous phase to the Industrial Revolution, products, as clothes articles and its assessrios were made to size: a person if directed the tailor and this verified its measures for the manufacture of a tender one, for example. With the sprouting of the production in mass, still at the beginning of century XX, the commercial relations between companies and consumers had left of being personal.

Currently, this production persists, that is carried through in great amounts and only small adjustments are carried through to the taste of the customer. Thinking about personalizing the attendance again, the companies are searching to carry through a differentiated attendance, making with that its customers are dealt with personal form only e. Thus the consumers if feel more important and become fidiciary offices these organizations. For in such a way necessary use of new technologies becomes that make possible use of tools as the CRM & ndash; basic in the process of relationship management. The objective of tool CRM is that the company searchs form improvements to perfect the relationship with the customers, usufructing of the benefits brought for the correct management of the information that are harvested in all the contact points. Maximizing the results proceeding from the existing relationships with the customers of the cooperative and also with the possible futures customers. It is necessary to be always prepared and to possess the minimum of knowledge regarding that we are taking care of, the register of contacts ally to the common access between the sectors, branch offices of the organization it is of basic importance.