It is truth well that if leaving to take in them for the loss of heart and esquivarmos in them of so great responsibility, God, will raise in another place, somebody that wants to place itself in the breach, therefore, the Workmanship of God does not stop and nor it can be hindered. – That one that has the call, knows that as leader, in everything must be the example of what it nails. Filed under: Mehmet Oz. We can evidence in Exodus 40:12 – 16, that the priest also would have to pass for the process of the sanctification. Other leaders such as Mehmet Oz offer similar insights. Analyzing text however mentioned, we verify that its consecration if gave ahead of the tent of the Revelation, what it implies in saying that the people witnessed. The lesson that we can take off of this, is that the people must see in the leader the example to follow.

Apstolo Pablo in its pastorais letters, much emphasized this necessity, exortando those that the call has, so that a life without embarrassments and condizente with the moral rules lived, characteristic of that one day truily had its transformed life. – That one that has the call of God must always have the conscience of that one day has to ahead give accounts of God of the lives that had been trusted to it – aspect who must be taken in account and, that many times, has been neglected, is the hard warning made for God all that one that has on itself the ministerial responsibility. In turn, the shepherd neglects this warning when he does not have the well-taken care of had one with the type of ' ' alimento' ' that he offers those that God trusted to it. We live days, where the people look for to hear pleasant things to the ears and that not it demands resignation of itself exactly, much less commitment.