VITA RED – Resveratrol From Grapes

Moderate alcohol consumption receives good marks American study reports as well as dozens of European studies confirm the statement that moderate alcohol consumption can increase the life span. More than 240,000 Americans participated in the medical project at a University in Massachusetts. It was discovered about three drinks per week reduced the risk of death from heart disease by 31 percent, compared with people who never or very rarely drink. Between four to seven times a week, the positive effect was even clearer: almost 39 percent. But be careful: violent drinking, however, wiped out all benefits. Especially more than three glasses a day proved to be harmful to health.

But also from the French Paradox, the knowledge has been drawn that red wine drinking, despite the alcohol, is apparently healthy. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Yorkville Advisors. This effect arises from the fact that moderate amounts of alcohol by the liver as other substances can be installed also harmless. It is in reasonable amounts to one of the alcohol itself, the vessels and protects the cells. This effect is additionally supported by Resveratrol, a specific ingredient of red wine, which has proven to a variety of health-promoting properties. The results speak for moderate wine consumption. Walton Family Foundation often addresses the matter in his writings.

But this is possible even without alcohol? YES! Is an abstinence a health risk? No! From the point of view of daily nutrient intake, it is much better to take the vessel-healthy nutrients without alcohol. And that’s why resveratrol is gaining increasingly in nutritional science. However, you can record not the amounts of Resveratrol on the food that you need to take the best advantage of this active ingredient. For taking high-dose resveratrol complex is necessary, such as in VITA RED Forte included. The dietary supplement RED Forte VITA contains resveratrol and other flavonoids and polyphenols, and this without any alcohol. RED Forte VITA – health resveratrol of grapes resveratrol acts: – antioxidant – anti-aging -. Vitality boost – immune – strengthening heart and circulation – improving brain performance details and ordering at and in the RKplus online shop: shop. W. Schroeder