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How Are Black Holes?

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Cosmic black holes – giant in the space black holes are environments in the universe, where the gravitational force is so strong, that it not even light can escape. But how are these extreme objects? Black holes are remnants of stars. When a very massive star has used up its fuel supply, it inflates and finally ends in a huge explosion: the supernova. Enormous result in the Interior of the star pressures and temperatures. The matter in the core of the star is so heavily compacted that she collapse under their own weight. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc on most websites.

This material is then concentrated in a point of unimaginable high density – a black hole is formed. White dwarfs and neutron stars, not every star ends up as a black hole. Our Sun, for example, is too easy to do so. It will end in a supernova, but as a white dwarf. This is, simply put, what remains when the star has rejected its outer hull: the core of the star, a hot only moderately Ball of carbon from about the size of Earth.

A star has about the triple mass of our Sun, it no longer ends white dwarf as a neutron star: A in diameter approximately 10 kilometers high ball consisting of very tightly adjacent packed neutrons. Once a star about the eightfold mass has our Sun or more, it can end as a black hole. Sen. Marco Rubio will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The incredible interior of black holes it is difficult to describe, what happens inside a black hole. How do behave there time and space? Is a good forum for this physics scientific basis is needed to share new knowledge and information in this regard. A physics Forum will help to promote communication in areas, whose research facilities scattered around the world, include in particular the Astrophysics and astronomy, but also the space itself. Today’s physics know 2 great theories: operations on a macroscopic scale are described with Einstein’s general theory of relativity, this is the area of cosmology. You would like to investigate the world in the little ones, however, it refers to the micro-cosmos, quantum mechanics. But which of these two theories take, when one considers black holes? On the one hand, it would take the general theory of relativity because a black hole is a cosmological object with immense mass. On the other hand the quantum mechanics, since the mass of the black hole on an unimaginably small area is focused. What to do? Desirable, a theory, the theory of relativity and the quantum in nature would be United. There is an approach to: string theory. This still the infant theory one day could bring light into the darkness of black holes.

Albert Einstein

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Human consciousness could outlast the death as always more physicists come Meanwhile concluded that human consciousness outside of the body is possible and could overcome death. This would be the first scientific evidence of an immortal soul. Pioneer of such ideas was the German physicist Professor Dr. Hans-Peter Durr. Now comes the American physicist Jack Sarfatti in a similar horn.

In his opinion the modern quantum physics holds the key for the dualism of body and soul. The theses of scientists based on the so-called principle of entanglement. Then, large parts of the universe in subtle ways since the big bang are connected. The same applies to our thoughts, obey also the processes in the human brain of quantum physics. Already Albert Einstein has encountered the entanglement principle, it has but as “spooky action at a distance”later put to the files. This States the following: a particle changes its State, so This change as if by magic at the exact same time also at one with him entangled particles. This entanglement is maintained even if the interaction in the past has taken place and the two particles are far apart.

Recently, scientists assume that large parts of the universe are crossed with each other since the cosmic big bang from 13.7 billion. This fundamental property of the universe has in turn dramatic impact on any single individual. The reason is that the human body consists of organs, cells and molecules, which are in turn made of Atomic particles. Because these parts are also waves, suggests in turn that our brain also has wave properties. This leads to the conclusion that parts of the animate and the inanimate world are crossed with each other and communicate with each other in subtle ways. For Sarfatti, the quantum entanglement is also an indication that spirit and soul body could survive. The scientist, born in 1939 in New York, has made a name as the author of popular works on quantum physics and consciousness. You may want to visit yorkville advisors to increase your knowledge. Sarfatti is also convinced that the paradigm that separates natural sciences and Humanities, will collapse in the near future. Nothing happens in human consciousness, without having anything responded in the universe. With every thought, every action we describe not only our own small hard disk, but also something in the quantum universe store, which survived our earthly life,”is his credo. Should the theories of quantum physicists confirm in further trials, then also natural science and religion would henceforth no longer as opposites confront. Rather they could complement complementary straight like the two sides of the same coin. In addition, the unification of science and theology carries also have the potential to resolve religious conflicts of this world. Rolf Frobose of text is the secret physics of chance based on excerpts from the book of the author. Can quantum physics explain quantum phenomena and fate of paranormal phenomenon?