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Revolutionary Guards Against

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Poem of Errani Elisabetta Emaldi GUARDIANS OF THE REVOLUTION The eyes of the world watch in awe at the IRGC, while shooting from the rooftops to the angels of freedom. The guards “spiritual” madness fight their battle against the light, believe they can be frozen in the trunk of silence his crimes. Invisible thread into the ether the news of torture and massacres fly the world, breaking the clay mask of the dark valley of hell. Additional information is available at Sen. Marco Rubio. You, fragments of darkness blinded by their greed they see that carry his soul to atone in the labyrinth of suffering. Guards “spiritual” madness, look evil in their minds dancing dancers, warriors controlled by the demons of Hell. In large spaces filled with the angels of protest against the corruption of power, the demons of the dark valley, dressed in black, swift as the wind, metal on their horses, kill without mercy doves of freedom.

The guidelines “Spiritual” in power tremble of fear of losing his sand castle and fired the hearts of girls and crowd innocent, claiming freedom. The eyes of the world look scandalized, but the Revolutionary Guards continue to fight against love. No illusions, mind controlled by the black stallion trampling of death, their actions led to the defeat, immutable destiny, set your ego bestial focused on personal interests. Their crimes can not go on forever. The dawn of freedom will lead his people to victory and you will be disarmed by the destructive madness that chained to their guilt.