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National Insurance

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All private insurance companies were abolished. From this period, all insurance operations throughout the country have become undertaken by the Office of National Insurance (). In order to ensure the security of foreign economic operations in 1947 established the Office of a foreign insurance ussr (). Insurance operations, performed by these state insurance companies, were based on the unified, approved centrally by the insurance regulations and insurance contracts, tariff rates, the order of payment of insurance contributions and payments. Methods and the nature of insurance operations focus varied depending on the implemented policy and the economy. The system of state insurance has survived in its history Numerous adjustment: it eliminated and restored, during the period of collectivisation were accused of lacking class approach, in the postwar years – a decline of livestock, on the basis of party and government solutions were withdrawn reserve funds were set economically sound problems, etc. Monopoly for a long time the position of state insurance has caused its dictates in the insurance industry, which could not affect the relationships with customers, procedures and conditions for specific types of personal and property insurance. At the same time successfully solved the problems of social security of the poor in particular was cheap insurance against accidents, life insurance, including children, citizens’ property, automobiles, buildings, and animals. With the help of public insurance was created by a powerful insurance Fund, through which repeatedly recovered extraordinary damage. Was created uniquely for that time a system of compulsory insurance of agricultural crops with the widest amount of responsibility.