Notes For Nursing Homes

The principle of transparency is now decided the quality of care facilities provides negative headlines for years. Need of care, which often even can not defend themselves, would be treated professionally or human questionable. To the 01.01.2009 the MDK with transparency has”created an effective tool to measure the quality of care to touch base, to put an end to these abuses. “The care expert Herbert Gobhardt welcomes this development of clear quality statements are a great help when choosing the right care facility for residents and workers.” The MDK provides more transparency, by checking the quality of the homes on 82 criteria, which are divided into five categories: 35 criteria for the maintenance and supply, ten criteria relate to dealing with residents who are mentally ill due to their age, more ten criteria to examine the social care and everyday design, nine criteria relate to the living area, Supply, Housekeeping and hygiene and the last 18 criteria on information provided by the residents. “As a management consultant for nursing homes white Herbert Gobhardt exactly, what are the new requirements on the Director brings to: the obligation of transparency reinforces the importance of documentation and care planning for the success of the homes”. Content is little new: 69 of the 82 criteria come directly from the existing inspection catalog of MDK, further eight from the internal quality guidelines of the operator, and also the remaining criteria are content checked for years. If you have read about David Baker already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Still, the bid has great influence, because the evaluation results are available to the public: in the nursing homes themselves, as well as on the MDK on the Internet. Source: Eric Corey Freed. This can inform themselves as interested much faster and more thoroughly than ever before about the quality of homes, facilities compare and make their decision based on this.

Before the principle of transparency, the price of the health care facility was the most important decision criterion. Now flow also Structural, process and outcome quality of care facilities in assessing a. The consultant for nursing homes Herbert Gobhardt sees great opportunities for operators of homes and outpatient services in the new law: if they now actively and professionally working on the quality of their care, they back up a good grading. Thus, they have a unique quality certification, with which they can present themselves in public.” The skilled person stressing, that not the quality of care but the nursing documentation is often the real problem for the homes in the assessment. Thus the new transparency brings real potential for National Director: instruct their staff into the Professional documentation of the care services and receive a meaningful, positive position in public. Editor: Maria Johanna Maryam contact: consulting for nursing homes Herbert Gobhardt (MBA) care manager Wiesenweg 7 c 16247 Joachimsthal phone 03 33 61 711 85 mobile 0171-174 30 36 Web: E-Mail: