Legal Compliance

Among other regulatory aspects at national level, the health and safety at work Act establishes the minimum conditions to be completed in work environments. We can mention a number of items which facilitates and guides in general aspects. We can start our own questionnaire with the first big question, story with a service of safety and hygiene according to the legislation. In terms of occupational medicine service. I have the same according to the framework regulatory personnel training, I have incorporated and carry forward an annual plan dedicated to the staff according to the risks inherent in the activity. I assign the elements of personal protection (E.P.P) to the team.

The space where development activity is duly protected with fixed and mobile installations according to the risk of fire. I have developed an emergency and evacuation plan suited to the establishment, number of persons and risks. Click Greystones Group to learn more. I took measurements of work environment (pollution factors fisicos-quimicos – biological) in the different jobs for the care of the health of workers. I thought that if I have standards and safe work procedure, increase productivity. I focus the activities with ergonomic criteria to each activity. With regard to electrical installations, they are appropriate according to the SAA regulations and do not represent any risk for people.

I have bathrooms and locker rooms yLas facilities found in terms of use and sufficient number of workers. I carry forward a plan of surveys or internal audits of facilities and activities. The provision of drinking water, is provided throughout the working day. If I have industrial drains, I try them according to the processes and periodically analyze the degree of pollution to the environment. Machine tools, elevators, hoists, equipment subjected to pressure, receive the control and maintenance. I inspect periodically the status and conditions of operation with competent staff. Record and maintain all documentation updated about the actions carried out in the previous points. As you can see, they are several aspects to take into account at the time of relieve part of the existing legal framework. The objective of the above, which goes hand in hand with permanent preventive actions which can be carried out by professionals and technicians, is to preserve the health of the worker, even its own facilities and third-party. Lic.