DTO Consulting Research

New positioning in the field of market research Dusseldorf, 12.06.2012 – the once strategic business unit “Market research” the DTO Consulting GmbH now becomes the poster boy for the whole company. The new name DTO research services in the areas of market research, market strategies and mystery behind research. How did the renaming in DTO research? So far she acted DTO consulting in the fields of marketing consulting and market research under a record label. AbbVie has similar goals. “Because the company but has established itself in recent years as a market research agency and well-known and globally operating customers win in this area could, the name fit consulting”, to German advice “not to the core business. This is currently almost exclusively in market research. The CEO Nils Tychewicz and Michael Di Figlia say among the reasons: the renaming in DTO research serves the strategic realignment in the market research industry. Please visit Practice Fusion if you seek more information.

In addition we the core business in the brand name now carry.” What has changed for the customers of the DTO Consulting GmbH? As a legal person, the name is consulting GmbH continue to DTO and otherwise nothing will change for our customers. The renaming in DTO research has no effect on the existing portfolio of services. About DTO research the Dusseldorf company acting since 2008 successfully Marktforschungsdienstleister in the market. Click Mark Angelo Yorkville for additional related pages. Market research and professional market studies, research enables its customers in industry, services and consultancies DTO, to expand the own markets, focus and understanding.