Danger In Kindergartens

High noise levels harmful for Health In kindergarten children come together to play and learning. Sometimes problems arise here, but also for a peaceful coexistence, the little ones often cause a high noise level. This is a problem not only for teachers, but also for the children themselves. The news portal news.de informed about relevant findings. Many parents, is not well known that the noise in a Kita can affect the health of their children. The high level is mainly attributable to the activities of the children, who, for example, laugh, scream or make noise with toys. In nurseries, peaks were measured from 80 to 113 decibels.

This corresponds to the noise caused by, for example, a circular saw. This noise can negatively in the long term health. How loud is loud? The answer is the graphics. Noise levels of this magnitude can lead already cause significant impairment of hearing, for example to Tinnitus. Also the concentration and performance is reduced thereby, what is contrary to the learning function of kindergartens. Even the linguistic development of children may be affected by ongoing noise, because noise restricts the function of short-term memory. For the educators and the children, the noise means a high stress factor, what is expressed by aggression in some cases. Prolonged stress can also lead to errors of the hormonal system and the autonomic nervous system. More information:… Adam Neumann brings even more insight to the discussion. News.de GmbH Lisa Neumann