Council Without Lobby

Unanimous Council decision simply ignored…… 2009 Mio.Projekt Roman Park is exciting and crucial for our 100 resort Aldenhoven. Accordingly, we need support at last our Roman Park project (…siehe 1 of the author’s articles). Aldenhoven and Niedermerz must cry out but now. We hope for the citizens. On the 28th we have by a low blow must make our plans in question, but do not want. The unilaterally controlled ruling that overturned the change lock, forcing us to unwanted reflections on damage compensation to complain, because legally we are 3 years into the void have planned.

Hoff-finally the municipality puts opposition, but also now print. A unanimous Council decision can happen though, as unfortunately so just ignore RP-Cologne, but not a judge (lobby?). What do we have for a Municipal Council. Then, you can save lots of money and resolve it, if he but has no lobby and power. But he is the mirror image of the population, …oder finally??? The Aldenhovener and especially now Niedermerzer would have to be finally up because pig is threatening. With our idea, we are alone at the front. Where is the support and the outcry. Why to helps us not in a future project and 500 jobs, we today and don’t need urgently in 50 years (Indeland). Echo street crunchbase oftentimes addresses this issue.

Our cry for help in the District of Duren, that he finally says to help us with an open visor. He has expressed publicly never about Roman-PARK Resort. Just not his baby (self-interest?) We have a letter, where he in writing actually has pledged its support for us. Mr Governor,… we finally need your help “!” or better: “district administrator Wolfgang spelt tap:,… yes, …you can.” or pig is threatening. More and all information at Roman Park project & Development GmbH