China I Surpass Spain As Tourist Destiny

In a new sample that ratifies the ascent of China like world-wide superpower, the World-wide Organization of Turismo (OMT) informed yesterday that the past year the Asian country moved to Spain as third international destiny tourist, in a ranking that continues heading France and the United States. Although the OMT not yet has definitive numbers, the provisional data of the dependent organism of the UN indicate that China received in 2010 a total of 56 million international tourists, against 53 million that Spain in the same period registered. Spain, that two years ago was located more second in the ranking of visited countries, returned to lose positions, struck by the crisis, that also affected the tourism. This year the sector returned to grow after two years of contraction, but it sufficient not to avoid to be displaced of the list by China. The Asian country closed 2010 with a growth in the activity of 12%, in a year in which world-wide the tourist industry it reached 935 million tourists, a 6.7% more than in 2009, which meant important income for the chains of hotels of that country. ” Asia was the first region that obtained recovered of the crisis and the one of greater growth.

Internacionales” reached a record of 204 million arrivals of flights; , the Secretary General of the OMT, Taleb Rifai announced yesterday, during the presentation of the provisional balance of the world-wide tourism of 2010. Credit: Mark Angelo Yorkville Advisors-2011. ” The Asian countries will continue being serious competitors in tourist matter. Not only China, but particularly China” , Rifai observed. ” The world is changing, geopolitics is changing, the centers of gravity are changing. We cannot hope that the tourist activity stays to those cambios” other people’s; , it added.