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Tredition-Verlag GmbH, Hamburg

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Publisher: tredition GmbH, Hamburg, and his book author: Jutta Schutz Speyer June 12, 2009 – most publishers shy away from risk, unknown authors to build and support and it is to translate books from abroad to still cheaper. The conventional publishing routine remains so simply closed the majority of new authors. It is very difficult without agents or relations to a Publisher interested in the manuscript of an anonymous writer\”to wake up. And if you got lucky and gets a contract sent to, you should study it very carefully. As an unknown author to make very, very little. We’re talking about 3 8% per book sale. Many publishers decide title, cover and content.

At the end, it no longer is the book that you actually wanted to bring in the people. So, the author was Jutta Schutz also long looking after a publishing company could realize their personal visions for the book design. It was not with this very sensitive topic of transsexuality\”, also easy to find a Publisher with courage on this issue. Jutta Schutz long searched the Internet for a suitable Publisher and found the tredition-Verlag\”, which was founded in 2007 in Hamburg by a young team from the IT and publishing industries. New authors have the opportunity to publish their works in principle free of charge. You must be but from the outset, aware of the fact that basic knowledge and technical requirements in the electronic text processing must be present.

An eBook, print-book or even audio-book with your own cover design and ISBN number arises so quickly. Comprehensive tools help in the professional design of book manuscript and cover and illustrators, proofreaders, Audiobook narrator and translator can work together on a work and participate in the success. All in all a Publisher, of the new and unknown authors offers a chance to publish their literary work.