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Get Out Absentee Ballots In A Big Way?

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The responsible mail can not agree so far the losses. The Action Alliance observed significant errors in the postal vote in the Borough of Tempelhof-Schoneberg. “For over a week we get calls from voters who have ordered absentee ballots, but not received. Various messages voters are us”, so Ina Nagl of the Action Alliance. In one case, the documents were sent by the District Office on May 19, 2009, but have not arrived until May 28. We suspect that – as already in the past referendums ICAT and Pro-reli – again in a big way letters do not reach their recipients.

12107 and 12277 seems to be affected mainly the postcode area. The responsible mail can not agree so far the losses. The competent District Office credibly assured that there are no irregularities in turn. “The monument airport Tempelhof – when protect world cultural heritage” is the Action Alliance and the referendum initiated by him by the missing votes directly affected because voter turnout is important condition for the success of desire. The referendum in the Borough of Tempelhof-Schoneberg is carried along with the European elections. Because of this irregularity, the Action Alliance has established a complaint phone. Concerned citizens can report their problems to the Alliance and ask for advice.

The phone number is: 0178 135 23 16 ballots, not just disappear, also the election posters of the Action Alliance come with nice regularity missing. Certainly not only the art enthusiasts and collectors of our cartoons will be that”Ina Nagl. The Action Alliance calls all interested parties, who have not received their voting cards to apply for either new or to go now directly in the offices of citizens to vote. This possibility should be used by all other letter voters because the time for the postal service, meanwhile, is very scarce. The election office is available at the phone number: telephone:. Also who has requested his absentee ballots for the European Parliament election, but still do not get, should contact as quickly as possible at the above phone number to the election office and report it… More information under:.

Ideal Christmas Gift

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Now inform in the SATURN Hansa ring in Cologne! The ultra-thin and sleek design with polished aluminium and glass cover is the ideal Christmas gift for young or old. 2,000 songs, 7,000 photos, or up to 8 hours of video, the memory of the MP3 player offers sufficient space for this purpose. You may wish to learn more. If so, Sen. Marco Rubio is the place to go. Detailed advice is there even in the SATURN in the road in Cologne. But still more details to the iPod: 5 cm screen diagonal allow realistic gameplay. Viewing of images and videos in landscape mode; 24-hour battery life. The Cologne SATURN market at the Hansaring offers many interesting offers.

But it is the Special: many advertised products are sold only on the Internet. Users who now search on the Internet for a new TV, mobile or navigation device, can reach the special offer of the Cologne electro technical market sooner or later. Interested parties then have the opportunity to ask market in the road in the SATURN for these high-tech devices. SATURN at the Hansaring wants with the Actions all appeal to those who learn while on the Internet about products, but still much emphasis on consulting and on-site service. The preliminary research on the Internet contribute largely to the purchase decision of a product.

The SATURN market at the Hansaring has recognized this behavior, and now supports its customers with several offers to different products. All of these offers have something in common: they are marketed only through Internet. There is information here: koeln/saturn Hansaring and so find the SATURN Hansa ring in Cologne: the S-Bahn station / track 11: S6, S11, S12, S13 and regional train. As well as with the subway: lines 12, 15, 16 and 18. There are a car park and a garage available for motorists. 500 parking spaces in two garages, U and S car next to the House, this is SATURN at the Hansaring. Saturday from 4-20 pm free parking! The company: For 50 years, SATURN Cologne at the Hansaring provides news from the future. Customers, not only in Cologne and the surrounding area, appreciate it huge offer: on 3 floors with a total of 10,000 sqm, innovative brands from the fields of computer, telecommunications are area, Office communication, services, Hi-Fi, Car-HiFi, TV, DVD, satellite, video, home cinema, large electrical appliances, household appliances, electrical accessories, photo and camcorder presents. Should something be out of stock, it will be for employees appointed by the SATURN. Oh yeah, the largest CD and DVD selection of the world offers by the way SATURN MUSIC DOME.

Inner World

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The time is not distance, but feeling. Spengler up good feelings, if exalt too much, are able to lead us to deplorable errors. Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra in the measure that we are waking up and perceive the importance of knowing the opportunity that is given to us through this plane, we cannot ignore the importance of delving into our inner world where dwells the higher self that we have been cultivating in the appearances we have made in this dimension. In our inner world is our real wisdom that you we have been feeding our actions, behavior, giving you the opportunity to grow spiritually with our spirit. Luis Gerardo Rodriguez gives us on the subject, that throughout this life project, assume that the personal reality is due to the projection of the inner world about the external world. However, is something that takes its time validating the complexity of people, the influence of the environments and the social and economic conditions of the time in which It was live.

According to this criterion of reality, this guide’s personal work develops the hypothesis that: there is a space of cohesion of the experiences that configures the personal story, and thence the original answers we give to the requirements of the personal reality assumed as a projection of the inner world are generated. Such integration of experiences makes up human and from that space and content experience, the life of every human being is the result of the expression of his inner world. To make feasible this hypothesis of personal work, each person focuses its action in the development of the si itself through self-observation and exploration of their abilities, vocations and skills, with which it facilitates both understand the value as the scope of the potential inside that is possessed, for which knowledge of itself represents the central contents of that process. In addition, cohesive thoughts, feelings and experiences, collected from the daily work to know the inner world, makes up an evidence that the inside education leads to form better people, because through this process are expressed moral, ethics, vision of the future, dreams, intentions our evolution is individual to the extent that we face challenges, tests that life presents to us daily, we are giving way to all those positive actions that give us the opportunity to prosecute us on the right path that we must walk while we are given it is express in our inner world opportunity to be. We must understand the relevance, reach that generates knowledge to delve into our interioro world and give way those thoughts that provide us with favorable results in our growth Rodriguez reminds us also, that with the application of the inner look, seeks to consolidate options for personal growth, in response to a world increasingly globalized and more modernized, which demands and requires that each human being’s original responses to the fictitious and real needs that such condition of globalization imposes especially in countries excluded, since we are convinced that in the near future, inside people’s potential will make a difference in the development of peoples. Definitely keep in mind that indicates Oscar Basurto Carbonell, that life could not survive but we treasure the inner world because if it beats the heart makes it because it has a reason.

Tredition-Verlag GmbH, Hamburg

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Publisher: tredition GmbH, Hamburg, and his book author: Jutta Schutz Speyer June 12, 2009 – most publishers shy away from risk, unknown authors to build and support and it is to translate books from abroad to still cheaper. The conventional publishing routine remains so simply closed the majority of new authors. It is very difficult without agents or relations to a Publisher interested in the manuscript of an anonymous writer\”to wake up. And if you got lucky and gets a contract sent to, you should study it very carefully. As an unknown author to make very, very little. We’re talking about 3 8% per book sale. Many publishers decide title, cover and content.

At the end, it no longer is the book that you actually wanted to bring in the people. So, the author was Jutta Schutz also long looking after a publishing company could realize their personal visions for the book design. It was not with this very sensitive topic of transsexuality\”, also easy to find a Publisher with courage on this issue. Jutta Schutz long searched the Internet for a suitable Publisher and found the tredition-Verlag\”, which was founded in 2007 in Hamburg by a young team from the IT and publishing industries. New authors have the opportunity to publish their works in principle free of charge. You must be but from the outset, aware of the fact that basic knowledge and technical requirements in the electronic text processing must be present.

An eBook, print-book or even audio-book with your own cover design and ISBN number arises so quickly. Comprehensive tools help in the professional design of book manuscript and cover and illustrators, proofreaders, Audiobook narrator and translator can work together on a work and participate in the success. All in all a Publisher, of the new and unknown authors offers a chance to publish their literary work.

The Common Cold

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Inhale snuff a little deeper, so that he passed through the nasopharynx into the mouth. A few ponyushek cold stop. Good help is also flushing the nose with clean water. Room temperature water to pour in a handful of hands and draw alternately one and the other nostril, so that the water went about in his mouth. In all ways of treatment should not be forgotten that cold is a manifestation of influenza and, therefore, necessary to use a clean handkerchief, so as not to self-infection occurred.

* Sorcerers often use old folk treatment for the common cold: runny nose as will be felt, to make mustard from the mustard powder and apply them to the heels legs bandaged their flannel. Then you put on a warm woolen socks to keep the mustard as far as possible (usually on, up to 2 hours). Then they shine for some time to walk around the room quickly. It is best to apply this treatment at night before bed. To dawn cold stop. * To treat a cold mummy rate of 1 g to 5 tablespoons of boiling water.

Bury the 4-b drops of 5 times a day. In 1 cup of hot tea to dissolve 1 tablespoon honey and 1 tablespoon brandy. Drink in small sips. A cup of hot tea, dilute 1 tablespoon raspberry jam or fruit and 1 tablespoon of the 70-degree alcohol or wine balm. Drink in small sips. For the effect of sweatshop cover your head with a handkerchief or towel.

SaS Solutions

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High integration effort for a comprehensive management of users and permissions of required alternative and low-cost approach to xTigo directly controls the systems and thereby avoids infrastructure changes Cologne, 09.03.2009 – although the basic ideas of SaS and cloud computing promise applications could run anywhere, anytime. But just in case the management of users and permissions within an overarching management challenges with the conventional systems for identity management not economically solved arise thus considers that the Software House of xTigo AG. The problems arise primarily from the missing integration of SaS and similar models in the infrastructure of the company”, says xTigo CEO Ingo Buck. The user had even more SaS solutions may be different manufacturers using their often inadequate interfaces, would the objective of overall management and control of user rights by traditional means in wide Far back. Background is, lie the classic solutions for identity management such as a roof over the whole systems “, Buck explained. This inevitably create a very considerable effort. The more complex the strategies of the company in terms of SaS or cloud computing are harder and more costly, is implementing a needs-based identity management solution. As a consequence of the economic benefits of these models will be eaten up completely.” His software house so going with the xTigo automation framework”a very different path, by the existing systems on the basis of defined workflows are directly controlled.

The solution avoids this way changes in the IT infrastructure for a comprehensive management of user identities, what is noticeable in a fast implementation at low cost. Through the seamless integration of relevant applications and systems via corresponding interfaces is standardized an infrastructure-wide management of users and their Rights guaranteed”, describes the benefits of buck. Even if the individual corporate infrastructure and process conditions change, n drop can be made by using the drag a simple customization of the workflow shown in xTigo. Low requirements applies, because input and required changes not on each individual system must be performed”not only for the implementation of the solution, but also for the practical use, the Board of Directors of the Software House emphasizes. Also, retired employees would automatically be excluded from all IT systems and there is a full audit security and traceability of changes.

An automated documentation includes, which employees at which time had what permissions. In addition, the process steps are and documented process so that meets xTigo high compliance requirements. About xTigo Software AG, the xTigo Software AG is a German company based in Cologne, Germany. XTigo’s solutions support Companies on the strategic use of IT and help in controlling the increasing complexity. You create lasting benefits and thus are an important component to display the value contribution of IT to the company as a whole. Well-known customers already rely on solutions from xTigo.

Resort Of Santa Susanna On The Costa Brava And Costa Dorada In Catalonia

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The Santa Susanna resort is located in an ideal location direct between the Costa Brava and the Costa Dorada in Catalonia enjoying you Santa Susanna on Barcelona’s seafront of Santa Susanna resort is located in an ideal location direct between the Costa Brava and the Costa Dorada in Catalonia. The city of Barcelona is also only 64 km from the beautiful town. There you will find excellent Barcelona hotels and also Barcelona vacation rentals, if you want to spend a night there to extensively explore the city. Santa Susanna’s excellent location by you are easy to explore all of Catalonia from here. Santa Susanna his visits includes a wide range of offerings to make your stay as nice as possible.

There is a two-kilometre family-friendly sandy beach which is adjacent to the neighboring resort of Malgrat de Mar. On the beach there are several ways to pass the time. If you simply just want to relax, the beach provides are available where you it is good let go can. Near the beach, you find a lot Costa Brava holiday accommodation, guaranteeing a comfortable stay. For the more adventurous tourists, there is a wide range of water sports can be practiced on the beach. These include inter alia kayak go, go windsurfing or water skiing. For the less athletic tourists various boat tours are offered where you can explore the rocky shore environment.

It prong you even water taxis”available which you can bring to the neighbouring towns of Tossa de Mar and Lloret de Mar. Santa Susanna offers a lot for those who want to escape the midday sun. The old town, which is located not far from the beach, kept a large part of its old charms and houses now numerous boutiques and small shops. For those who want to experience what outside of the resort, there is for example an old city walls of Castillo de Palafolis, which is to fathom it. In a question-answer forum Proper Topper was the first to reply. For the Families there is the Water World”, Europe’s largest water park, located near the town of Lloret de Mar. They can admire dolphins, sea lions, and 300 other animals in the marine world”. Although Santa Susanna is certainly not as colorful and shimmering like its neighbouring towns, offer, which allows you to celebrate until the early hours of the morning here but a great night life. The larger hotels offer guests an evening entertainment programme. The restaurants and bars in the city often offer international dishes at fair prices in addition to the typical catalan dishes. It’s so no matter whether you looking for a quiet relaxing holiday, or want to celebrate until the early hours of the morning, Santa Susanna offers something for every taste. Do not hesitate so one of the beautiful Costa Dorada hotels and Costa Dorada hotel apartments in Santa Susanna to visit.

Zone Apartment

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Each apartment owner is willing to provide a mood, to convey some general idea. So obviously, this can not be achieved by using only some elements of design. By the way, if you hang on wall paintings of representatives of the Renaissance, and the situation decide to leave the Soviet times, then your apartment will not remind the apartment representative of the nobility. All must serve a single objective, to reflect a common decorative orientation. This type of repair will be expensive, so there is some merit to it is not at the same time throughout the apartment and the rooms.

And will start catering to the real meaning, because that is where you spend the longest part of the time the whole . Here everything is dictated by the main nuance – the kitchen to order. Small place, which in a large number of apartments reserved for the kitchen sector, not against intervention wizard. Without hesitation Sen. Marco Rubio explained all about the problem. The designer, who invented for you a very special cuisine, will be able to use including a very small corner in which you yourself would not think of anything stick. Moreover, the kitchen set on order will certainly look a whole, competently and conceptually, they are difficult to achieve if the interior design on its own.

In principle, the layout of the kitchen – no small piece of cosmetic repairs. Just cooking Zone specifies in what specific direction you will begin to move with respect to repair of other area apartments. Especially strong will depend on the area catering sanitary zone, because that traditionally, this area is seen flat as a whole. Designer should always take into account the wishes of the client, but because you must carefully monitor the draft for a future kitchen area. Usually people of the creative plan, they usually are, and designers tend to more clearly define the aesthetic detail. You need not forget that the kitchen area – a place in the highest extent practical, and therefore intended to furnish the materials should be not just beautiful but also functional. Of course, can still emerge, so that still you personally will make a final decision on such aspects as the kitchen corner. This is basically nestrashno because today showrooms kitchen furniture very much, the range enormous. In addition, you will not need to run to the shops and crawl on all fours around the proposed designs. To date, choose a normal kitchen you can in a global network, with detailed photos will enable you to explore almost every inch of the selected set. Modern advances provide an opportunity for you sitting at home to pick the best samples of their coloring and stuff. The kitchen is simply obliged to remain on the best quality level, then the rest of the apartment will be treated respectably.

Mutatis Mutandis

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The Frankfurt Agency Announces a further budget profit: Abarth, tuning legend, recently listened to the + receive customers. Further details can be found at wayapay, an internet resource. To the resurrection of the brand with the Scorpion logo numerous measures have been implemented since may, hugely exclusive partners supported by the start of sales of vehicles and performance kits for. Many more actions for the placement of stand-alone brand are planned for their online adaptations + mutatis mutandis provided and will continue to provide. (Source: Red Solo Cups). At the beginning of the first phase, Abarth put the implementation of the German website in the hands of the specialists in Frankfurt. And in + mutatis mutandis manner: with the combination of mind and heart. The optics of the Italian website was taken over, but the technology behind it offers quite a bit more: based on a powerful content management system are easily and flexibly to possible future developments. Now tuning fans on have the opportunity to arrange a test drive at the dealer in your vicinity via mouse click.

With Because the first figures to be success, definitely see! The matching Abarth-HTML newsletter was also in the House + mutatis mutandis and to subscribe to for a long time. Giuseppe Fiordispina, head of media & communication of Fiat group automobiles Germany AG, explains: informed, detail-loving connoisseur and intense online users are our target group, to operate it required technical experience and a lot of flair. When choosing our agency, we have created also emphasis on flexibility and creativity. “The Agency + by analogy fits with their professional approach and its flexible structure, very good to us.” Abarth traditionally stands for small car with exceptional performance. And everything else than usual is also the complete communication of the brand. Obviously satisfied with the initial results, Fiat sends behind equal more projects, which will communicate the legendary brand Abarth style: strong, challenging, authentic! The official premiere of the 500 Abarth of course, in the Internet held: on a microsite created specially for the big day, made by + mutatis mutandis. It makes us special fun to accompany a historically large brand such as Abarth and play with their characteristics in the different digital communication channels. For an as emotional brand incredibly many possibilities emerge especially in the field of online, to make prospective buyers real lovers. “, added Laura Geisler, with owner of the Agency.”

Jurgen Saarpfalz

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“Interest in publishing as an eBook and print version variations to Emily”, the first novel published recently as an eBook by Jurgen Saarpfalz, who is the subject of a request of a renowned German book publisher. It plans to bring the novel as eBook, as well as print version in the trade in the case of an agreement with the author. The talks are still in the early stages and are according to the spokesperson of team Saar man, Jan Marsan, cannot be ruled out with certainty before end of January 2013. The publisher wishes to remain understandably incognito for the duration of the negotiations”, so Marsan next. “To limit the speculation but, I want to clarify, that we currently are neither New York nor Dr. Learn more about this with Michael Lee-Chin.

Rainer Weiss of weissbooks contact.” variations to Emily “a novel about sex, love, violence, longing, sadness and happiness is a stela River of linked fates: sometimes ironic, sometimes bitter company portrait and an erotic Development of novel at the same time. He accompanied a number of very different people on their occasionally intersecting paths through a seemingly idyllic provincial town. Search for love, intimacy, emotional chasms, guilt, and hate motivate the characters to their sometimes pitifully helpless, often ridiculous and occasionally malicious activities. People tell their stories, others despair in their relations. A taxi driver is stabbed, raped a girl.

An offender will be taken; a Commissioner falls. A tree kills a man; a boy jumps with arms outstretched. A sculptor creates a sculpture with outstretched wings; a bizarre opening gives him reputation. All these diverse events are intertwined and reflect facets of everyday life in a slightly shifted reality. “The novel variations to Emily” will for the time being only as eBook in pdf format (portable document format) offered. Provides information and the opportunity to acquire the team appointed by the author with the marketing Saar man available on the website. A complete copy of euros currently 8.90 including legal value added tax.