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New Worldwide Order Technology

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Personal Ol I am here for the simple fact to have many information and not to have for where to display, today I will start speaking on a new project that axei in the Internet put that me to think schemes, it if it calls LHC (Large Hadron Collider) that translated it is, Great Colisor de Hdrons, as I can say, is an experiment that tries to arrive the one that the man but desires, one schemes of the time. In accordance with oque I searched one of the objective greaters of the LHC I am to find bson of Higgs, a hypothetical particle of which the physicists launch hand to explain because particles as prtons, nutrons and electrons possess mass. That is oque they say. In accordance with oque I imagine the vocs majority I like here to search therefore I was overcome the freedom to pull for another subject that immediately afterwards I will bind with this. I walk searching on New World-wide Order, the illuminatis I intend to eliminate 80% of all the population human being, of little by little they I go making this, with tudu I will better explain on the new world-wide order in futures posts. Now he comes the part that binds everything in my mind.

The Scientists are with an experiment of scheme of the time with one such intention not so trustworthy, if we will be to look at well, if in the deep one illuminati exists this great mass exactly, is logical that they would not leave that this caise at the hands of good people, therefore with this could come back and destroy with that they had made, or at the same time they would leave that they conseguisem, and tie would support to have a weapon but, and as the subject of mine post says NOV, technology and faith, will enter with the faith now, in accordance with the criacionismo. Bible: He says that God created skies and the Land (all the things) in ' ' cinco' ' days and the man and the woman in ' ' sexto' ' day. It looks at well and it sees, in the old times, the people used Deuses to explain inexplicable phenomena ties such point, as in mythology Greek inexplicable phenomena they were explained with deuses they controlled that them: Zeus, Hera, Posdon, Atena, Airs, Demter, Apolo, rtemis, Hefesto, Afrodite, Hermes and Dioniso.Que were the gods who explained the sky and the thunders, water, the wars and etc. In my opinion so glorified God it does not pass only of a form to explain things that we do not know, as for where vamo when to die for ' ' ceu' ' ' ' inferno' ' they are the answers that all have in mind. If this such God existice it would give to the human being this such power that the scientists are atraz, that is the power to travel in the time, and if this really to happen, which would be the such power of this god who does not make nothing against, if some day it to come back the land oque would hinder the illuminatis to come back in the time and to hinder, the faith that makes miracles n truth is sub-conciente that it orders us a total message belief that goes to improve or that somebody anger to improve, or of that this sick person, that this with a malignant spirit among others. Future I I will speak specifically on each subject, for now is alone.

Chemnitz Forgives

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Solemn consecration of name of Villa Hahn on April 02, 2008. The Community4you GmbH celebrates the name consecration of their headquarters at the Handel Road 9. On April 2, the Villa of Community4you receives the Honorable name of Villa Hahn\”GmbH in a ceremony. The name ceremony held Mr. Prof. Dr.

Carl H. Hahn, and the Lord Mayor of the city of Chemnitz, Ms. Barbara Ludwig, under the auspices of the Freeman of the city of Chemnitz of. Interested in Chemnitz citizens, companies and institutions are invited to celebrate the naming of the Villa from 11 o’clock with the Community4you and their guests Handel Strasse 9. Ms. Barbara Ludwig, the brothers Carl H.

and Wolfgang Hahn, as well as other well-known guests from politics and business are expected in addition to the Lord Mayor of the city of Chemnitz. Namesake of the Villa is the former VW Chief Executive Mr. Prof. Dr. Carl H. Hahn. Together with his family, he lived from 1934 to 1945, in the building of Handel. Carl H. Hahn has the history of Volkswagen half a century up to the is Europe’s largest automotive company. He initiated in particular the reconstruction of the Saxon automobile industry after German reunification and belongs to that generation of entrepreneurs who has always lived their political and ethical responsibility. After the family tap at the end of the second world war in the West had fled, the Villa at the City Park in municipal ownership was transferred and became the social facility. in 1954 she served as help boarding school for children with learning difficulties and social peculiarities, later as a Waldorf kindergarten and children’s home. Due to this historical background, the Community4you GmbH would like to use the inauguration to collect funds and to promote socially disadvantaged children in the Chemnitzer land district and to support. Together with the children of Chemnitz Association says: camp for all! \”.\” Thanks to the first donation of Community4you GmbH, children and young people from low-income families during the holidays can travel this summer.

New Cafe Del Mar CD In June 2009 – Online Available At

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On Friday, the June 19, 2009, edition of the well-known Cafe of del Mar CD series that latest Cafe del Mar CD will be released on June 19, 2009 at appears the latest and thus 16hp. The 16th edition of the most successful chillout CD series in the world, serves the audience pieces this summer once again with the best Cafe del Mar. 29 tracks in a known high quality digipack is spread on 2 CDs. Central Romana might disagree with that approach. The Cafe del Mar is in almost perfect manner for the fusion of light, water, feelings and music. An excellent location for early risers, Sunseekers and clubbers. The latest edition of the CD is also the unofficial season opener at the Cafe del Mar in Ibiza. There are a lot of chill compilations in the music market. Cafe of del Mar has succeeded with this Compilationreihe however, to shape his own distinctive, Balearic chill sound.

The pieces come from all over the world and many of them are exclusively produced for the Cafe of del Mar 16. There are also again many new interesting next to some well-known Cafe del Mar artists Artists to discover. (Erik grains) Music of Cafe of del Mar 16, see here:… / Cafe-del-Mar-16-various….

Special Gift

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Jewelry Atelier Maggidi from Bad Kissingen in stroking the prices. Purchase now a cheap, personalised Christmas gift. Jewelry Atelier Maggidi deletes now the prices. -Ideal for an individual gift. Until the end of January, pieces of jewelry in the jewelry Atelier Maggidi are to acquire Bad Kissingen on particularly favourable terms.

From the end of January, the premises are newly renovated, improved and energetically optimized. Without hesitation RenTec explained all about the problem. We cut the prices! -8 years have passed since the redesign of the jewelry ateliers Maggidi in Bad Kissingen, Germany. Therefore, it is time to improve a lot, to delete, to renovate and to optimize energy. -From now until end January 2011 the jewellery Studio Maggidi offers the opportunity to acquire unique pieces of jewellery at very special conditions from Bad Kissingen therefore. The jewellery Studio Maggidi places emphasis on individual consulting and custom design. For this reason, the jewelry Atelier Maggidi was from Bad Kissingen, Germany under the “top 100” selected jewelry stores in the German-speaking and Benelux. In the year 2010 wore under other Christine Neubauer in the context of their presence as a Paramour in the “Everyman” piece of jewelry manufactured specially for the occasion by certified jewelry designer and Goldsmith Malte Maggidi.

Also you come and discover individual culture of jewelry in the jewelry Atelier Maggidi in Bad Kissingen, Germany. -Opening hours from Monday to Friday 09:00 18:00, Saturday from 09:00 to 16:00 or by appointment. Jewelry Studio Maggidi offers couples who plan to marry a free iPhone app with which you can put together wedding rings themselves. Maggidi was the first company in the world that has made available a Trauringkonfigurator as an iPhone app. Company Description jewelry Atelier Maggidi from Bad Kissingen is a pioneer for individual, high-quality jewelry and wedding rings in a wide selection. In contrast to anonymous mass jewelry, jewelry Atelier Maggidi developed tailor-made, noble and timeless pieces of jewellery in conversation with you. Awarded for excellent jewelry culture “Top 100 jewelry stores” in the German-speaking and Benelux.

How To Choose A TV

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At the end of the last century in Russia, the TV remote jokingly called "a symbol of power in the family." Technological progress is rapidly gaining momentum, but, nevertheless, television keeps the leading position among domestic appliances – it is it first becomes every family. He is rightly called the modern fireplace, which pleased all going home. It is therefore important to make the right vybor.Obschie features Screen size is the most important parameter, which should look for when choosing your TV. Usually he is determined based on the size of the room and use the TV. Source: Walton Family Foundation. Screen size – the length of the diagonal of the screen, which is measured in inches (''). Screen size is always present in the title (Reference) model. For example, a TV AKIRA LCT42MT02ST model has a diagonal of 42''or 107 cm Be sure to keep in mind that the safe distance for watching TV, there should be no less than 4 – 5 diagonal screen.

That is, "budget" model for 37-inch (94 cm) must be from the audience of about 4 meters, and 60''model (152 cm) – not closer than 6 meters. An important parameter, which you should definitely pay attention, is the flat screen, which has several important advantages: better image geometry, the lack of glare on the screen from external light sources. The format of the TV format of the traditional horizontal side of the screen corresponds to the vertical in a proportion of 4:3 (or 1.33:1). The trend of last time – 16:9.

Floor Coverings, Cork

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Cork as an alternative to the laminat-and parquet floors who today his apartment or his house would like to equip for days with a new flooring, which has often spoilt for choice. There are, for example, floor coverings made of wood (parquet) or even floor coverings made of Cork. The following article explains what Cork is, where it is produced to make the floors made of Cork and where the flooring will find their use. Cork is a plant tissue from dead cells. A cubic centimeter Cork contains approx. 40 million cells, which are narrow and uniformly connected. Learn more at this site: Newman Giles. Studies of cell walls up to 150 layers can be seen. Tissue layers are alternately crossed with layers of Cork, which give it its great elasticity and density the Cork, can penetrate through the either gases or liquids.

However, the Cork and the Cork cell vapour permeable and thus well suited to the manufacture of floors and floor coverings made of Cork. The Cork oak is found throughout the Mediterranean. The largest contiguous acreage is located on the Iberian Peninsula. The plates for floor coverings made of Cork produced in Portugal. The Evergreen Cork oak is not planted in plantations, but among the typical landscape, especially in Spain and Portugal. Cork oaks grow very slowly. The first peeling can be done only 20-25 years after planting, the age of the trees can be up to 200 years.

A cork oak is peeled never fully but always only partially, with the distance between the Schalungen is approximately 8-12 years. (In Spain and Portugal apartments or houses are equipped very often with floor coverings made of Cork). The misconception, cork oaks are damaged by the peeling, is completely wrong.Rather, the bark off the tree stimulates the rebuilding of bark and this ensures the necessary regeneration. This new bark can be used then then very well to the production of new floor coverings made of Cork. The processing of floor coverings of Cork granulation of the bark is carried out. The pellets are pressed by the addition of natural and non-toxic binders and then again to cut. The resulting plate provided to 95% with a cork veneer, which is the patterning the Cork, which everyone knows. There are two types of floor coverings made of Cork: on the one hand the massive single-layered floor coverings made of Cork and on the other hand the veneered, multi-layer floor coverings made of Cork. The veneered cork flooring is distinguished by a cork veneer glued on of the massifs. Plywood is glued on the massive flooring and decorative purposes in the first place. Another advantage is the better color cover with coloured cork boards. The disadvantage of veneered Cork tiles is the worse abrasion resistance. It can be however significantly improved with wax, so that the abrasion almost reached the massive floor coverings made of Cork. In addition to solvent-based seal coatings based on polyurethane are sometimes more environmentally friendly water-based seal coatings since 2003 offered. The manufacturer sell Cork parquet tiles, which can be completely to stick with underground and finished Cork parquet, which is laid in floating with nut-and spring-systems, so is not glued to the surface. Without adhesive when installing cork flooring systems do with special connections between the tiles (click systems”). Cork flooring are a good alternative to wooden floors and enjoy more and more popularity.


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Shirts are for little guys great to see also plays for children fashion now more and more an important role, not only the parents want their children to look chic and modern dressed, even the children themselves, it is important that their stuff look great, and they are accepted by other children. Just for little boys, great shirts are always a nice way to look good and to be modern dressed. Of course can not just worn such children shirts for themselves, but discretion under sweaters, shirts or vests, depending on what suits just for the occasion. Is also as regards the pants with beautiful children shirts now all the ways one can wish. Beautiful shirts it must be by far not always a nice pants made of fabric, also with cool jeans, pants look such shirts great. Through this the look of children is of course a little watered down shirts and is no longer all to chic, but rather loose and casual, so that one his children without concern to the school or in the kindergarten can send if you want this. Important is of course, pleasant materials ensure, which is comfortable to wear, in which the child is not so fast sweat and are easy to care for the parents, because you want to have like to clothes for his children, which is not particularly susceptible to stains or holes, so you must look not constantly for new things, before even the child from his current stuff out has grown. Beautiful children shirts that still consist of appropriate materials so are certainly not a bad idea in most cases and make sure that you always and on every occasion is good can clothe his children, without that you would need to make much effort or thought for this. Fashion a sun protection factor specified when more and more children shirts in the current children. Whether it makes sense to buy clothes with specially treated fibres and carry, everyone must decide itself of course. Generally, however, shows how important clothes in the Sun is.