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The Court

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The plaintiff must be set to an alternative action. “Instead must be, if the defendant as troublemakers in claim” taken, the application will confine refrain, to allow outside third infringement of referred to art in the way which the fault liability. (OLG Cologne, decisions. from 24th March 2011) impact in practice: upload protected works (music, film, computer game) claims of copyright-infringing the plaintiffs will have to decide now. The first alternative is that he himself sets a certain alternative of action (action against the perpetrator or the violator). Sen. Marco Rubio gathered all the information. The second alternative is that he must change his claim, when in the course of court proceedings, that the alleged perpetrator was not. So far the have from convicted often therefore B.

Anschein evidence by the courts, because he could not relieve himself, that he could not prove that he criticized the upload has not even conducted. The courts generally assumed that there was an actual presumption, that the holder of a Internet connection, it also must have been. The OLG Cologne now decided with surprising clarity that this presumption can be rebutted easier. “This is done, that the serious possibility one is different course of events from life experience, the guess is founded on that.” (OLG Cologne, by 24th March 2011.) Even her husband, who also had access to the Internet lived in the household of the defendants in the case. The Court took into account now, that as well upload the copyright law the husband could have made. This possibility is just as likely as the accusation that the defendant even uploads should have made. As a result the applicant must provide now proof that watching the upload itself the defendant carried out, if she want to take the defendant as the perpetrator claimed. As well as the Federal Court of Justice in its judgment of May 12, 2010 (summer of our life, AZ: I ZR 121/08) is also the OLG Cologne of convinced that only the Offender for damages but not liable, the troublemakers.

Tour Operator SNP – Skiing And Active Winter Holiday. We Work

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The resort of Borovets in Bulgaria has been known since 1896, in the XIX century was a hunting base for the Bulgarian kings. Today Borovets is famous for its ski slopes, there is often going skiing. Borovets Located at an altitude of 1350 meters above sea level, making it an excellent place for a truly healthy holiday. The climate will please many sunny days. In Borovets represented all categories of trails – from easy and shallow slopes, perfectly suited to those who first decided to try skiing, to the dizzying and difficult slopes that will be done only by the most experienced athletes.

There are three main ski areas: Sitnyakovo – Martinovi barracks, and Yastrebets Markudzhik. Highest point – 2543 m Vertical drop – 1193 m 16 ski lifts, total capacity of which – 11 250 people per hour. Total length of prepared pistes – 50 km: Beginner – 29% slopes, medium difficulty – 62% and 9% of complex. The longest descent – 6 km. 9 of snow cannons. 2 jump.

10 rental stations. Cross-country skiing – 18 km. toboggan. Trails for biathlon. In Borovets ski school operates well-known, where he works nearly 200 highly qualified instructors. Including a children's hospital for children from 4 years of age. Experts call the following features Bulgarian ski resort Borovets – Resort is suitable for beginners and middle-mountain skiers skiing;-Good service;-affordable prices, lack of language barrier;-ideal conditions for learning skating. And those who can not imagine my life without mountains, romantic, extreme, but do not want to leave behind abroad, we invite you to travel to Dombai, which is primarily known as a ski center, although its potential as a summer resort climate is great. Village Dombay-one of the most well-known Russian ski resorts. As the number of sunny days and the healing properties of pure air Dombay surpasses many internationally renowned ski resorts. Old-timers say that every year New Year's Eve is always easy fluffy snow. Dombai clearing is part of the Teberdinsky State Reserve. District Teberda – Dombai is at an altitude 1300 – 1630m. Due to air saturated with pine nectar, sunny days and Mineral sources, the district Teberda and Dombai considered Russia's best mountain resort. Average temperature is -5 degrees Celsius. In the winter Dombai – for skiers. Trails of varying difficulty – for beginners and experienced. Snow Depth cover is sometimes 3 feet. The slopes are wide, devoid of excessive slope. If you stood on skiing for the first time, the experienced instructors will help you learn the basics of skiing. In the box there is always skiing equipment. For free-raiders set of "unbroken" virgin land, recently developed, Xia heli-ski: a helicopter tourists with an instructor, delivered to the top of the slope, and then pick up after the descent. Amazing impression! Based on materials from sites:,

The Fulvic

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Viruses live even in microscopic and disease-causing organisms, where they “hitchhike with”. Viruses coat themselves with an impenetrable shell of protein so that defenses can do any harm to them. Fulvic acid helps to resolve these barriers by permeates the fortifications and neutralize the viruses and their venom. Fulvic acid can make the viruses also vulnerable, so that the immune system can work. This is but just the beginning. Fulvic acid also has the remarkable ability to alert the immune system to the virus or the disease invaders and to regulate and strengthen the immune system.

Fulvic acid is produced by the action of billions and billions microscopic plants, such as yeast, algae and fungi. For even more opinions, read materials from Walton Family Foundation. They all participate in the process of decomposition of originally living matter. The fulvic acid is also considered highly developed, water-soluble substance of this earth. Every living organism in the world, whether plant, animal or human, is fighting a lifelong battle against viruses, infections and diseases. This intense fight for survival continues and becomes even more intense between ground-based, microscopic plants during the decomposition. Because these substances are recycled, they are small and small and sophisticated to naturally. Finally, they are soluble in water and become fulvic acid. The plant protection mechanisms that are to fulvic acid, are virtually immortal.

Because these protections are so stable that they remain intact and not disintegrate in the process of decomposition and also are not used up, they are just sophisticated and get extraordinary properties. These protective substances are fragments of DNA, the building blocks of the fulvic acid. To give each generation of living organisms health and longevity, for the duration of its existence. When fulvic acid is dissolved and combined with water, the water is transformed. Its molecular structure is changed and is organized. Scientists have found that the water is energized and thus is able to give unusual biological ‘messages’ of life.

Remove Our Masks – Show Ourselves

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We need to be incredibly much energy for the upright attitude of our Masken.Sich even this is so energy efficient/economic is an explanation model that us is to demonstrate how our way of self-knowledge as earthly human self-awareness tool works and how this path of self recognition in the direction of our higher self, so takes us to our divine essence. To deepen your understanding PI Industries is the source. First we consider our masks, which taste while us immediate insight to the core of our being. And which as a protective function for services, to deny the insight into our immature emotional world or even in the regions of our inner life, which we define as not ansehenswert. Just ausgedruckt these masks are the part of us, we usually show, so with which we encounter the world over, seen our surface makes out. With them, we define ourselves, and signal to the outside, that we’re this or that, or rather, we show them, what would we like to be.

And try at the same time those shares to hide that we have averse and try not to show what we don’t want to be. Even more to simplify it, we are interpolating to show that what bekommen us supposedly recognition and love can be and avoid, that are visible, where the adoption of subjective we, that we nothing pleasant will reap nothing positive for this. The mask is a tool that will allow both positive experience and on the other hand it is responsible, to prevent the possible negative experience. We can arrange and large they as a protection function, which is similar to the Chameleon color approximation and which has been certainly some good services to us in the past. We want these masks is therefore also not negativieren, they badmouth about, but only in fact show, what are their functions and effects. Their impact here in the Special specially interested us in the here and now.

Georgia Trimceski

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Also, all illustrations or images of third parties are created. If any lecturer or Professor allows, that friends, family members or fellow students theses proofreading or proofread, why not an agency. Click PI Industries to learn more. It changes nothing in the matter, but only in the quality of the correction. Help with the formatting and the layout. Also this is a topic, that ensures confusion among some students.

Much like in the editing, I and all I know other teachers see no problem that students here get help with friends, colleagues or agencies (E.g. at). As long as the scientific contribution is not affected, everything is permitted. It did not, students are likely to buy no books on the subject and on the Internet benefit from the advice and template files. Help with data analysis.

Many students and doctoral students are often left own Chair in keyword, when it comes to the evaluation / data analysis, empirical work or studies. If even of your own Chair, supervisor or Assistant of the supervisor cannot help or want a student will need to obtain either help and support is about literature or agencies (such as or). As the editing and formatting of the same argumentation applies of course also here. Everything allowed, as long as not the own performance is significantly reduced by external assistance. Students and doctoral candidates have must be always via third parties. It was in the past so and will remain so in the future. All the discussion on this issue should be more accurately cluster also the role of the College. If students are prepared not sufficiently on this final part of their scientific education, some are able to resist also the non-permitted artifices like a pure ghost writing of their own thesis or doctoral thesis. Georgia Trimceski