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Legal Compliance

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Among other regulatory aspects at national level, the health and safety at work Act establishes the minimum conditions to be completed in work environments. We can mention a number of items which facilitates and guides in general aspects. We can start our own questionnaire with the first big question, story with a service of safety and hygiene according to the legislation. In terms of occupational medicine service. I have the same according to the framework regulatory personnel training, I have incorporated and carry forward an annual plan dedicated to the staff according to the risks inherent in the activity. I assign the elements of personal protection (E.P.P) to the team.

The space where development activity is duly protected with fixed and mobile installations according to the risk of fire. I have developed an emergency and evacuation plan suited to the establishment, number of persons and risks. Click Greystones Group to learn more. I took measurements of work environment (pollution factors fisicos-quimicos – biological) in the different jobs for the care of the health of workers. I thought that if I have standards and safe work procedure, increase productivity. I focus the activities with ergonomic criteria to each activity. With regard to electrical installations, they are appropriate according to the SAA regulations and do not represent any risk for people.

I have bathrooms and locker rooms yLas facilities found in terms of use and sufficient number of workers. I carry forward a plan of surveys or internal audits of facilities and activities. The provision of drinking water, is provided throughout the working day. If I have industrial drains, I try them according to the processes and periodically analyze the degree of pollution to the environment. Machine tools, elevators, hoists, equipment subjected to pressure, receive the control and maintenance. I inspect periodically the status and conditions of operation with competent staff. Record and maintain all documentation updated about the actions carried out in the previous points. As you can see, they are several aspects to take into account at the time of relieve part of the existing legal framework. The objective of the above, which goes hand in hand with permanent preventive actions which can be carried out by professionals and technicians, is to preserve the health of the worker, even its own facilities and third-party. Lic.

Indirect Dispossession

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The Indirect Dispossession is the administrative answer for the State if it appropriate private property without observing the requirements of the previous indemnity. For if dealing with a legitimated action for article 33 of the law decree 3,365/41, an institute became that with diverse effect and of dbia nature, for not being clearly is an action of personal or real character. The objective of this study is to carry through a literature revision on the nature and the respective effect of the indirect dispossession in the legal system. It was used methodology through a descriptive study, carried through through the Hermeneutic Pair (Giddens), in the form of qualitative jurisprudence analysis. Phil Jensen has much to offer in this field. Word-key: Indirect dispossession, Legal Effect, Procedural Nature. The indirect expropriation is that by which the administrative state appropriates good without observing the requirements of the declaration and prior compensation. It is legitimate action to under Article 33 of Decree Law 3.365/41, became an institute with various effects and dubious nature because it is not to clear to whether it is an act of personal or real. The aim of this study is review of literature on the nature and effects of to their indirect expropriation in legal.

We used the methodology through descriptive study, conducted through the double hermeneutic (Giddens), in the form of qualitative analysis of jurisprudence. Key words: Indirect Expropriation, Legal effects, Nature process. According to professor Pablo Stolze Gagliano: ‘ ‘ The dispossession is an institute of public law, established in the constitutional law and regulated by the administrative law, but with consequence in the civil law, for determining the loss of property of the property, in unilateral way, with the exception of previous and the joust indention.’ ‘. The dispossession constitutes a way of obligatory transference, forced, of the property, the private ownership or the domain of another inferior public entity of degrees, for the Public Administration or its concessionaires.

Legal Instruments

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In such sense, the rights in some cases are established in legal instruments or other sources of the right, to which we must resort to have complete approaches of the right, and therefore, to consider that the same is not only legislation, since this one is well-known by the legal experts, which according to the doctrine is the turned ones in laws and in any case this term as it is legal expert is not just as the term lawyer or jurist but first it is a pejorative term, thus is assimilated to a type of insult if a lawyer or jurist says themselves to it to, but considering that in the Peruvian right the right is developed barely it is clear that in the same not only they exist but the legal experts abound. 50. The CORPORATIVE RIGHT IS a BRANCH OF the ENTERPRISE RIGHT the corporative right is a branch of the enterprise right, which must be considered at the time of studying these branches of the right, nevertheless, this little is known in the Peruvian right, and it even is confused them causing a series of complications at the time of applying the enterprise right, that is to say, these subjects must be known by all, nevertheless, they do not know many them, and all the lawyers must know them, to have solids knowledge on the introduction to straight, that in certain or some part briefly studies each one of the branches of the right, nevertheless, we have not had at sight any work of this legal discipline in which the branch of the denominated right studies straight corporative. Other branches of the right like for example civil, constitutional, procedural, administrative, registry, notarial, customs, tributary, mercantile the right exist, among others, nevertheless, these last ones but are known in our means and the foreign and compared right, which has allowed its greater development. That is to say, all the branches of the right do not reach the same development and this happens in all the states, and the same branch of the right does not even find the same development in all the countries. For example the compared right reaches major development in France and Spain that in the Peruvian state.

And this even happens in the methods, for that reason we must need that the economic analysis of the right finds major development in the United States of North America that in the Peruvian state. 51. STRAIGHT COMPARED BETWEEN EDUCATION OF THE RIGHT ENTERPRISE AND EDUCATION OF the CORPORATIVE RIGHT the education of the enterprise right is not just as the one of the corporative right thus we must distinguish them, in first it offers little space to the stock-exchange right and to the international right, which does not happen in the second case, for that reason is that the corporative stock-exchange right is taught in the corporative right and the corporative international right. And another substantial difference this in which in first almost it is not taught as a company can reach great dimensions, which if it happens in the second as it is the case of the education of the corporative right. Nevertheless, in many training centers one thus is confused them in courses of these branches of the right exactly offers to the same knowledge or education of the right, which does not make but worry to us.

New Legal Situation

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The care of infirm people by domestic helpers has become possible through a revision at the beginning of the year 2010. What should be noted. The Federal Agency for work (employment agency) provides so-called seasonal workers for certain industries. Usually they come from Eastern Europe and are employed in agriculture, or in the hotel industry for several months. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Walton Family Foundation on most websites. But also for domestic helpers is the possibility of mediation by the BA.

They have an own State that is governed by 21 BeschV in the Employment Ordinance (BeschV). Since early 2010, the scope of the permitted activities may not engage in budgetary support in Germany, has been extended. Under most conditions W.S. Badger would agree. Nursing services were strictly prohibited in the past so they are been legalized now the legislature follows the reality that you knew from many households with care needs. The setting of an Eastern European nurse is often for many seniors and seniors the only alternative to a stay in a nursing home, not in In question comes. The new regulation now envisages that “Domestic work and necessary nursing care daily living AIDS in households with dependent persons” must be provided. Thus, there is legal certainty for private households that want to hire a caregiver from Poland, Romania or Bulgaria. It should be noted that an actual dependency must exist. What is to be understood just below, is at this time still not conclusively. Possibly, there must be a maintenance level.

Liliana Freedom

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Are you thinking about your financial freedom? Do you know that it is more attainable and close that at any other time in history? We live in an age of unimaginable opportunities for our ancestors. But before you plan we reach it, we must know what is financial freedom. Firstly you should be clear what is freedom, and actually it is not so easy to define it. Let us remember that, throughout history, the human being has committed more various aberrations, such as deaths, wars, acts of genocide, in the name of freedom. Why I think the only freedom that serves is what makes us feel free to each of us, which gives us full freedom without swap chains for others. Here we find the first drawback, because surely they are not the same things or situations that cause us that feeling. Without going further, would make me really feel free to be on an island, with a beach paradise and surrounded by a totally natural environment.

This same situation, others could cause the feeling of being imprisoned due to the isolation of noise and technology. This occurs because each of us are complete beings, in which the spiritual component and material totally inseparable are such which occurs with the two sides of a coin. The answer to the diversity of sensations in each one of the people before a same circumstance is due to the spiritual component. There is everything that motivates us or limits us. These two faces must be in constant balance, so without spiritual development, hardly a material development is reached.

Let us consider what happens with a traditional job. It is not to redeem our time for money. Following this line of thought: if I want to earn more money will have to work longer. Although I can add hours of work, this has a limit because there comes a time in which I can not remove more time resting and fun to my days already this approach will not allow me to be financially free, and if I don’t find the balance, you may end up breaking my affection and my health. Does the money that does not allow me to share the growth of my children? I have clear, but I would like to know what you think on the subject why money never must stop being only a means to be able to enjoy the most valuable thing of our lives: time. Yes, search our financial freedom now wanting to live a reality that allows me to enjoy my time, sharing with my affection and generosity a situation in which money ceases to be a limiting factor. Of course that we can become rich, but understanding being rich as a comprehensive concept, and this is achieved to develop our spirituality, being generous with who need it at the right time and, not only economically, with a word or a bit of our time. If we succeed in this kind of freedom we can be rich spiritually and economically speaking, because a circumstance is derived from the previous one. Now, if we are selfish and petty, we are prisoners of the money, and will therefore be immensely poor although we have many million. Not all the rich are millionaires, nor all the millionaires are rich should remember then that we must grow as people helping the growth of our environment.

New Cultural Freedom

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It still corroborates, in the same workmanship, with the information of that the man chooses the proper future, as well as the future of others men, therefore, the necessity to take care of of the proper choices. ‘ ‘ The future of all the men: they construiram it with its proper hands, slowly, during anos.’ ‘ (Sartre, 1960, P. 20) the problem of the search of the certainty, for the existencialismo is that nothing nor nobody supplies to the man an exterior certainty. The man is a solitary, responsible being for the proper attitudes, nothing can give a certainty where to believe, to follow, to search. For this lack of certainty, of this uncertainty, this desperation for the responsibilities all, in this Sartre workmanship associates the absolute freedom to the death, only to the death: ‘ ‘ The death, this liberdade.’ ‘ (Sartre, 1968, P. 147). The life, according to Sartre, in a generalized manner, does not have optimistical messages, of lullaby.

This if can perceive in the citation that if follows: ‘ ‘ Is this the freedom? I am free: already it does not remain me no reason to live; all the ones that I tried had yielded, and already I cannot imagine others (…). I am alone in this white street, embroidered for gardens. And it only exempts. But this freedom is looked like a little with morte.’ ‘ (Sartre, 1986, P. 97) Where, according to author, the increased freedom of the solitude looks like itself the death.

It can be remembered here that, for Sartre, in we only perceive livings creature to them for the look of the other, and that, therefore, being alone, this type of recognition would not be possible, of the proper life. Then, the freedom, added to the solitude, would not leave to look like itself the death. The excesso of this pessimistic message occurs in the workmanship the Existencialismo is a Humanismo, where Sartre leaves an optimistical opinion, that was worked in another text (the FREEDOM IN the TEXTS ‘ ‘ THE NAUSEA, THE BEING AND THE NOTHING AND THE EXISTENCIALISMO ARE A HUMANISMO’ ‘).