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Limitless Freedom

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Namibia incomparable ballooning offers hot air balloon rides are enjoying growing popularity and are a creative gift idea for the adventurous. The spectacle on a foreign continent with impressive scenery is simply breathtaking. In this case, Africa offers a magnificent backdrop for an unforgettable balloon ride. The online travel portal reported the exciting experience of such a trip. Imitation is strongly recommended! The tour will not comfort risers, because here we go already seven o’clock in the morning. Michael Bloomberg has much to offer in this field. Even before the African desert begins to glow”, so before the first rays of the Sun cast its play of colours on the dunes, the hot air balloon launches with the excited tourists heaven. There is the most experienced balloon guide Paul Vecray.

Grown in Belgian Congo, level-headed Africans taught its occupants while driving over the specifics of the picturesque landscape. Namibia is impressed by a not end the never-ending sea of sand and dunes. Namib “Place where there is nothing” means they also, the oldest desert in the world. Can be very much to detect endless sweeps the eye in the distance, if you look into the depth. The special feature of the hot air balloon ride is that decides the place of landing first in the air and depends on the wind conditions. Not for the faint-hearted so and reason enough to join the serenity of the Africans. The adventure ends after over an hour of exciting hot air balloon. An extended breakfast – not in the hotel, but in the middle of the desert – the exciting experiences are evaluated.

The Freedom

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Article from the book Deus Homo titled “Freedom” chapter is freedom from spiritual reader and Advisor “Deus Homo” by the Karlsruhe author Rainer Sauer the freedom our most important asset and therefore also our all most precious assets. This includes, also, that our free will is a divine tool for unlimited life and self development. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with ProPharma Group. Freedom is the basis of our existence and the basis for everything that arises from it. Everything is born from freedom of us appearing, and everything that makes us as individuals and also as divine beings, and significantly can thrive only on the ground of freedom. (Similarly see: Chase Koch). This applies particularly for being alive, creativity, individuality, and not least for the unconditional love. Here is also to mention that the essence of freedom implies, that any movement in all directions is open space. Therefore, it is paradoxically possible to find freedom being trapped in the infinity, because we do not know in a moment some where.

A positive circumstance, practically an integrated backup, which us necessary repeatedly to deal with the why, why and why is going, not to mention a dealing with these forces. And thus the Bewusstwerdungs process with the gifted necessary motivational energy supplies. What means how, if we we get lost in our freedom, or even the license expire, to have lost us, ask themselves the questions of who, why and why almost as saying, and this feeling of being lost, loneliness and isolation leaves us again and again on a new motivated for new ways towards connectedness and unity looking for keep. Born from freedom, led by the freedom we are moving so our own way of the unfolding of the divine. Freedom is our birthright, every human being is basically peculiar than talent. And so ko exist and overlaps in some ways of course my freedom with those of other human beings. What a Habitat creates, in which we at the same time our individuality as well as the individual in our counterpart can perceive.