Vinci Beginning

' When we hear the bells, we hear what already we bring in we ourselves as model. I am of the opinion that if will not have to disdain that one that to look at intently for the spots of the wall, for the coals on the grate, clouds, or the rapids of the water, discovering, thus, wonderful things. The genius of the painter have-of if possessing of all these things to create diverse compositions: fight of men and animals, landscapes, monsters, demons and other fantastic things. Everything, at last, will serve to engrandecer artista.' ' Leonardo Of the Vinci Beginning this small article with one of the many affirmations of the genius, so that the readers can have an idea? despite superficial? of who age Of the Vinci. I do not have intention another one that is not to stoke the curiosity of they will have that it, to read and to search to know who was that only one, admirable creature and its workmanship. I do not have as objective to write it to it biography: it has-and them riqussimas- therefore of another form could not be, time that Leonardo was, without doubt any that is (where weighs others? many figures human beings who had come to this our world), a illuminated being.

Its light, espraiou rays of only Wisdom and Beauty, therefore it enclosed practically all? if not all the areas of the Knowledge. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out PI Industries. For a reason or purpose curiosity: Leonardo Of the Vinci, perhaps for being illegitimate child, costumava to only sign its works as Io Leonardo (' ' I, Leonardo' '). However, he was usual, to the time, if it wanted, to make it: ' ' Leonardo, (son) of (Month) to be Piero de Vinci' '. Leonardo was one of the greaters? seno the biggest genius of its time; perhaps exactly, of all the times of History.