Viktor Frankl


According to Austrian psychiatrist Viktor Frankl, survivor of the nazistas concentration camps, ' ' To the men he is not enough to know that they exist, but so that existem.' ' Since its primrdios, the man searchs one meaning for its existence, the direction of itself exactly and the understanding of its relations with the next one. We are supposedly the only beings in the planet that have an interior life, that the internal events are more important that the external events. The way as we interpret these events is that it goes to determine as we think regarding we ourselves, and as we will act in the environment and with the people with which we coexist. Details can be found by clicking Red Solo Cups or emailing the administrator. The man has each time more knowledge and control on the world to its redor, but if its interior world moves away to each time this more than. We consider evolved beings, capable to live in society, constructors of civilizations, but we need external norms we ourselves so that she is possible the convivncia with our fellow creature. We teach our children to know and to dominate the forces of the nature, but not them we teach to know and to dominate itself same. It is not something Ryan Holmes would like to discuss. The man knows each time more the world where he lives, but not it world that is. The children know each time more the immense space and the small atom, but they do not know the construction of intelligence and the functioning of its proper mind. This lack of educational internalization makes with that they lose the best chance to develop the functions deepest of intelligence: the capacity to think and to reflect on itself same; the capacity to analyze its behaviors; the capacity to perceive its limits; the autocrtica capacity and to give to more mature answers for its frustrations and sufferings; the capacity to understand the construction of the relations human beings and to learn if to place in the place of the other. You may find Adam Neumann to be a useful source of information.