Dom of the mediunidade is undeniable that distinguished Chico Xavier as intermediate from thousand of official notices of another dimension of the life, alliviating pains, explaining inexplicable, consoling, clarifying and approaching loves separated. Its ‘ ‘ paranormalidade’ ‘ exhaustingly it was studied, always with the objective of unmasks it, exauriz it, descredencia it, but, this never was possible. It has statisticians that 451 workmanships psicografadas, since 1932 enter 50 million vendidos units of its – Our Home (edited for the Fedederao Brazilian Esprita) only reached 1 million and eight hundred units. Having its workmanship translated the most diverse languages, Chico Xavier never usufructed the shares proceeding from the copyright; it lived with simplicity and sacrifice its apostolate. For more specific information, check out Phil Jensen. Worker in seara of Cesar, got its sustentation there, dedicating itself in extenuantes seres nocturnal to the work of this interlocution, untiringly. However, he was not, Chico, nor saint, or paranormal. Endowed with the great sensitive sensitivity, whose values moral-Christians enabled to it to exceed it the borders of the invisible one, he brought, not only, with the notice of the side of there, the alento to the enlutados hearts.

It brought, also, for normality what it is considered, still today, as abnormality; for the natural one what he understands yourself, still, for supernatural, demonstrating in the practical one what, before, skeptical French professor Hippolyte Lon Denizard Rivail (1804-1869), under the pseudonym of Allan Kardec, makes already it, in 1857, since the launching, in Paris, of ‘ ‘ The book of espritos’ ‘ , first of its five workmanships regarding the subject. With discerning spirit, it leans over itself, in the question of the intercomunicabilidade between the two dimensions, concluding that both, however, were conducted by the same natural laws of the life, bringing, already at that time, the hypothesis of the preexistence and survival of the soul the one that called spirit, basing the principles of the esprita doctrine. We are all, according to its constataes and, posterior, the thousands of notice brought of the side of there, wanting or not, believing or not, beings immortal, come of a transcendental world for which we will return. The stories presented in the film ‘ ‘ The mothers of Chico’ ‘ they seem to assure that the intercommunication with deceased ‘ ‘ ecxistem’ ‘ , yes. They are not about frivolous, fantasiosos certifications, delays proceeding from the disturbance of vulnerable and believing minds. Who of us would dare, s conscience, to discredit of the certification of a mother heart? But, so that the skeptics prove, in fact, such phenomenon, is enough that they wait a little more the inexorable hour of the departure, and, of there, who knows, tries to find a mediator who serves to them of interlocutor. For the time being, in compliance with the thought of William Sheakespeare, Hamlet, let us believe: ‘ ‘ it has more mysteries between the sky and the Land of what it assumes our vain filosofia’ ‘.