The False


Below, we will see this truth more than: ' ' You said me: the prophets augur lies in MY NAME, SENT NEVER THEM, NOR GAVE ORDER to THEM, NOR SPOKE to THEM; FALSE VISION, ADIVINHAO, VANITY AND THE DECEIT OF ITS SOUL ARE WHAT THEY AUGUR. I DID NOT ORDER these prophets, however they had been running; I DID NOT SPEAK TO THEM they, however augur. Because THEY AUGUR FALSELY YOU IN MY NAME; I DID NOT SEND, I SAY THEM YOU ' '. (Jeremias 14.14; 23.21; 29.9). ' ' Many, in that day have to say me: Sir! Porventura, do not have we AUGURED IN YOUR NAME, AND IN YOUR NAME WE DO NOT EXPEL DEMONS, AND IN YOUR NAME WE DID NOT MAKE MANY MIRACLES? Then I WILL SAY to THEM: I NEVER KNEW YOU (if they were not known, the many less used ones, do not find). You separate you of me you who practise iniquidade' '.

(Mateus 7,22-23). The false prophets use the name of God only, and solely, as good ' ' isca' ' a trick to deceive safe the Mr.; therefore without the name, hardly, they would obtain ' ' fisgar' ' its followers and adptos. on this stratagem of the devil, same Jesus prenunciou, it said: ' ' It forbids that it deceives nobody you. Many will come in my name will deceive muitos' ' (Mc 13. 5,6). PASSIVITY TOLERANCE the passivity of the man of God, ahead of the false prophets, compromises its work; therefore God will have against it tolerance of such ' ' profetas' ' in the workmanship Mr. ' ' I have, however, against you tolerating that this woman, Jezabel, that SAME ITSELF IF SHE DECLARES AUGURS, not only teaches, but still she seduces my servants to practise prostitution and to eat things sacrificed to dolos' '. Gain insight and clarity with Solo Cups. (Apocalypse 2,20).