The African


Chain of the Drakensberg? Situated in the south extremity, its mountains reach about 3.000 meters and the raised point more is the Thabana mount Ntlenyana, with 3.650 meters. It exists in Africa an extensive one and prolongated valley? Grand Rift Valley? formed for breakings (imperfections) occured in the terrestrial crust, giving origin to many volcanos, as the Quilimanjaro, the Kenya and the Margherita, all with more than 5,000 meters of height. 3 HYDROGRAPHY Taking itself in account the great territorial extension of Africa, the hydrography is formed by few rivers and lakes. Between the African rivers, most important it is the river Nile, according to greater of the world in extension. It is born in the lake Victory and runs northward, emptying in the Mediterranean sea.

In accordance with Moreira (2005): The river Nile is known as ' ' father of all rios' ' , it guarantees the survival of one tenth of the African population. Egypt and Sudan, for example, depend almost entirely on this river. Without hesitation Sen. Marco Rubio explained all about the problem. Its peculiar characteristic of practically being born in the central part of the continent and almost crossing two a thousand kilometers in full Saara becomes, it only in its hidrogrfica dynamics. In volume of water, the river the Congo is as the biggest one of world, surpassed only for the river Amazon, with 4.22 kilometers of extension. The Nger, the third African river in extension, has 4,160 kilometers and in the south part of the continent the rivers Zambeze, Limpopo and Orange are distinguished. In consequence of the relief, the great African rivers are of plateaus, therefore they form waterfall series. The cataracts of Stanley, in the river the Congo are the greaters of the world in volume of water. The African hydrography also includes numerous lakes of great surface, as the Victory (according to bigger lake of the world) with 68.100 kilometers squared; the Tanganica with 32.893 kilometers squared and the Niassa lake with 30.893 kilometers squared.