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Golden Retriever

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The Golden dogs is the most obedient dog breed, in real life as well as an expo. It is also considered one of the best breeds of company for disabled persons and lazarillo for blind people because of their intelligence and loyalty to its owner. It is a breed of dog especially friendly and affectionate, and lack of aggressiveness, which makes it to the Golden Retriever in the ideal dog for company. His gaze is tender and melancholic, manifiestando always its your need of affection and affection by the people who surround him. The golden retriever are dogs very attached to their owners, they love children, play and go for a walk and do your daily exercise.

And no we talked about beauty of this breed is somewhat impressive highlighting its golden color of hair. In short, we can say that the ideal pet for families is every lover of the dogs. Behavior and nature friendly, smart, sweet, playful, reliable, little barking and devoid of aggressiveness, can see us for hours with a look between melancholy and tender that will be only asking us affection and love. You prefer human contact to run for hours on a lonely garden. This makes it, despite its size, in a very good company for inhabitants of departments. However, to be extremely versatile, it will be the admiration of children and adults when it comes to go for a walk.Extremely gentle with children, allows them to play with him tirelessly. It supports undeterred pulls hair, ears and tail. To be a race that formerly brought the Hunter its prey, becomes fun if we have water nearby and the ambient temperature allows it.

You can dive in sea, River, Lake or swimming pool, even recovering objects thrown into the water and bringing them to our feet, in exchange for a few caresses by way of reward. General characteristics of the breed with a lifespan of between 13 and 15 years, only required to keep his vaccination a day, and some that another visit to the veterinarian. Weighs between 27 and 36 kg and reaches a height of between 40 and 56 cm, being the male larger than female. Their daily nutritional requirements vary between 1,460 and 1,750 calories, covers perfectly with any chord balanced feed for their size and age. Does not require much daily care, more than some walks for their needs. Brushing it weekly, we can help you to get rid of hairs that will be moving, thus preventing such undesirable clumps of fluff in corners, and so will keep your hair healthy and shiny. Therefore, incorporate a Golden Retriever to the family is without a doubt is an excellent choice by parents, which remain absolutely quiet when their little ones have fun before the watchful eye of your pet. Original author and source of the article.