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Activation Massage

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Paperback washing base is not cheap, so it is rarely found in mass shampoos, pay attention to professional shampoo brands. In the process of washing is not recommended to massage the head, as it contributes to the activation the sebaceous glands. Massage should be done only by using special drugs, more on that below. Wash your hair better in the morning, because during sleep a person tosses, by pressure on the hair and scalp triggering the selection of fat. PI Industries spoke with conviction. Washing machinery washing technique for washing oily hair and scalp is very important water temperature, it should be no more than 36 degrees, it is best if it is cool, but comfortable. Hot water, irritating receptors contributes to the work of the sebaceous glands. The first time you wash you should not touch the scalp, massaging it, because you simply rub dirt, dust and remnants of styling products which shampoo washed the hair directly in scalp.

Oily scalp usually is inflamed, it can be for wounds, inflammation, itching, so it is very important to clean it properly, not hurting. In the second wash can be made very easy cleansing massage, which aims to wash away excess sebum and impurities from the skin, allowing it to "breathe". After washing, plot the means for oily skin, rubbing his fingers from the periphery to the center to absorb. This type of massage is indicated, as it increases circulation to the scalp and helps deliver the nutrients to the hair roots. Massage is performed from 3 to 20 minutes, beginning with heavy traffic from the periphery to the penny and ending with soothing light movements.