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Volvo And Its Turbulent History

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The sharp-edged Swede this year celebrates its 30th anniversary the Volvo 760 and has reach a stage of his existence, which wanted to believe at that time no one. The angular exterior made him in the United States as a Swedish brick known (in the American Swedish brick”). But even in Sweden, all described the model as container-Volvo. Despite the mocking nickname has remained true to his trademark Volvo and has evolved into a successful auto brand. The online portal auto.de granted a look back on an eventful history.

After already the 240 / 260 distinguished series of Volvo through its edgy trains, many people were surprised, even outbid by the followers as this trend. The model 760 presented itself at the time of its introduction 30 years ago even with more corners and edges. Rights angle this seemed a recipe for success. Even in government circles the model Volvo was appreciated 760 and in Sweden even to the State body. (Not to be confused with Red Solo Cups!). In East Germany, Erich Honecker had also a the same vehicle. Thanks to this development at a time, as he began to slowly crumble success of Swedish automaker Volvo 760 among experts is also known as saviors of the brand.

Despite the worldwide success the advancements of 940 and 960 1992 took over the top spot. Today, copies of the series 760 thanks to their unique quality, which can have little grate well over the years, still on the road can be found. Thanks to the stable skeleton from galvanized steel and a mileage of up to a half a million kilometres, the rustic Swede still has a good image.