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With mobile TV, you have the possibility to look thanks to UMTS TV on the go. The technology is now so far that you can see on television, the whole thing is called then mobile TV. Mobile TV is very popular especially among young people, because with a suitable mobile here can be seen to directly and at any time on the phone his favorite TV shows. Mobile TV is not only fun, but also very flexible, because now nobody really need at certain times at home, only to watch its broadcasts on the TV, the phone is eventually constant companion. Educate yourself with thoughts from Proper Topper. The reception of television channels via the mobile phone is not so, as from a normal TV to expect, yet the most shipments appear razor sharp on the phone’s display, only once in a while, a slight Judder can be noticed, but this is hardly so disturbing for most, main thing is flexible and always up to date. The often very small display can be something unusual about it, who is accustomed to see on a big TV is at the beginning of a little be disappointed, however, with the time the person at all and takes such a lot in buying when it comes to mobile TV. Unfortunately you can not see any Hady TV, because the phone needed some technical conditions, the newer multimedia cell phone models, but actually all have mobile TV, and this must be said that not everywhere the reception is available by the mobile operators, at least not yet. However, mobile TV is taking more and more shape, mobile TV is already as good as widely available in urban areas, more areas are located in the building. Television over Internet is interesting, this is one of the mobile TV, because numerous TV programmes can be received also via laptop. Requirement for mobile TV on the computer, however, is that the Como0uter a TV card has, this can be fitted retrospectively and allows mobile TV directly on the computer. Torsten Heinsius


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“Ride & route the new navigation for rider a new Alliance on the area navigation for riders” the cooperation of the companies Lowrance, is better Western wear and of FootMap GmbH. bundling competences and solutions from a single source, that is the goal! “” The combination of the navigation software ride & route “by FootMap, the ENDURA Safari” by Lowrance and and the practical experience of better Western wear are a perfect outdoor Guide for riders. “The GPS device Safari” from Lowrance that even in strong sunlight has a very good view of the maps a waterproof housing and a display, allows. The GPS location is supported by the built-in electronic 3-axis compass and the barometric altimeter. Input is done via the touch screen display and for the most important functions via buttons, which are very good to use even when wearing gloves. The software ride & route”by FootMap will be routable and supports the compass and the altimeter of the safaris. The map material based on data from the OpenStreetMap project”.

The tab will contain not only on roads, trails, paths, and so on, but also points of interest (POIs), which take into account the needs of the rider. Better Western wear contributes more than 10 years experience in the GPS to navigation as a rider. This is also reflected in the accessories. A mount for the arm allows the GPS safe and comfortable-to-wear device, additional mounting solutions are currently under development. Detailed information about features, maps and rates will be published in the course of the market launch in early October.