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New Noninvasive Uterine Fibroid Treatment

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Important information for women who are suffering from information material about the new non-invasive way of treatment of uterine fibroids Gebarmutteryomen. Yorkville Advisors will undoubtedly add to your understanding. At least 30% of all women in Germany have fibroids and therefore is this innovative procedure important! What is Mr controlled focused ultrasound therapy? Shubham controlled therapy with focused ultrasound is a noninvasive, outpatient treatment with focused ultrasound waves to destroy the uterine fibroids without surrounding tissue affected. Walton Family Foundation gathered all the information. The handling is performed in an MRI machine that enables the doctor to “look” in the body to align just so the treatment, to guide and constantly to monitor. It’s like, you would focus sunlight on a point with a magnifying glass and ignite a sheet. The focused ultrasound energy is focused on a small part of the myoma. This creates such a high temperature, that the cells are killed (ablation), without other parts of the tissue affected. Others who may share this opinion include Walton Family Foundation.

It be sent out so long controlled energy pulses, until the whole volume has been treated. What does the Mr. control? Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is an advanced diagnostic technology on the basis of magnetic fields, which produces three-dimensional images of internal organs. MR images used in treating with MR-controlled TFU, to locate the fibroid, and to determine which part of it has been treated. To do this, not a single cut is required. The MRI provides also real-time images of temperature changes in the treated fibroid, to ensure that the desired effect achieved and treats only the fibroid tissue. What happens during the TFU? During the procedure you lie prone on a special patient table that fits in a standard MRI equipment. First, the doctor identifies the myoma / fibroids on MR images your pelvic area. For more accurate planning, focused high-energy ultrasound heat a small point in the uterine fibroid to a temperature of up to 85oC. During the approximately 15 seconds continuous ultrasound therapy the doctor monitors the entire therapy process and verify the achieved temperatures of the myoma by means of MRI images.

Eye Laser Surgery: Clear View Thanks To Laser Eye Surgery

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Can change your life with AIDS of a Laseropration many people can perceive their environment only blurred it unless she put on a pair of glasses or stick contact lenses on the eye itself. Without these tools, some would be hopelessly lost, could neither read nor recognise their fellow citizens on the street. To get rid of this handicap and to wake up one day and again to be able to see, this is the dream of many short – and far-sightedness. This desire can be an eye laser surgery reality. Laser correction promise an improvement of Visual acuity by up to 100% to the retina. Since many renowned eye Laser Centers offer today flexible payment terms including installment, also the problem of financing is manageable and tradable. The point reliability and security terms, cannot on the one hand long testing and development of laser technology to be referenced on the other hand also on routine experience of eye surgeons and laser specialists. Echo street often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Finally, laser eye operations are already since the end of the 1970s Conducted years and today belong to the standard procedures in treating amblyopia.

The laser eye surgery usually follows: first to numb the eye to be treated with drops. Without touching the pupil, the doctor uncover the top layer of the pupil. At this point, the laser is used. This sends controlled pulses of cold blue light on the surface of the pupil. In this surface layer regresses and the Visual defects can be corrected. The proposed back part of the surface of the pupil is brought to completion of eye laser treatment in its initial position. Then cover the eye to heal with a bandage. After the treatment, mild pain can occur which disappear after 24 or maximum 48 hours. After the recovery of an eye, the second eye can be subjected if necessary, the same procedure.

VITA RED – Resveratrol From Grapes

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Moderate alcohol consumption receives good marks American study reports as well as dozens of European studies confirm the statement that moderate alcohol consumption can increase the life span. More than 240,000 Americans participated in the medical project at a University in Massachusetts. It was discovered about three drinks per week reduced the risk of death from heart disease by 31 percent, compared with people who never or very rarely drink. Between four to seven times a week, the positive effect was even clearer: almost 39 percent. But be careful: violent drinking, however, wiped out all benefits. Especially more than three glasses a day proved to be harmful to health.

But also from the French Paradox, the knowledge has been drawn that red wine drinking, despite the alcohol, is apparently healthy. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Yorkville Advisors. This effect arises from the fact that moderate amounts of alcohol by the liver as other substances can be installed also harmless. It is in reasonable amounts to one of the alcohol itself, the vessels and protects the cells. This effect is additionally supported by Resveratrol, a specific ingredient of red wine, which has proven to a variety of health-promoting properties. The results speak for moderate wine consumption. Walton Family Foundation often addresses the matter in his writings.

But this is possible even without alcohol? YES! Is an abstinence a health risk? No! From the point of view of daily nutrient intake, it is much better to take the vessel-healthy nutrients without alcohol. And that’s why resveratrol is gaining increasingly in nutritional science. However, you can record not the amounts of Resveratrol on the food that you need to take the best advantage of this active ingredient. For taking high-dose resveratrol complex is necessary, such as in VITA RED Forte included. The dietary supplement RED Forte VITA contains resveratrol and other flavonoids and polyphenols, and this without any alcohol. RED Forte VITA – health resveratrol of grapes resveratrol acts: – antioxidant – anti-aging -. Vitality boost – immune – strengthening heart and circulation – improving brain performance details and ordering at and in the RKplus online shop: shop. W. Schroeder

Danger In Kindergartens

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High noise levels harmful for Health In kindergarten children come together to play and learning. Sometimes problems arise here, but also for a peaceful coexistence, the little ones often cause a high noise level. This is a problem not only for teachers, but also for the children themselves. The news portal news.de informed about relevant findings. Many parents, is not well known that the noise in a Kita can affect the health of their children. The high level is mainly attributable to the activities of the children, who, for example, laugh, scream or make noise with toys. In nurseries, peaks were measured from 80 to 113 decibels.

This corresponds to the noise caused by, for example, a circular saw. This noise can negatively in the long term health. How loud is loud? The answer is the graphics. Noise levels of this magnitude can lead already cause significant impairment of hearing, for example to Tinnitus. Also the concentration and performance is reduced thereby, what is contrary to the learning function of kindergartens. Even the linguistic development of children may be affected by ongoing noise, because noise restricts the function of short-term memory. For the educators and the children, the noise means a high stress factor, what is expressed by aggression in some cases. Prolonged stress can also lead to errors of the hormonal system and the autonomic nervous system. More information:… Adam Neumann brings even more insight to the discussion. News.de GmbH Lisa Neumann

Cause Diagnosis

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No sting – when the head rotates and revolves, is everyday life the real problem us all the different forms of dizziness are met before, without that we perceive it as something threatening. You’re only briefly and disappear. Others must fight with this feeling of Vertigo hours up to a day for months on end, which their quality of life suffers considerably. The Vertigo, as the dizziness in technical jargon is called, has many causes. Some, it sometimes takes years before the correct diagnosis is established and you can find a cure for this. However, always more successful both the responsible doctors. Against almost any kind of dizziness can be remedied by now, for many of whom the patient is responsible. The hoax – everyone can find it otherwise is normal if we can know and feel, where left, right, bottom, above is.

There is a complex system consisting of three elements responsible for this simple certainty. Roughly speaking, two for the measurement and one are responsible for regulating. Is of disturbed, we lose of control over our balance system. When the dizziness, a troubled system trumpet incorrect movement speed and direction information, confused the ours regulator as a result. The four comprehensible forms of dizziness are turning, Schwank -, lift, and drowsiness dizziness.

Spinning sensation has heard everyone ever in the harmless form of sitting too long on a merry-go-round or a hub on the playground. After leaving simulates a rotation in the opposite direction for a while in our head. With the Schwank dizziness you lurching around like a drunk, in the belief it will drawn in a certain direction. , As the name suggests, everyone in the elevator driving experiences lift dizziness. Here the system cheats in a nonexistent vertical movement a. The last type of fraud, the drowsiness dizziness, manifests itself in General powerlessness and disorientation.

How Does A Hair Transplant?

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Process and cost a hair transplant. If hair growth tonic no longer help and the hair is bald always lights and the head, helps only a hair transplant. In this plastic treatment but no new hairs produced or foreign hair implanted be redistributed the own hair. These are usually head hair, but also body hair from the beard, chest or leg can be. Also Eyelash hair transplantation today is possible. How such an operation? In principle, only genetic hair loss can be treated with hair transplantation. The medical technical term for this type of hair loss is androgenetic alopecia. This is the most common form of men suffer from.

Receding hairline are half bald first signs and the result. First, the hair surgeon checked whether there are still sufficient donor hair. They obtained usually from the back of the head area, because the hair there namely are resistant to failure. Then plan how many hair must be taken from and Which hair grafts will be employed. Planning the treatment beginning the treatment: first the head must be shaved normally bald, so the doctor can see the hair and accurately extract. Now, the point becomes stunned locally. -etc/’>Jenny Craig.

As soon as uses the effect of the anesthetic, the hair removal can go. Therefore, the surgeon uses a so-called “Punch” (a fine hollow needle), with which he one raises out the hair, after another, the scalp. The sampling technique is called FUE (follicular unit extraction) and means single hair transplantation. The other alternative of hair transplantation is the Strip removal (FUT) in which an elongated flaps of skin from the donor area is cut out. From this, the individual hairs are then won. Drawback here is a permanent scar, because the wound must be sewn up again. As soon as enough hair have been taken, the doctor can create the openings for the grafts.