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Knowledge Balances Are Indispensable

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Comprehensive studies to applications for knowledge balances are rare there are things that many shy away from or don’t like, which can be but nevertheless essential. Although also knowledge balances usually qualify through such a necessity, the wonder workers so often, whether and why they need to be. By the same author: echo street. It is similar with Office meetings, the so-called meetings. No one likes them and still like under pressure goes below. Therefore, not only peer pressure or just plain habits play a role. Because more or less unconsciously, you are convinced that there are sometimes also valuable, accessible to everyone, not information.

Any critic of knowledge balances can be referred with this picture quite on this existing Parallels. Because similar to the unloved meetings where not all ever had and maybe even expected requests for information in a single litter are met, can also not all questions of controlling on the basis of a single Knowledge balance or be answered on the basis of a single book about this. Unfortunately we only after know which meeting or what knowledge balance or what book this was the crucial information. Just as there is not a large meeting that brings the profit for all troubles of participation, there is not an all-encompassing preparing to knowledge balances. This fact applies equally to Manager, controller and HR managers. Before May are decisions and investments in the way, oodles of information must like meetings ranks together in endless be collected and digested, which you sometimes only after know which became the winning provider.

As often annoying meetings at isn’t with any intellectual or any book about the a great throw, but many individual investments, which lead to the goal in its entirety. The following topics are led by Jorg Becker,: marketing controlling and intellectual capital – profiles and Portfolios for knowledge factors; Strategy check and knowledge balance sheets – make transparent effect relationships, explore potential for success; Intellectual and business planning – identify action potentials and explore; Management cockpit of the knowledge account indicators – instrument panel; Employee survey as intellectual seismograph motivation and satisfaction; Intellectual capital report with customer barometer capital of the customer relationship; Change management and intellectual capital report from the process perspective; Data mining as a knowledge balance sheet feeder questions and reflection in the crisis; Decision techniques as crisis protection success = sum real decisions. “With the help of the knowledge balance not only can that is”, but also the what his could “(potential, perspectives of the company) shows are. Play in the competition soft”, often as not assessable, an increasingly important role evaluated knowledge factors. These intangibles can the knowledge balance sheet”a transparent, comprehensible and uniformly continuous Undergo evaluation Systematics. Jorg Becker