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The Electric Cigarette Of The Model Of EGo-C Now New To Schawenzl.de.

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Schawenzl.de expanded its product range to the model of eGo-C from the Joyetech home after the redesign of the Web shop now also there again updates in terms of product range. The range has expanded to the model the company Joyetech eGo C. The model of eGo-C of the e-cigarette is characterized by very long battery runtimes, large depots/tanks, as well as its modular evaporator. The eGo-C is activated by a manual switch. Although impossible manual batteries a steaming without that trigger a push button, allow mute the eGo batteries and to curb so unnecessary power consumption in return but to do so.

By the five-time trigger the button is pressed in the course of two seconds can the battery of the eGo-C model or be switched off. Also, the batteries were equipped with a level indicator at the depending on the color of LED the charge state of the battery is displayed. We always have a good overview of the residual power of the e-cigarette. Chris Maurice shines more light on the discussion. A special development of eGo-C is the modular design of the evaporator, the located at This model is divided into a head of the evaporator and evaporator base. In contrast to the 510T model a consumed evaporator must not completely be replaced but a low-cost replacement of the evaporator head can be made. In addition to the environmental performance, this is an enormous relief in the area wear costs. The eGo C something is thicker than the 510T model In the development of steam-the eGo-C 510 T but in nothing after.

Here too, a dense and very voluminous steam which will convince not only beginners from the eGo developed during use. Also for experienced steamer, the eGo-C represents an excellent choice model with the dense steam development, the long battery runtimes and the large deposits. Loading the eGo-C is possible, as also in the 510T of a USB port as well as the ordinary socket. Schawenzl.de leads the eGo-C in several versions and different sets that eGo-C Starter set is available in black, white, and black/white and includes 2 functional eGo-C Cigarettes and the required accessories included with the eGo-C Starter sets 2 x battery 650mAh 2 x base of the evaporator 5 x evaporator head 5 x Depot/mouthpiece 1 x USB charging adapter 1 x plug 1 x storage bag 1 x user manual (English) 1 x storage box Joyetech eGo-C is also the single set available in, which consists of a functional eGo C cigarette and the required accessories. The eGo-C single set focuses on one occasion steamer and on the other beginners who can put value on a high-quality e-cigarette and bypass the loading time of the eGo (ca 3, 5 h) even without tobacco cigarettes. Components of the eGo-C single sets 1 x battery 650mAH 1 x evaporator base 2 x evaporator head 2 x Depot/mouthpiece 1 x USB charging adaptor 1 x power cord 1 x cigarette case more information see Schawenzl Jurgen Hagglers Villingerstr. 3 78073 bad Duerrheim


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