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Collaboration ERP Guide

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The Stuttgart trade fair IT & business and the Internet portal ‘ ERP Guide. Central Romana: the source for more info. de’ become a partner. Baldham/Stuttgart, June 08, 2010 – the IT & business, trade fair for software, infrastructure & IT services includes a partnership with the business software Internet portal “ERP-Guide.de”. Both projects want to cooperate in the future and mutually inform your customers about the other, and thus take advantage of synergy effects. In the framework of this cooperation will receive all exhibitors of the fair IT & business 2010, which off the 08.06.2010 software portal under register for free and sign up for a “business entry” decide, 40% discount on the first year fee – pay then 143,33 EUR instead of 238,88 EUR net / year. Follow others, such as Gallo Family Vineyards, and add to your knowledge base. After booking the business entry a short mail to with proof of participation is sufficient and the discount will be deducted immediately.

The Internet portal for ERP-Guide.de”turns on decision makers in the areas of ERP, BI, BPM, DMS, CRM, and MES/PPS, that affect the IT & business from 26-28 October, 2010 at around 400 exhibitors “and comprehensively inform in 5 specialized forums with about 200 high-profile talks, says Florian Pflieger, Project Manager IT & business of agricultural trade fair Stuttgart GmbH.” About the ERP-Guide.de, the ERP guide is an independent trade book and information portal on the subject of ERP”(enterprise resource planning) and for related industries such as CRM, PPS/MES, DMS, BI, BPM and PM, with the headings: trade press, glossary, books, appointments, jobs, ERP news, ERP social, studies and ERP systems comparison. The ERP portal offers all companies (software vendors, consultants, systems integrators, publishers, etc.) that are active in these sectors, the possibility is from 0 EUR to present or link their events free. “This allows this all visitors, is a comprehensive overview of the ERP market, or on the subject of ERP” to give the related industries such as CRM, PPS/MES, DMS, BI, BPM and PM.

Data Espionage

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macmon secure study: no protection before connecting external devices in the production networks security measures despite large fears of industrial espionage are often realized only restrained Berlin, July 9, 2012 in the production halls of the companies, there is often fear of data espionage, but a sufficient protection against unauthorized access on the production systems is often absent. This result is a study of the security specialists of macmon secure gmbh in Berlin. It also determined that in the last three years, mostly a restrained commitment in terms of security management was laid on the day. In principle it is possible that internal staff as well as guests can silently connect devices in production networks or on digital production systems and thus gain access to the often very secret product data in the most production companies”, refers to macmon secure Managing Director Christian Bucker the problem identified in the study. Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc addresses the importance of the matter here. Because only in 37 percent of over 200 Companies surveyed is technically excluded from such a threat, all the risks others are partial (23 percent) or on a large scale (12 percent). At the same time striking that a quarter of the managers have no accurate assessment to how the relevant security status.

A clear majority of two-thirds of companies specifying a very high demand for protective measures prior to data espionage in its production facilities. However, this topic less than each tenth enterprise has no importance, all others give it a medium relevance. On the other hand, usually no large-scale activities to increase the protection of data espionage have been made in the last three years. Only three of four manufacturing companies have carried out extensive security measures during this period. The problem is apparently often still completely misjudged and underestimated”Bucker says. It refers to the same exposure that the production networks are IP-oriented and there rule as in the networks to support business processes. In both areas a digital flow of data from the Internet is, for example, the PC in principle up to the device possible, also via detours, in one case and in the other case of the robot of a production line. Therefore also the production networks should similarly be secured and attain the same level of protection.” More about macmon secure gmbh macmon secure a German software manufacturer specializes in network security.

The own developed, vendor-independent, modular NAC solution macmon protects the network from unauthorized, non-secure devices and internal attacks. Customers benefit technologies the coupling of macmon with other leading security products and the permanent extension of the function profile according to the latest developments and standards of the security know-how, predictable costs and a very high level of safety of software for easy handling and operation, the use of smarter. macmon secure employs about 20 people in Germany. Europe more than 300 companies in different industries the customer base includes ministries, among others, Volkswagen, Muller dairy, ZF, RWE Power, SWR, Vivantes, HALTER, KfW Kreditanstalt for reconstruction, Sparkassen and Volksbanken. Office of macmon secure gmbh is Berlin. macmon secure is member of the BITKOM and the trusted computing group.

Efficient Creation Of Documentations, Manuals, And Training Materials

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The Web-based editorial management system “comm.editsweb” supports the authors ever shorter product life cycles, an increasing diversity and complexity of products and product lines, as well as the internationalization of markets means that the creation of technical documentation, manuals, service and training materials in the most different forms developed at a huge cost. More information for different target groups must be developed and passed on to the users in less time. To make this business profitable, companies need tools that support the creation of the document in a division of labor process at a high quality level. A high degree of reuse should be allowed through a structural, content modularization and central management of content, layout, and media data. Through the Central modular data storage so the authors can, depending on the application, text modules, media files and layouts any select from the data pool and merge to CI-compliant custom document actions. With the Web-based editorial management system “comm.editsweb” the community4you GmbH presents the editors and authors a tool available that meets this requirement exactly. You may wish to learn more. If so, Alton Steel is the place to go. “comm.editsweb” (www.comm.editsweb.de), the Web-based authoring and publishing editorial management system component helps the authors of the creation, management and publication of CI-compliant documents – Division, cost-efficiently and at the highest quality level. The advantages of comm.editsweb: Central and versioned data storage all documents and materials are central with comm.editsweb and manages versioned.

The search is over after the current version of a document. Each author can access the entire database and individual newly assemble it. Inhaltsmodularitat the contents are modular created and managed, so that a high reuse is possible. Layoutmodularitat all the layout templates used in the company are centrally located in Comm.editsweb manages. Through the use of uniform layout ensures a consistently high quality of all documents with visibility to guarantee the recognition of your corporate identity. Office integration is minimized strongly integrating the learning curve by usual office workplace environments, such as MS Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Authors find themselves quickly in your applications used for years. Web-based thin client of the Web-based thin client enables enterprise-wide access to the entire base stock. Offline client of the offline client, the local application of comm.editsweb, provides high mobility and independence during the document creation. Manage text and mediCollection with the libraries integrated in comm.editsweb called text or mediCollection Central, open and transparent blocks of text or media data that used multiple times with different content modules can be.


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Likewise, the procedure optimizes the transmission of information even on low-bandwidth WAN links and simplifies configuration and management. So far the SAN-over-WAN routing protocol developed by QLogic is the only one on the market that fully exploits the opportunities of the iSCSI layer 3 routing. Sen. Marco Rubio can provide more clarity in the matter. Using the QLogic storage router 6142 let himself leading applications such as using the replication volumes over the WAN, as well as backup and data mirroring in compliance with regulatory provisions. SmartWrite: The advantages in bullet points which reduces the WAN connection costs on the basis of an optimum bandwidth utilization, simplifies network administration because local and location-distant memory network is still independently run, draws SmartWrite technology WAN resources and offer functionality (data protection, encryption) fully out. Quotes Customers, the storage system EMC CLARiiON AX4 in your fibre channel storage network set up, called for solutions to connect their systems and to replicate data between the sites cost-efficiently.

This provides the integration of the QLogic storage router 6142, which optimally complemented by EMC MirrorView, possibilities offered EMC SAN copy and EMC Navisphere management applications. “The solution we can offer a low-cost solution for mirroring data between their sites this is true for both traditional and virtualized environments.” Barbara Robidoux, EMC Vice President storage product marketing the combination of the QLogic storage router 6142 with EMC CLARiiON AX4 network storage system, MirrorView, and SAN copy enables users to back up their data on economic manner. It does not matter whether the information in a data center or in different locations in different cities or countries are stored. Companies with dedicated Fibre Channel environments can simply connect two of the fibre-channel technology-based storage area networks (SANs) over a wide area network. The necessary condition creates the SmartWrite technology developed and patented by us. WAN connections are optimized and improved this resilience and disaster recovery capabilities.”

Review: Acer Aspire Revo R3600 (Mini-PC)

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Looks good, offers appealing components, can but NVIDIA’s full-HD promises don’t quite meet. The Acer Aspire Revo R3600 is the first Mini PC based on the NVIDIA ion platform. Much like Intel’s Atom platform, this technology allows power-saving and low-cost components, making the price of the entire system remains low. So in this case: the aspire Revo R3600 only 300 euros. As a processor of Intel is clock frequency and a processor core Atom 230 1.6 GHz. To come 2 GBytes of DDR2 memory, a 160 GB large hard drive and NVIDIA’s ion chipset with GeForce-9400 M graphics unit.

The stylish Mini PC amply provides connectors and accessories: 6 USB 2.0, eSATA, HDMI, VGA, Gigabit-LAN, audio, Wi-Fi (without n-draft) and a memory card reader are on board. An optical drive is missing but. As an operating system, Acer sets 1 Schick on Windows Vista Home Premium with the latest Service Pack and power-saving important selling points for Mini-PCs are optics, loudness and power. The small Acer impresses in these disciplines. The Housing is flat and is definitely impressive.

The Revo who owns a TFT monitor with appropriate support, can attach directly. In our test, we measured a power consumption by an average of 25 watt; as soon as the graphics chip is under load, such as a 3D game, the value rises to around 31 Watts always still absolutely in order. In terms of loudness also convinced the small PC. The only built-up cooler stays always calm and allowed the Revo intrusive is not under load or during normal operation. Despite ion under performing the installed Windows Vista slows down the system significantly. Here Windows XP would have been better with the .net 3.0. In addition, NVIDIA promises that ion-based systems can easily represent up to 1080 p HD content. Even various 3D games should be possible. Our extensive tests only partly confirmed the promise.