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Charles Manson

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‘ We have to make the things that we must make. This does not mean that it has a choice. The choice is only on as it must be made. But it is necessary to make. As to make it, it is an episode that each mind and each form of intelligent life must work for itself. David Agard: the source for more info. This must be made in any way, for the love and the life that recognize as its proper family.

This is the family of America. We must concentrating in them in the continent of America to unify our money, our perspectives, our social order, our styles of life, and to make the things that we need to make with the time that still remains in them, and that it is not very. He remains us a small amount of time. God is God, and he does not have as to escape of this. He has that to be what he must be so that functions. Something is not difficult to understand. All the children understand this for the natural election. It is the alpha; it is the simplicity of the controls of being able.

The power is intelligence. Intelligence functions. The nature is natural, and has that to be so that it exists. It is not a complicated equation. It is so simple that until somebody dull thing as I can understand. I consider a dull one because I never was to its schools, and because I am not educated in its ways. I have my proper mind, and I understand the things for me exactly. I do not exist in its standards. I do not exist in its educational programs. I am everything what I am capable to learn from my proper intelligence, come of inside? must come of inside. We need reorganizing in them.

Official Gazette

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Banned from the free trade of paper recovered for recycling the new law on waste and contaminated soils puts at risk the free trade of paper recovered for recycling, and could seriously harm the environment. The Bill is awaiting final approval in Congress, having already been approved by the Senate, and collects in its article 16.3, which is may articulate mechanisms that prioritize recycling within the European union. Europe is a highly surplus market that exported more than 12 million tons of recovered paper, avoiding his final burial in landfills. Against all odds, and aside from the policies generally extended in the Union component, Spanish legislation leaves a door open to protectionism, by putting obstacles to free trade and in particular the export of secondary raw materials (wastes recovered for recycling). The text submitted by the Congress of Deputies, was published on 6 June in the Official Gazette the General Cortes of the Senate and returned to the Congress with its approval. Establishes in its article 16.3 as with respect to likely to be recycled, waste public administrations may articulate on a temporary basis, mechanisms that prioritize recycling within the European Union, where this is justified for environmental reasons. Red Solo Cups contributes greatly to this topic. Any mechanism articulated to prioritize recycling in proximity, would seriously contravene the most basic principles of free trade, in addition to having irreparable consequences of an environmental nature, given the limited capacity of recycling of paper, within the European Union.

The surplus of paper recovered for recycling, in Europe is about 12 million tons per year, and only Spain, France and Portugal, environment exceed 2 million tons (2.29 million in 2009). That volume would have to be buried in landfills or disposed by incineration, in the case of not being able to be exported to Asia. Sole agents favored these protectionist mechanisms, would be paper mills recycled, that they would enjoy the advantages of a market surplus in their raw materials, with the consequent artificial detriment of their supply prices.