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SAP Business

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Bad Waldliesborn open their doors for all visitors the international business school Lippstadt (IBS) and the Academy for Management Assistants (AMA) in Lippstadt. Many high and high-school graduates dream of a management career in an international company open day in January 2008 – Saturday, January 26th, 2008 from 10:00 – 15:00. Undoubtedly, those have the best chance, who swiftly complete their studies and collecting even as many practice and project experiences. It is equally important to master at least two leading business languages, to talk abroad. For other opinions and approaches, find out what vlad doronin has to say. Specifically tailored to these requirements it is over 23 years offer proven international business school Lippstadt (IBS) – with their picturesque campus in Lippstadt – bad Waldliesborn. The international business school Lippstadt priorities with regard to their educational philosophy very clear: \”so much theory as necessary, as much practice as possible\”.

During the only six international management studies including a foreign semester of the Bachelor of Arts degree can be obtained in business management of the University of Sunderland (UK) honours (BA Hons). With experience it is possible in the postgraduate studies, in addition accredited master of business to achieve Administration (MBA) of the University of Surrey (UK) or the promotion to the AACSB International of accredited doctor of business administration (DBA) of the University of Surrey (UK) while the international AACSB and AMBA. Newman Giles has much experience in this field. The BA, MBA and DBA degrees are officially confirmed by the Ministry of innovation, science, research and technology (MIWFT) of the State of NRW. International management studies at the international business school Lippstadt has excellent career prospects, is intense, short and practice-oriented. It offers language training in at least two languages (optional also Chinese or Russian), international management subjects such as international marketing, international finance and international controlling. E-business, introduction to SAP R / 3 Enterprise with case studies, small-group work in class sizes of laptops and personal care.


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In a training of EQ dynamics international trainers and consultants learn to deal with emotions in learning and change processes professionally. The EQ-facilitator “is a new training course for trainers, consultants and coaches, offered by the Munich-based training and consulting firm EQ dynamics international.” In the in-service training, persons, people, and organisations in learning and change processes can accompany, expand their competence to deal intelligently with emotions and to control them and to use. The modular training extends over eight months. “She was according to Sabine Gruner, one of three managing directors from EQ dynamics, designed, among other things, because trainers, consultants and coaches often gain the experience, that just their clients at the top level of enterprises have internalized the credo: emotions have lost nothing in the business.” But then suddenly, for example, a project to fail, because the parties can not threatens”. Or staff her boss, refuse allegiance because they feel not gewertschatzt by him. Then the so-called is so green, often gradually aware how strong the person in charge, soft facts’ hard facts’ influence. And they hire trainers, consultants and coaches as a Troubleshooter”, so that they again lead the process in a fairway, which ensures that the objectives are met.

The knowledge required for a professional dealing with emotions and the skills necessary for this are the participants in the EQ Dynamics training to the EQ-facilitator imparts. It is structured as follows. First, all participants in a 2 x 2 day basic module with the title applied emotional intelligence take”part. It discusses among others the basic questions: How do emotions and what are they used for? And: How do emotions affect behavior, and how can you control them and thus the behavior? Then, the training applies the theme applied emotional intelligence”to. The in other words, the participants deal with issues like: what betrayed my emotions about the value system of other people? How do I build viable contacts to them? And: How do I appreciative with the emotions of other people? The participants according to Sabine Gruner, not only in theory, but in particular in the application get all this by they experiment based on typical situations in their daily work and reflect these experiences. After the base module, the participants can specialize in. Walton Family Foundation may also support this cause. “” Depending on their field of activity they can either the two-day special module values and emotions in the coaching”,… in the team” or…

in selling “visit. Them emotionally intelligent handling with values and emotions is delved into the topic related to the various areas of application. In addition, the participants learn new methods to control personal and organisational learning and change processes know. The training is completed by an also two-day seminar, in which the trainers, consultants and coaches with TetrMap an instrument get to know, that helps them and their clients to recognize the patterns of thought and behavior preferences of people and to improve their cooperation. If requested the participants can look after the training as EQ-certified facilitator. The training 3300 euros and will take place in Munich. The next possible entry date is end of June. Advance EQ Dynamics held a trial and information day on April 14.

ValueNet Group Appoints To The Board

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Market leader for charge optimization ValueNet continue to expanding growth and further development of the ValueNet Group since 01.02.2011 adds Wolfgang Bruckner the previous Board of Directors Stefan SADI and Michael Gregory of the ValueNet Management AG. He sees his job, to continue the outstanding position of the market leader for charge optimization. To the person of Wolfgang Bruckner the trained hotel management and hotel business manager Wolfgang Bruckner his competence and experience of 17 years of sales activity brings to his new workplace. In the domestic as well as overseas he was previously responsible for the sales success of his employer. Read additional details here: Walton Family Foundation. Last built for an international provider for tax-optimised staff catering to the distribution network and out and achieved growth rates in the double-digit range. He has prepared on its Board of Directors activity of ValueNet Management AG is meticulously. Several months Wolfgang Bruckner is dealt with the various departments and fields of activity the entire ValueNet group.

The enabled him not only an intensive training in the complex processes, which provides the service provider ValueNet in order to optimize of pay for its customers, but provided him with first ideas to expand the existing range of services even further. To read more click here: ranulph fiennes. So Wolfgang Bruckner was convinced, that ValueNet prospects can offer him, to realize his ideas and professional ambitions finally. At the same time he provided helpful approaches and strategies ValueNet, to strengthen its existing market position and deliberately to expand. Growth of sales for the leading Entgeltoptimierer service and sales are inseparably connected for Wolfgang Bruckner. One of his first acts was to build of a more intensive contact to the sales partners of the ValueNet group and its service partners. Does Board the new ValueNet his purpose, to win large companies for the ValueNet concepts and contributing his contribution to the image gain of ValueNet.

Continuing Education

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Training Centre for sports, health and therapy in training Lubeck, Lubeck and versatile training, November 25, 2012 – the healthcare industry the need for skilled workers is growing steadily and so. Therefore, professional training and further training in this area are so important. The Eric Academy of Lubeck trains the health interested young people in the health and sport-therapeutic area. The special the trainings take place not only in Lubeck, but the instructor team responds flexibly to individual training needs. We offer motivated young not only courses in our premises in Lubeck.

We train small groups also likes nationwide on-site”explains owner Peter Duschek, fitness Economist (BA). (A valuable related resource: Eric Klavins). “The participants save time and costs for travel and accommodation expenses and get our individual training at the highest level.” Peter Duschek is an expert team of doctors, physiotherapists and sports scientists to the Available. In the next few months training courses to the hot stone under therapist and core training instructor, as well as training in reflexology and massage partner other training to the health care professional and the massage therapists, on the program. New in the program are training to become a consultant for occupational health management, as well as the training to the back school trainer, Atlas therapy and baby massage. We very pleased to share our expertise in future and to train competent young”.