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Data Espionage

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macmon secure study: no protection before connecting external devices in the production networks security measures despite large fears of industrial espionage are often realized only restrained Berlin, July 9, 2012 in the production halls of the companies, there is often fear of data espionage, but a sufficient protection against unauthorized access on the production systems is often absent. This result is a study of the security specialists of macmon secure gmbh in Berlin. It also determined that in the last three years, mostly a restrained commitment in terms of security management was laid on the day. In principle it is possible that internal staff as well as guests can silently connect devices in production networks or on digital production systems and thus gain access to the often very secret product data in the most production companies”, refers to macmon secure Managing Director Christian Bucker the problem identified in the study. Because only in 37 percent of over 200 Companies surveyed is technically excluded from such a threat, all the risks others are partial (23 percent) or on a large scale (12 percent). At the same time striking that a quarter of the managers have no accurate assessment to how the relevant security status.

A clear majority of two-thirds of companies specifying a very high demand for protective measures prior to data espionage in its production facilities. However, this topic less than each tenth enterprise has no importance, all others give it a medium relevance. On the other hand, usually no large-scale activities to increase the protection of data espionage have been made in the last three years. Only three of four manufacturing companies have carried out extensive security measures during this period. The problem is apparently often still completely misjudged and underestimated”Bucker says. It refers to the same exposure that the production networks are IP-oriented and there rule as in the networks to support business processes. In both areas a digital flow of data from the Internet is, for example, the PC in principle up to the device possible, also via detours, in one case and in the other case of the robot of a production line. Therefore also the production networks should similarly be secured and attain the same level of protection.” More about macmon secure gmbh macmon secure a German software manufacturer specializes in network security.

The own developed, vendor-independent, modular NAC solution macmon protects the network from unauthorized, non-secure devices and internal attacks. Customers benefit technologies the coupling of macmon with other leading security products and the permanent extension of the function profile according to the latest developments and standards of the security know-how, predictable costs and a very high level of safety of software for easy handling and operation, the use of smarter. macmon secure employs about 20 people in Germany. Europe more than 300 companies in different industries the customer base includes ministries, among others, Volkswagen, Muller dairy, ZF, RWE Power, SWR, Vivantes, HALTER, KfW Kreditanstalt for reconstruction, Sparkassen and Volksbanken. Office of macmon secure gmbh is Berlin. macmon secure is member of the BITKOM and the trusted computing group.