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Child Road Safety

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Children Act differently: what should consider parents the children traffic training unfortunately continues to increase the number of children injured in road traffic. According to the German Federal Statistical Office, more children on Germany’s roads as 2009 2010 died by 16 percent. The practice of the daily Schulwegs is one of the best preventive measures against accidents. A traffic education, which requires much understanding from parents, as children go”in the road. First of all elementary school children perceive different road than adults do. By a narrower field of view, their point of view is right and left restricted already because of their age. They can not over look over parked cars. Mark Angelo may find this interesting as well.

Noise can locate them badly. Approaching the driving used vehicle from the left? Far is the engine noise? Kids don’t know it. To make matters worse, that many kids think that they be seen by all other road users just because they themselves see it. Children move differently in the road. A child, the carefully and at a steady walking pace over the sidewalk walk, is the big exception. Children run, shopping, pick up things from the floor and dream himself. Is perceived, which currently requires the most attention.

Is it the dog on the other side of the road? The friend who suddenly goes around the corner? The views of the clock that indicates it comes too late? Children respond spontaneously and inconsiderate. And although children behave so differently than adults, they can be well prepared for dealing with road traffic! Ultimately, it is regular practice, which leads to increased safety. Anticipate the selection of the best Schulwegs is one of this right. Because: The shortest way is not always the safest. Paths that are backed up at intersections or crossings by traffic lights or crossing guards are optimal. Furthermore, it is the homemade experience, initially together with their parents, which leads to the correct behaviour in traffic.

Beautiful Wood

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The kids love it and more than one helps them develop thinks Schoneck, November 18, 2009 – Prince, & SPYDER, the online boutique with exclusive for children, presents the action from 17 to 24 November 2009 Primi Passi”under. Toy serves not only to get a branch of industry economically alive and to equip the children’s room, but to titillate children in the first place of course. This toy has the important task children assistance and learning different skills and abilities to assist. Playful, thus even on your gender and their socialization in society, children will be prepared. Everyday situations and certain operations are imitated and played with various toys.

Wooden toys for young and old are particularly popular. The natural material can be handled particularly well, looks already and is extremely robust. Primi Passi is especially imaginative and detail-oriented in the design of new toys. With the bright yellow carriages Kangaroo learn playfully run small and complete set of golf the next Tiger will pave the way. The high quality in the processing and manufacture complies with the strict guidelines and ensures years of enjoyment while playing. From November 17-24, 2009, there is the most beautiful Primi Passi wooden toys in the Onlinebpoutique by Prince & Spyder to an attractive price advantage. So already thinking about Christmas and make themselves and a joy to others.

Sports Holidays

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Kids Sports Academy in the Sportresort Playitas on Fuerteventura Auch in the holiday would not abandon children sporting activities. While there is a sophisticated sports program at many hotels for adults, children often remain sporty on the track. At the Playitas on the East coast of Fuerteventura, not only large, but also small guests with a professional sports be made fit during the holiday period. The kids Sports Academy”offers both mornings and afternoons for the small guests 90 minutes daily a varied activity program. “” The kids are divided into two age groups: to the Pulpinos “include the three to six, the sharks ‘ seven to twelve.

The trained caregivers teach the kids in swimming, baseball, tennis, beach games, cycling, soccer, basketball, volleyball and golf. In competitions and tournaments, they can demonstrate their skills. At the end of the week, young sports people will receive a diploma. The Participation in the courses is free of charge. Information about Hotel, Tel. 0034 928 860 400, email:.

Package deals at Tel. 0201 8303077. total price for 2 adults and 1 child: 9 days in the Studio from the 20th 29.5.2010 1644 euro. Departures nationwide. The Playitas st a new sport and holiday resort on the East Coast with Playitas hotel, hotel Playitas villas Playitas. Sports and leisure activities are a particular focus of the holiday resorts. In addition to Nordic walking, jogging, biking, beach volleyball, tennis, fitness and aerobics, surfing, catamaran, kayaking and scuba diving is offered. An Olympic sized swimming pool completes the sports on offer. Since December, the hilly, 18-hole golf course is opened. Even while on vacation, children would not waive sporting activities. While there is a sophisticated sports program at many hotels for adults, children often remain sporty on the track. It’s different at the Playitas on the East coast of the Canary Island: here come the little guests sports at their expense!