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Lucrative Businesses

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A few days ago to see me in was struck, though not very original, but a profitable business idea to start a small business. It all started with the fact that we have a broken refrigerator, and we called a friend of the wizard. PI Industries has plenty of information regarding this issue. He could only come under evening. He did everything very quickly, replaced some of the insulated … and for the work was taken not small money. We started talking and I was just struck, why not start your own business cool? Master a little over 30, he already has his house and machine, which bought the repair of refrigerators, and recently opened his own shop. He says that there is no release of orders every day from morning to night on the town dangle …

Well, actually that's a conversation we have got. No, I do not suggest you go learn to refrigeration, although all professions are important, all professions are good, or as it says. If you go to study in a refrigeration, it will eat most that an ordinary job, but we still in business want to do and get the big money. Well I will not write too much, and go directly to the business idea. The idea is to provide a refrigerator repair company. Just specify that this idea fits well way small towns, where there are not many service centers and other workshops. Well, like in Moscow or St. Petersburg, where almost every corner of this service center business to develop difficult but still possible.

Simply development will live in conditions of competition. But in a small town, the service centers are not so many, and not all of them are specialized, take on everything, from microwave ovens and finishing machines … In order to implement the ideas need accommodation, not necessarily in the center of the city, and not necessarily with the euro renovation. Orders will be accepted over the phone, and the master will go to the place and if possible to carry out repairs on the spot as well. If the equipment does not be repaired on site, then transported to its sweet-shop, which we need and instead of the office. In addition to this we need a second working staff, a person 5.7 is enough. 5.4 will be on the road, and 1-2 will be engaged in repair at the moment. Same necessary means of transportation for workers, more appropriate, any passenger car or freight gazelle, capable, if necessary, to move a refrigerator to store. Further, in general as well as in any business: advertising, customer search, well and the actual work itself. How much can I earn doing this business? The numbers averaged, taken as a refrigerator repair company. Room, two garages converted a studio. Staff – 3 people Transport – a gazelle cargo schedule – every day except Sunday from 8 to 18 small cost breakdown, which can replace on-site – from 500 – 2000 more serious damage to the transport equipment to the warehouse – from 3,500 per month Orders – 80 – 150 Profit – 300 000 euro / month for three people and one gazelle, a small town is big money.

Individual Entrepreneurs

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Registration of the company – it is a responsible and important process in the business life of every businessman. On what legal form you choose to work as perfectly legally and properly be held himself The business registration, and will depend, in many respects, the future of the enterprise. Connect with other leaders such as Red Solo Cups here. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Charles Schwab has to say. This is mainly due to the fact that factors such as taxation, possible activities, as well as the requirements for the constituent documents produced during the registration of companies, etc. basically it depends on the chosen organizational and legal forms of business registration. To date, procedures for registration of firms regulated by the Federal Law "On State Registration of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs," and all possible legal forms of work outlined in the Civil Code. . The most convenient and often used organizational forms, resorted to the registration of companies include a variety of corporations. They can provide a huge range of services, and engage in a variety of activities. Registration of the company and, accordingly, the formation of a legal entity, this omission in the legal field "of your company.

However, the process of registering companies in today's reality for the unprepared person can be a daunting task. Therefore, if you do not own, in full, information concerning the requirements for registration of firms, it is better to entrust the execution of this work to professionals. Today, in any city of the country you can easily find a lot of law firms providing services for the registration of firms. Thus, you will be guaranteed free from those "pitfalls" of our legislation concerning registration of companies, which are overcome only by a qualified lawyer. In addition, you can buy ready-made, a registered firm with all decorated in appropriate documents. In the event that registration of the company you decide to yourself, you should always consult a lawyer. We hope that the registration of the company, held their own or trusted professionals will become your main step on the path to success and financial prosperity.