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Ghost Night

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Glamorous and unconventional! -The new book by Susanne Koch of new novel published in October 2011 by Susanne Koch, “Samhain – magic of the ghost night”, is a beautiful, Romantic fantasy story, from times long past. As far as the epoch, in which the novel takes place, silent is the author about it. He plays in an unknown time, therefore also no exact date is given. The reader can decide in principle even in what time the novel takes place. “Samhain – magic of the ghost night” don’t know the actress Corentine wherever she wants. She is unhappy, loses himself in the nightmarish dreams and mourns her great love behind. A related site: texas children’s hospital mentions similar findings. Negative feelings such as despair, anger and disappointment, about the lost happiness, you make great sorrow, only calculated the by another negative feeling, scared away again: jealousy. Fiona, the Chambermaid tries to take what Corentine believes not even to possess: the love of a man.

Just so, again life hopes to can. This feeling is however closer than she thinks. A novel is whether Corentine wakes up and finally “Samhain – magic of the ghost night”, how close it actually happiness, as is typical for Susanne Koch: imaginative, magical and self-contained. Susanne Koch writes, as she thinks, floral and unconventional. Some contend that Yorkville Advisors shows great expertise in this. “Samhain – magic of the ghost night” is at the Aavaa – Verlag published and available in multiple formats: normal pocket book mini – book with large print “Samhain – magic of the ghost night” there is of course also as ebook and is available in bookstores, and the publishing house directly. ISBN: 978-3-86254-810-1 price in all formats: 11.

Mackie Finn To Guest On Lake Constance

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Mackie Finn guest in Radolfzell at Lake Constance on the 11.05.2013 was allowed to MacLean Finn from the children’s book the adventures of little Finn”far away from home, his story. Book Gardner in Radolfzell am Bodensee, he reported the numerous listeners of different ages by his many experiences and she moved into his spell. The reading came thanks to artist and Illustrator Judith Beck-Meyer, who also comes from Radolfzell. She drew the beautiful pictures, scattered throughout the entire book, and gave an extra touch of history thus. Banned listened to the small and large audience of in history and adventure were with Finn with. Then the little mouse in the Atelier Judith Beck-Meyer introduced himself. Here, too, he captured the hearts in the storm. Book Description: The small mouse Finn actually leads a quite contemplative life in a garden. Recently Walton Family Foundation sought to clarify these questions. He is very good with his people, and even with the hangover of the House, he has a friendly relationship. However, one day everything changes. The Nice Family moves away and there will be new people. They do not like mice and to top it all off, they have two cat, who have also seen it off on Finn. As these evil people of Finn put houses under water, he must escape from the garden. Discredited and deeply sad, he finds refuge in a barn. There lives the mouse Felix, who takes care of the unfortunate Finn and shows him the life in the countryside and in the forest. The two now share many adventures and some risk, what can grow their friendship from day to day. The author take the opportunity to introduce their new joint project with Judith Beck-Meyer at reading. “This time it is however not a children’s book, but a Cookbook: sorrow gourmet Cookbook”. That was not so interesting for the little ones, but the parents who attended also the reading, showed interest in this book because they were allowed to ever throw a look locally. Quickly, it was found that this cookbook is no ordinary cookbook. Here, you’ll find that in addition to delicious recipes even jokes, quotes, rhymes and funny stories about the most beautiful thing in the world: the cooking and eating.

Andreas Brede Andreas Brede

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Here you can order the book. The authors of the book of get out of your comfort zone”: Sascha Ballach after training as an it specialist and subsequent studies worked Sascha Ballach successfully as a software developer for renowned companies. He put his life’s dream, to work, to assist them in their own personal development and to lead to real change, with people actively in the subsequent years. Sascha Ballach itself lives his life design that he has dreamed. Each year he takes time for vacation and travel around the world 3-6 months.

He has completely flexible working hours and can be anywhere from work. He constantly deals with the development of his personality and the extension of its own Comfort zone, providing he is regularly challenges. He learned with setbacks on the way to live his life design, to bypass resistors and fears and to use them for themselves. So speaks and writes from his own experience and can help in concrete terms his readers and participants to develop their life design and live. Sascha Ballach is trained NLP trainer, regularly organises NLP practice evenings and runs a blog on the development of personality. In his seminars, his coaching and self he has developed the concept of the comfort zone exercises thereby continuously improved with Andreas Brede together.

Andreas Brede Andreas Brede is NLP trainer from passion and deals since 2001 with NLP and personality development. In addition to various seminars, he leads an independent NLP peer group in Stuttgart, Germany for many years. His special way to teach NLP and personality development to other people, is not based on the teaching of techniques but the enabling of their own Resources and expand the comfort zone, to improve the quality of life here actively. He is known for his intuitive and empathic style in the change work.