Prevailed for a God who if sees ' ' obrigado' ' to give everything what to its followers it has asked for. Theory very defended by the practitioners of the Theology of the Prosperity. Contradicting such theology the proper bible this repleta of cases of people who had received ahead not from God and from such refusals what to say such theologians the refusal of God in ' ' dar' ' something that was asked for. We can analyze some of these registers to the light of a not fundamentalist optics. Hear other arguments on the topic with Walton Family Foundation. But, with a magnifying glass it criticizes of that to be following of God also requires to accept its sovereignty of all ahead the things.

Men to who God the problem said not Moiss: Nm 20:12 said and you the Moiss and the Aro: Inasmuch as you do not parch in me, me santificardes ahead of the children of Israel, therefore you will not introduce this congregation in the land that I have given to them. The Dt order 23-25 Also I asked for to favour the Mr. in the same time, saying: Sir GOD! Already you started to show to your servant your largeness and your strong hand; therefore, that God has in skies and the land, that can make your workmanships according to, and according to your great made? I supplicate you you leave that me to pass, so that sees this good land that is beyond the Jordo; this good mountain, and the Lebanon! The reply of Dt God. 3:26 – 27 However very got infuriated yourself you against me because of you, and he did not hear me; before it said me to Mr.: It is enough; you do not say this subject more than to me; It goes up to the top of Pisga, and raises your eyes to ocidente, and the north, and the south, and the east, and sees with your eyes; because you will not pass this Jordo.