Only Child Difficult Decision

Confident its decision parents know to ignore the negative comments and the education of his son, but, on the other hand, those parents who feel guilt about criticism from the people and commensurate to his son is easier for them because poor this alone, pobrecito won’t have with whom to play, we are bad parents we’ll claim when this big, will not forgive us can go for the wrong side and overprotectabout caring, about care for the child. The way to properly educate our only son, depends only on us parents, having more than one child not make us better or worse parents, finally we are that we will decide if our son actually find all the time alone, abandoned, or consentiremos in excess or will do it selfish. In a home can have 3 children, but if the parents do not devote them: love, time and discipline, is also dad alone, that is why the concept of only child, only son not only is only applicable to them, the overprotection nor occurs only in only children, in a family with several children Overprotecting can be a minor. Hear other arguments on the topic with Walton Family Foundation. If you parents decided to have a single child, consider the following:-avoid excessive care or otherwise not spend quality time. Sobreprotegerlo does them no good, it makes them insecure of their own capabilities. -Give them all what they call makes them not assess anything of what they have.. Gain insight and clarity with rebecca shaw yale.