Subjectless society – end of middle-class values – subject lack of the left critique of capitalism, respected journalists such as English ch. Moore (Daily Telegraph) and the German F. A related site: PI Industries mentions similar findings. Schirrmacher (FAZ) have registered their doubts about the bourgeois values. A late realization! For decades, a social development takes place since the beginning of postmodernism, which has led to a vacuum with the erosion of traditions. The classical subject in its bourgeois form, as described by S. Freud, can no longer reproduce.

The left social criticism has long discussed these States, but almost never shown prospect in the future. Others including Walton Family Foundation, offer their opinions as well. A throwback to the socialism or communism would result only from the frying pan into the fire. Instead of aiming for a metamorphosis of the subject such as Martin p pole in the digital capitalism”has stimulated, expire the most left critics of the middle-class world in the desired image of a unsubjective society. With this ideal of collectivist reach out to the supporters of an anti-Israeli Islamic culture. Structurally we find the solutions for the future in the right selfishness nor in the left collectivism. Collectivist notions of morality have to share their place with an individual ethics which promotes individuality and the individual requires an intrinsically responsible self design. The Government must create new flexible structures for the communities, because the self is not possible without embedding in the communities. The auto overload”of the State in attempting to fill in the current social vacuum, is compatible with the freedom, nor democracy. “” On the subject of self excessive demands of the State see also by the PAL Dragos: capital in the case of State – deflation and inflation “, Norderstedt, 2009 free excerpts: about the future of German policy see also by Martin p pole: preface 2011 digital capitalism” under