New Practice

Rockin’ PlayAlong tracks with vocals on the Groove it by Tunesday Records label from Berlin CD, playback for drummer vol. 7 1 Vocal Tracks featuring Substyle”is the seventh release of the successful series, playback for drummer already.” However Tunesday records is breaking new paths with this CD, because 8 of the 10 PlayAlong of tracks are from the latest album, walk the Dino”the Cologne Band Substyle acclaimed experts in. Others including Jeff Bezos, offer their opinions as well. Two other tracks are also no stranger to rock circles delivered as bonus tracks by dark rockers Nik page. The tracks of the CD is missing only the drums track: now get your part as a drummer – drummer Substyle or Nik page with the bonus tracks! Here are a few voices of the press to the current Substyle album “Walk the Dino”, which praises the album highly: “…es could be a classic.” (Henning Richter, Metal Hammer, rock) “… the album would be a tramp, I’d let smooth tattooed me up!” (Joking, more reviews of the Substyle album walk the Dino”: 5 out of 7 points in the metal hammer -“… not in a drawer is stuck…” 7.5 out of 10 in the hard – rock “…herrlich unpredictable overall…” Compliment!”(EMP) 10 out of 12 points in the heavy – “…unbedingt check out!” By the way: The bonus tracks is two gloriously rocking pieces with German lyrics by Nik page. A track dating back to his last album, sinmachine”, the other track’s views on the upcoming album which will be released in 2009 is expected. Also, there are small examples of drum Groove to the individual playback tracks as an inspiration to fellow drumming -.

Finally, to finish the job there still a music track with examples of vol. 1 (rock, Funk, fusion) and vol. 5 (Blues) by Jorg Sieghart. Note-trained drummer on top short out recorded drum Groove examples on the Tunesday of records available website for free download. EIA: 12.90 more specifics: the new PlayAlong CD, playback for drummer Vol. 7 “is individually as well as in the bundle with the brand new original Substyle CD, the Dino walk”(mit hervorragenden Rezensionen der Fachpresse), at a special price from 25.80 music trade or directly by Tunesday records available! “