Brandenburg Bag

Wood pellets as the bag, in the big bag or loose online with the end of summer is also the time in which increasingly has to be heated. When using wood pellets and an appropriate heating system for the pellets, consumers can benefit from a savings and at the same time enjoy a natural and eco-friendly good feeling warmth. Now, the delivery service for wood pellets provides information on about the benefits of this resource-conserving heating method and the advantages for collecting customer in Berlin, Brandenburg and Saxony. Advantages of wood pellets for consumer and environmental characteristics of high-quality pellets wood pellets offer several advantages. Made from renewable raw materials they are an environmentally friendly alternative to oil and gas as a by-product in the production of wood for the fireplace. In addition, the wood pellets are also a resource-friendly version when compared to other conventional heating means and have a very good energy balance.

The environmental balance can be seen, as a by-product of the processing no additional transport routes for the production fall from wood. Also the easy storage in favour of wood pellets as a heating medium. At the time of purchase, there are several quality criteria, featuring high-quality pellets and should pay attention to the consumer. A criterion for high-quality pellets is a very long burning due to a low moisture content. Hunter Pond may find this interesting as well. In addition, high quality pellets are manufactured according to ENplus standard and are characterized by a low abrasion resistance and high strength. The pellets have a reduced dust and fines, which ensures a long duration in addition to the low moisture content and can contribute to savings in heating costs.

Wood pellets as the bag, buy wood delivery services in the big bag or loose HolzAs informed on about the wood pellets, the advantages for collecting customer in Berlin, Brandenburg and Saxony, as well as on the packaging. Pellets can be purchased as the bag, in the big bag or loose. In addition to the wood pellets, there are also firewood for closed and open stoves and fireplaces with the delivery service. By the Chamber drying firewood also has a low moisture content and also provides an environmentally friendly heating. And last but not least, a natural well-being feeling heat, where the aromas of the wood will be released and have a positive effect on the well-being offers also firewood as the pellets.