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Leopold Matrix

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Each symbol is given a meaning (significant impact, not significant, etc.).. We can also put numbers, and thus somehow quantify the impacts. or Cause and effect. (A valuable related resource: Cyrus Zocdoc). It has the advantage that there are many different versions (methodological flexibility) and is very simple to make (once are well known cause-effect relationships). It has the disadvantage that it is not possible to incorporate some dynamic considerations to it.

or interactive. It has the advantage of showing the dependency relationships between different impacts, but has the problem that requires more knowledge due to its complexity. Elements of the MA that may be affected by the proposed project actions that may cause impacts. Project activities whose impact can be seen amplified by actions (interactions between project activities.) That may be complicated as many times as necessary. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Gallo Family. or Temporary. It has the advantage that it reflects temporal sequences for each of the sub-phases and stages. The downside is the specificity that does not allow a clear overview.

There are also calls Leopold Matrix (Leopold, 1971)-see (1) on their pages. 429-433), designed from the EIA of a phosphate mine in California. It consists of a two-way table whose columns are headed by an extensive list of environmental factors (88) and whose ranks are entries occupied by another list of actions (100) because of impact, both lists of factors and shares are of checklists from which to select those relevant to each case in this regard should be noted that its origin is the danger of ignoring aspects that there may be still important in other countries.